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  1. My calls drop all the time in my house on AT&T and my wife's T-mobile. I thought it was just our extra sturdy construction. It does get better outside, but I've never seen a full set of bars. I am ok if they put one on my damn roof, if they pay me rent for it.
  2. I think we should start using this thread as the new "Anything you want" thread just to keep it alive and high in the google search results.
  3. If you put it on youtube, you can display it in a post here.
  4. Yes clearly Exxon isn't going to base all its decisions on 20-somethings. But the original post you replied to was about young engineers considering an offer between Hess and Exxon. I'm sorry you don't like to do fun things while you're still young, most of us did. Some still do. There is nothing fun to do in Spring.
  5. It's fun to switch things up now and again. The national league is generally boring, and so are most of the NL central teams. Bring in some fresh colors.
  6. Hit it before the Astros game with the 18-month old. I wish they had a high chair, or some indoor space, but without the kid it would have been fine. I just got the elk chef's toppings to-go. I was gonna just sneak it in to the game under the diapers in the bag (they never look), but I took a taste before getting out of the car and it didn't make it to the door. Best sausage on a bun I've ever had.
  7. How long ago were you in your 20s? Proximity to fun stuff is definitely something people consider with jobs coming out of college. I lived in midtown when I moved here 10 years ago, and took the free Astros shuttle to games after work all the time. We walked downtown to bars. Now it's not so much of a big deal, but the point was about kids out of college making the choice, not me with 2 kids.
  8. Palin...gross Perry...gross Someone decent please step up and make this interesting.
  9. Why would anyone complain about the sweet smell of ground beef? Anyway, they griddle, not grill, so it doesn't smell quite as much or as good.
  10. The Beck's and Hubcap websites suck at updates. When are these things opening? Is Christian's Tailgate already open? Someone needs to create a burger newspaper and deliver it to my house every day.
  11. Seeing as you're pro-Lovett, I think you should have chosen a better thread title.
  12. Easily the worst, most depressing thread about beer, ever.
  13. I've never been to a magic show, but I don't believe any of the ones I have seen on TV. If I did I would have to accept that David Blaine is the devil. Everything just looks too clean in the Honda video. It's a splice of individual parts that worked at different times at best. They're all english, you can't trust them...
  14. Right I meant without cheating. If you used crazy weights to rig stuff then you can make anything happen. I guess it wouldn't be cheating if they used some other part of the car as the weights, but I need proof.
  15. That's the part I wasn't buying. Unless they were messing with tape speed, 2 of the tires accelerate after they start rolling uphill. Or maybe it wasn't really uphill, they tilted the floor for that part. Probably not.
  16. Tires rolling slowly uphill...nope. The wooden thing is way cooler.
  17. Like I said it's easy to see - it's not fenced in at all. Just park at the Chase and go have a look. I'm betting there are even more in hidden back yards around the 'hood, this one just happens to be out in the open.
  18. Upon closer inspection, it has to be what that thing is. It's still there and pretty easy to check out from the Chase alley/driveway (note the No Trespassing sign, but you can still see without doing that)
  19. How big are these things? I'm not positive, but there might still be one at a house on 19th St between Lawrence and Nicholson. It's the house that's right in the middle of the Chase bank. From the Chase driveway/alley, you can see the backyard, and I always thought it might be an outhouse, but it's just too skinny to be that. It might be something else, I have no idea. I haven't gone by to look again, I'm just going from memory.
  20. I don't blame InBev for pushing their own interests, I would do the same. I blame what is apparently a weak government for bowing to them, and the cartel-like distributor setup that the idiotic laws require. I think the craft brewers would be smart to drop the cap on size for this law, and just apply it to every brewer. They'll still benefit the same.
  21. I'll admit it. I didn't even realize it wasn't Star Pizza until Jax wrote that. I guess my mind filled in the chasm between reality and imagination by creating some educational alliance between community college and beer with pizza. I actually didn't give it a second thought.
  22. 2 things suck about Reliant, everything else is great. 1) Concerts suck there. Acoustics blow, and you will be so far from the band you can't see jack. 2) The immediate surroundings. It's a really depressing setting. Sure, the blimp can get an angle where you can see downtown or the med center, but with the flatness you could do that from anywhere within 15 miles. They should have put the thing somewhere else and just let the Astrodome rot it its own grossness.
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