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  1. Depends if they make the drink or bring it to me. If it's opening a beer, they don't get a tip every time. Maybe a buck every few times. If they mix some crazy junk for the lady (or a margarita for me), still no more than a buck a drink. Unless the bartender is smokin hot and you just want to look creepy.
  2. It can be confusing. On my trip to Jordan last, week, every damn charge always had a tax plus a "service charge", so I factored that service charge into what I would normally tip which means I added less. Was that right? I have no idea. But if they are going to make that service charge mandatory and annoyingly take it out to the 3rd decimal place, I'm counting that against them. And I always tip 20% or more here for good service, I'm no cheap bastard on that (just everything else). Also, I find it awkward in cases where I just arrived in a country and I don't have cash yet, and the cab takes a credit card, but doesn't have a place to write the tip. Some do, some don't, oh well. I wish everyone would just do like Chicago and require cabs to have the credit card thing in the back seat where tipping is way easy (though the minimum suggested tip is high in my opinion).
  3. I bet you knew I would respond first. College football is the best, no question. But I have a feeling the aggies and my team (LSU) are a bit overrated coming into this season. Our OC got diagnosed with Parkinson's, so plan B there can't be as good. We're going to be good, and we'll have some good games, but without that solid leader at QB we will have some disappointing ones too. In the end, it doesn't matter. My tigers have already won 2 more national championships than I thought they would in my lifetime. Of course that easy-going attitude goes bye-bye on game day, I'm a total basket case. Doesn't matter. The anticipation each week and the joy of watching a win is better than it could be with any other sport. So bring it on!
  4. I can't help but think that life and america will never feel like that again. Growing, so many new things every year, cultural changes, and people with a real positive outlook that they can make things better for themselves. Today just feels so cynical. Or maybe it's just me.
  5. No. That would take even longer, waiting for people to go around other people, and some a-hole would skip. Just exit in order, and if someone right in front of you is slowing things down, help them out. I do this all the time. Oh, you are slow getting your bag, well here, I got it, now get the F off so I can go home. I think 20 minutes is the extreme, unless you are in the back of a wide-body.
  6. Does anyone else mix coke and dr pepper? It's way better that way. I've been doing it since I was 11 or 12, when BK and McD's starting having the places you fill your own drink. No, I don't mix them out of the can or 2/3 liter, just where you make your own fountain drink. I alter the ratio, sometimes more coke, sometimes more dp. Excellent. Not that I drink soft drinks once a week these days, just wondering who else out there might be weird.
  7. Chicago Pizza (deep dish) barely > Frank's >> Collina's >>> NY Pizzeria. Star I never really liked much, I think people just like places that feel quirky.
  8. Here it's hardly noticeable. I just got back from Jordan, where every building actually is the same color - beige. I tried to find some beauty or even interest in it, but by the time I left I decided it was just completely depressing.
  9. Everyone can't be "rich", at least not until humans enslave some other species to do all of our menial work. But then we would just end up like planet of the apes. Social class mobility isn't a good measure either, it will just highlight places where there is a lot of room to move up. Every generation can't move up, and once you're middle to high class, staying there is not only acceptable but sometimes challenging.
  10. It's still amazing. I wish I could +rep it 1000 times
  11. I love the clothes and hats from back then. I don't think it was any less hot, but everyone was used to it because they didn't have a choice.
  12. It's totally possible that your pier and beam house is impervious. What matters (in principle) is where the rain goes, not whether there's a slab. If you have gutters, and they put water somewhere that drains into the sewer (down a driveway for instance), that would count. Of course they didn't actually go case by case to say one way or the other for every property, they want us to do that ourselves.
  13. I prefer self checkout. I am faster than they are, and I am infinitely better at bagging properly. I was at an Albertson's in Baton Rouge last week, and the self checkouts were gone. I was annoyed. Stop trying to make me interact with other people, I don't want to.
  14. So the Mexicans towing cars back and forth count?
  15. There is too much variation in the way people make gumbo, so I never order it at a restaurant. We make our own because that's how we like it, and I get things that I know others do better than me when we eat out.
  16. This thread is not about construction or development. It is for whining and philosophical ramblings between groups of people who will never hear what the other says.
  17. Sweet!! Something else I will never ever take part in.
  18. We need a good tropical storm to soak the ground for a day. That won't keep grass green for weeks, but would do wonders for the trees with leaves going brown. I've noticed a few at parks around town.
  19. Very cool. Crazy prices? Full bar?
  20. That would extrapolate to there being even more rude people than he thinks there are. A-holes are everywhere, especially in pretentious overpriced shopping locations.
  21. Keep it alive! Our office is infested with crickets after the rain this week. I guess they came in to get out of it. They are falling out of the ceiling and you can hear them everywhere. +1 to me for creating a google search result for "lovett homes cricket infested"
  22. We do - but you can only have them where the cross street has a protected left turn light combined with no u-turn allowed.
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