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  1. At least they fixed the potholes.
  2. Renovate the roster. The stadium is fine. Well, they need lower concession prices, but everything else is fine.
  3. I've done the ropes and pulleys before, it's not that hard. The pulleys and counterweights are probably still in there, you just need to open them up and cut new ropes/cables. Hopefully. When we did a bunch of windows on a 1920 fraternity house, we didn't need to cut any new wood, we were able to pry them open and then nail them back in place without damaging.
  4. I think UCLA and Cal have beaten Tennessee lately, not Oregon. I don't really hold Tennessee as the standard for anything other than unwarranted expectations. That national championship game was pretty hard to watch. Not as bad as bama beating UT though.
  5. I'm just not good at communicating, or I can't figure out what my point should be yet. I like the Badgers, I think they are great this year. All I'm saying is they will have played NO ONE worth a damn all season long. If they DON'T go undefeated, it will be a huge embarrassing failure. I wish they would play someone who isn't way overrated (Nebraska). Same for Stanford. We've seen Oregon play an SEC team (granted, the best SEC team or 2nd best, not a middle of the pack team) two years in a row, and it hasn't gone well. So they're hard to believe too, which affects Stanford's credibility. I haven't dogged OU or Ok St at all (ok maybe a little). They seem to be big boys, for real, this year. Too bad playing A&M won't be any real test This Aggie-Tech conversation going on around us is a bit crazy. We don't have any a-hole fan conspiracies, it's all out in the open. Fights happen outside the stadium, where the alcohol flows (faster, at least).
  6. I'm not saying they're actually any good, but we blew them out at their place. You can make an even bigger argument like this against Wisconsin. They haven't had ANY road games, and their only decent win is over a way overrated Nebraska team who barely got by an Ohio St team who almost lost to Toledo. Illinois and Michigan State are the only two ranked teams on Wisconsin's schedule, and what are the chances both stay ranked all year? Wisconsin going undefeated will not prove anything except that the big 10 sucks.
  7. I kind of forgot what my original point was, so I don't even know if I'm arguing any more. I agree that a big 12 team will come out undefeated, and they will be in the championship game. I kind of hope it is OSU, for no other reason than I think orange (not burnt) is a better color than maroon. Past that it will be about SEC, big 10, or pac 12 having a horse in the race. 1. I hope Oregon beats Stanford, not to make our win look better but so Stanford isn't undefeated. If Stanford and Wisconsin end up undefeated and play for the title and LSU/Bama has 1 loss, it'll be playoff insanity controversy because neither of those 2 teams has a difficult schedule. 2. No, as per 2nd sentence above 3. My comment is about the teams after the top teams in each conference, not the top teams themselves. Though not awesome, the also-rans that you note are better than other conferences also-rans. 4. Yeah Georgia sucks. But Boise will have played 0 great teams. Maybe not their fault, but so what. I have no fear that voters will put a 1-loss LSU or Bama above Boise in the end. 5. Penn St is horrible. They haven't played anyone besides bama. They barely beat Temple, or somebody like Temple if I'm not remembering right. Bama's offense is no juggernaut, they are young in most key spots. 6. WVU hasn't played anyone good but us, and though the big east is crap they are handling it like a good team should by winning. We beat them by a lot, at their place. It doesn't mean nothing. 7. The season is halfway over, and we already know the schedule the rest of the way. Bama scheduled out of conf cupcakes, as did Wisconsin and Stanford. OU put FSU in there, but Clemson and Wake Forest just took the meaning out of that game. You have to look at WVU as a better win than FSU at this point. 8. Fun In the end, we are going to lose 2 games anyway. But right now it's fun to look ahead.
  8. Perfect! And it gives me something small to tell people to get me for Christmas.
  9. We gave Oregon and WVU their only losses (probably the only ones they'll have all year). They aren't top 5 teams (one was, both might end up that way), but they're better than any teams in the big 10 outside of Wisconsin. Florida wasn't so bad until their starting QB went down, that would do most teams in. I agree that the SEC is Bama and LSU and everyone else, but everyone else is still better than Wisconsin or Stanford's everyone else. Who near the top has played a better schedule than we have? I don't care who bama plays, and I hope they lose every week.
  10. Please don't show ignorance by adding Penn St to the list of teams that mean anything. Come on. Bama hasn't played anyone out of conference, but their conference schedule is full of much bigger challenges than those that Wisc and Stanford will face. I said Stanford and Wisconsin haven't played anyone, and by the end of the season they still won't have. No, they don't. That's kind of my point. LSU or Bama making it with 1 loss is a much more impressive feat than if Stanford goes undefeated, because they don't play anyone. Oregon can't count for Stanford if you don't count them for us. The point is Stanford HAS to play them and doesn't play anyone out of conference, we chose to play 2 real out of conference games. They might, they might not. It's fun being relevant, and damn good. How's your team doing?
  11. Bama can lose more than just the LSU game, their offense is young, if they get down they will probably struggle to catch up. The problem is getting up on their defense, it would probably have to be a defensive score or two. I just hope Stanford loses and Wisconsin loses. If LSU or bama has 1 loss I think they deserve a shot more than Stanford or Wisconsin, because neither of them played anyone. That's what we're stuck with in this system. but this year of all years would be an awesome 8 team bracket to watch. Any one of the top 5 or 6 could come out of that.
