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  1. Is Petrol Station still the same or is it Catty Corner now? Or maybe I wasn't quite sure where it was...
  2. I'm sure they're just going to shove more houses in there. Congrats, you live where the metal shop used to be! I hear the iron levels in the soil are amazing. Hell, you might even have buried rebar treasure in your backyard.
  3. Diabetes and kidney failure, not to mention sore biceps. There's no end to the destruction.
  4. Finally got there, still good stuff. Except someone got lazy on the grilled onion and didn't take the outer layer off, so I ended up picking those pieces out as I bit in and couldn't chew through them. Other than that it was good. Since when is a medium drink 32 oz? That's kinda big. I think the east side would have been better for a porch with all the shade, but maybe they don't own that land.
  5. IE 8 or 9? Switch on Compatibility View maybe.
  6. They've been good, but they've been relevant maybe once. And maybe that's enough. My only point was that Patterson wasn't going to get any higher than that, he missed his chance to cash out. If he's where he wants to be, good for him and keep it going.
  7. Nice call so far, 34-23 with 5 left in the half! Patterson should have left after last year, it won't ever get any better than that for TCU. I know they think they are special (same delusion aggies usually have), but last year was as good as it gets.
  8. I thought I saw employees Saturday night, are they open? If so, I'm there this weekend.
  9. I just picked all home teams. Not all favorites, but still boring. It's too early for me to know anything about other teams.
  10. I'm actually more excited about the season starting now that our QB is suspended. He's just not that good. I think we saw the best he was going to be. I don't think we've seen the best of the other 2 yet. I think we'll lose 3-4 games this year, but we're overrated to start with. It's all about how we ended the season. We lost our team leader and 3-4 best players from last year, there's gonna be a drop. Bring it on.
  11. Papa Geno's on Ella at W 18th is awesome if you like a good cheesesteak. Good size, good price, nice people. I'm not a spokesman for authenticity, but theirs are just way better than anything Jake's or Texadelphia (not too hard to beat them) has.
  12. $300 at tomorrow's close (down $85)
  13. I keep seeing little pieces here and there digging up dirt on Perry, more so than other candidates at this point. Hopefully that can gain some momentum and end his run early. I really don't want to see him any more.
  14. Click on New Posts. At the top right of the list there is a link to Mark All as Read.
  15. In Amman (Jordan), the water is only on 2 days per week. Everyone does what they can those 2 days, and everyone has tanks on the top of the building that they store it up and gravity feed the other days in the week. I don't think we're ready for that. Our rivers still have water. I think we should fine the idiots who have sprinklers on in the middle of the day. They're either dumb for not knowing how to use their timer, or dumb because they don't understand most of that water doesn't make it very far underground.
  16. As an alumnus of a founding SEC member school, I'm not sure how I feel about all the shuffling talk. Talk radio (not local, can't stand those idiots) are all over the place with where it could go. I like the idea of the SEC getting A&M, Clemson, and Florida St. Not Miami, not the idiotic rumor about Missouri. So, that's 4. But I think we should combine that with giving 2 back to the ACC - Kentucky and Vanderbilt. They're both more basketball schools, and Vandy's academics fit in better with them than with the likes of Auburn and other moron schools. That would shuffle things up but keep it at 14, and it would add 2 in-state rivals (for SC and UF), and give us (LSU) back our long time rival. They've tried to make LSU-Arkansas be the rival game, end of the year big thing with the huge boot trophy, but we just don't care about them. But lots of us grew up when LSU and A&M played the first or second game every year, that's a much better rivalry.
  17. Password is all lower case. I don't remember creating an entry before, but I did at some point.
  18. I don't understand why they had the patio chairs and tables all set up before putting up the awning/overhang. I think that's what they were doing.
  19. Literally. He looks like a "figure" "head". The freakin cheesy smile, sculpted hair, and when he talks it's like pulling the string on a cliche republican doll. And if you forced me to pick a party, which I won't, I would pick republican!! So I'm not just speaking as some right-hater. He just bothers me.
  20. It's official. No no no no no no no no no. I think he's an evil robot.
  21. Haha. So many. I think we should keep this thread to the project, otherwise it might go the way of the Walmart thread.
  22. Pretty good. Not the best I've had though. I had the hubcap decker, not a big fan of the piece of bread in the middle. If it was juicy, the bread took that away. I'll try something different next time. Size and prices are decent. They do have a small room with a/c on the left side, which is key for times like August.
  23. I never eat fries (the reason america is fat), but I can see how bad fries would influence your opinion there. Do they not have sweet potato fries? Those I can stand sometimes. I love a huge stack of beer battered onion rings though. None of that greasy stringy stuff, but big, thick, almost hard rings.
  24. Beck's is way above Five Guys for burger quality. How can anyone think otherwise? I have yet to east at Hubcap because I'm never down there for lunch and this other one won't open, but if it's as good as beck's I'll take it. Bill's Burger is pretty damn awesome. I did have Smashburger for the first time yesterday, it was decent. I like how they season their patties. I never understood why the fast food joints think saying their patty is 100% beef is a good thing. Congrats, it's not horse meat, but it doesn't have much flavor either. Anyway, if the end of August means the same thing as beginning of July did to Hubcap, then we can expect a nice Christmas burger.
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