  12. Yeah I run all the time and carry nothing. I sweat like a damn pig, anything I carry would be destroyed. Big government should just give me my barcode tattoo or chip implant so I can be located whenever I go off my rocker and get lost.
  13. No chatter today? I have an excuse, I was in E TX at a family reunion. Fun day, at least for my Tigers. As for the pick 'em, I find it very odd that we all picked Tennessee. All low confidence, but they're hardly a big favorite. In fact, aside from 1 guy taking TT, we all have the same picks for the remaining 5 games. I don't feel like doing math, but confidence numbers will likely allow for movement in the weekly top score. I'm not doing so hot with Tennessee and Nebraska. Nebraska has proven to be garbage this year. but so has Ohio St, dammit. Not my fault.
  14. Well, we all sucked this week but I gained a little ground due to some regional bias, A&M and Nebraska and what not. Actually all but 2 of the group took Wisconsin. I had ND at a 9, and I feel dirty about being right. Take Nebraska this week with confidence, Ohio State has literally been garbage this year. Then again, Nebraska has too.
  15. I don't think Nebraska is for real this year. They can't beat Wisconsin (who I think is the best of a bad big 10). Aggies, huh. I think we should employ a relegation two-tier system like soccer in England. Relegate teams that don't get it done to a lesser conference. C-USA would love that, gives their teams a chance to play in a BCS conference if they get it done.
  16. Don't use me as the bar for college pick-em, I have consistently proven incapable of picking with my brain. Can't help it, CFB is an emotional thing. I'm not one of the SEC homers either. I don't generally root for the other SEC teams (except maybe against USC, ND, Ohio St, and other nationally annoying teams). I could care less if they win, if we do our thing we will be good. Bama can lose every week, I hate Auburn, I hate Tennessee, Arkansas is a pain in my ass (see: recent history). I kind of pull for Florida sometimes, I've never really figured out why. I guess they were fun to watch when we weren't. There's no reason to care about anything in Mississippi. Georgia is like the Wisconsin of the SEC, all the hype and none of the actual accomplishment. There is a long list of teams that aren't quite there that could be. It usually comes down to luck and coaches. A&M has the resources to do it, or not. We could be garbage in 5 years. That's how it goes in CFB. That's why I'm pretty damn happy with the last decade. I doubt we have another one like it in my lifetime.
  17. Yeah, and says this all the time. There aren't any rose-colored glasses here. I already predicted we will lose 2 stupid games this year, and my guesses are Tennessee and Arkansas, ones that we should win. Things do change, and have changed. But A&M isn't there now. They were right there, so close, but couldn't get it done. I'm nothing like that, not sure where you are getting that from. I was at games in the early 90s and late 90s. I watched us move up to #6 and then lose the last 8 games of the year. But 10 years is a long time to be relevant, and it's been that long for us (Sugar Bowl 2001 and beyond). It's been a hell of a decade. Don't act like 2 sugar bowl wins and 2 national championships isn't as good as it gets. If you would have told me we would do all of that in my lifetime I never would have believed it (see previous note about suffering through every bit of the 90s). Don't paint me like some short-sighted pro-SEC idiot, I'm very far from that. I hate all this pro-SEC talk, I think it's idiotic. The SEC has 2 good teams this year, the rest are the same as anyone else. I am tired of hearing the SEC chants and hearing the writers talk about it being the best conference by far. Name any team but us and bama right now, and they could easily lose to a middle of the pack team in any other conference. They might not, but they easily could. Sorry, why do I have to suck it? Welcome to the SEC, I guess. Should be fun to play you every year, I'm sure it'll happen. Personally, I don't want that. I like being in Texas, mostly insulated from fans of the schools we always play. If we lose, I don't want to hear garbage from those other fans. I don't talk garbage to them. I'm a cynical fan, always have been. This is due to the crap we went through for years and years. Being up on Auburn by 24 in the 4th, only to have Jamie Howard throw some pick-6's and it all go to crap. Mike Archer, Josh Booty, it's all etched in my memory, never to return. I am more critical of LSU than those who hate on us. As far as attendance...your enrollment is 50% more than ours. Congrats on your stadium not even being a closed oval. We completed ours all the way around about 50 years ago. I've heard those 3rd tier seats might as well come with binoculars, so I'm not interested in that kind of junk.
  18. i hope they catch them, in the act, and deal with them Texas style. GSW = deterrent.
  19. Did anyone ever shop there? I was never even tempted to. Seemed like a relic.
  20. It's just more evidence that A&M will never really matter, especially in the SEC. They can look forward to the yearly competition for the best team with red-ish colors in the SEC west, but they are not going to matter on a national level. This was a big time game. They had a big time lead and totally folded in the 2nd half. Get a stadium that has seating all the way around, then come try to be big time.
  21. No it wasn't. If it was, you ordered the wrong one. Bill's Burger doesn't cost $10 and it's the best. 5 guys doesn't compare on a burger level.
  22. If WVU had issues with Maryland, I'm not that worried about this week. They might score.
  23. Man, I like getting our game over with on a Thursday! No weekend stress, I can just watch my picks and take it easy. LSU will not go undefeated, but we might have the best defense ever.
  24. What kind of bad smell are we talking about? Bad cheese? Smells like feet? Didn't want garlic? I've only been to Frank's twice but it was good both times. Need to try Luigi's.
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