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  1. Forget Va Tech. Ok State needs to make a statement this weekend. I'm drinking this Kool-Aid right now (pasted from somewhere else): If Oklahoma State wins on Saturday: • Wins over current BCS Top 25 teams: Oklahoma State: 5, Alabama: 2. • Wins over current BCS Top 50 teams: Oklahoma State: 7, Alabama: 5. • Wins over FBS teams with winning records: Oklahoma State: 6, Alabama: 3. • Overtime losses: Oklahoma State 1, Alabama 1. • Conference titles: Oklahoma State: 1, Alabama: 0.
  2. Undefeated would be nice. It's time for a playoff though. And also the end to automatic qualifying bids. Who cares if you won your conference? The conference championships and the national championship don't always sync up. A wild card can win the super bowl. I am totally against bama going to the NC, but not because they didn't win the conference. Conferences only exist to pool money and get tv contracts anyway. More SEC east bashing: the SEC west went 12-3 against the east this year, not counting the worst team ever, Ole Miss. LSU, bama, and Arkansas went 9-0.
  3. There are 21 Cafe Express around? Jeez, I had no idea $12 salads were so popular. Shipley's are the worst donuts in the city. I go to a few non-chain ones when we get donuts, way better. Did Berryhill start here? Maybe that one.
  4. It's not invalid, but just looking at one game will hardly ever get you anywhere. You could probably find counter arguments just as easily when you start getting into opponents and scores. UH really didn't play anyone. It sucks. I wish they could be in the national championship, I don't think it's right for bama to get there.
  5. I think he meant blowing stop lights while staying in the bike lane.
  6. A bit of cayenne around my house perimeter has eliminated the random poops I used to find. It doesn't take much, but you do have to reapply every few weeks.
  7. The Astros are pointless, now even more so. They have been dead to me since beer prices went above $6.
  8. Fun "upsets" yesterday! It's all gonna be a mess come final BCS time. I went 2/10 yesterday in pick em. That has to be the all time record low.
  9. Come on, Cowboys! Now all we have to look forward to is rematch BS talk, both bama and Oregon. I think LSU loses one too, either UGA or Arkansas. So I have a feeling it will be all about campaigning to poll voters to decide who plays for it. Dumb. EDIT: Poor turnout for UH fans at game day. The shots from above show a sparse, tame crowd. As expected, I guess.
  10. Yes! Every area should aspire to be as crappy as north Dallas!!
  11. Does anyone remember last time LSU was all up in the #1 spot? Yeah, insanity, and we played for the title with 2 losses. That might be happening. Not us necessarily, but all the unbeaten unbeatables getting beaten. Kinda fun I think. If anything it encourages doing some playoff good times. Side comment, can you imagine the bracket insanity if football did a 16 team? Yeah way more people would have perfect brackets, but an upset in that sucker would be so much bigger than any 15 seed over a 2 seed. Basketball is a bipolar streaky sport, but you forget that crap the next week. Football upsets are legendary. Personally I think it should be an 8 team playoff, 16 is too many to be deserving of a title.
  12. This thread has risen from the dead to become my favorite again.
  13. Best hummus in the hood? Best non-fancy Indian near here (chicken tikka, curry)?
  14. I don't even know what to do with myself until tomorrow at 7. All I know is, the refs will either make or not make a horrible call or 5 in favor of bama, and my friends and I will want to start stabbing things. Happens every time we play there. 2 years ago it was the interception they called an INT on the field, and then overturned after review. Is he in bounds? F YES!!
  15. I assumed the "Like This" was some kind of facebook nonsense. I don't really use the +/- except when I find something funny, so I won't miss it.
  16. So, is my rep what it is now and forever? I don't see any pluses or minuses. Don't really care, just noticing.
  17. Just ban any kind of donations to political campaigns. Each candidate gets the same amount, and not much, from a government fund that companies can contribute to but without any kind of earmark for a certain candidate. It's the only way you'll ever have a politician truly making decisions based on what is right for their constituents. So much money is wasted on politics as it is. Every $$ that these a-holes raise to publicize themselves is a waste.
  18. Is there a list of demands, or just a bunch of bohemian whiners with nothing else to do? Get to the damn point and stop being juvenile.
  19. It was started in Baton Rouge by a couple LSU dudes. Yes it was from a class project. The reason they succeeded in BR is because they stayed open all night. Bars closed at 2, and drunk people needed fried stuff. Done, success. The chicken is ok, fries I hate, toast is good, sauce is good but gets old.
  20. So will Keenum go the way of the other guys at the top of that record book, and never even start in the NFL? Or does he have what it takes? Rice definitely sucks, this was proven. But hey, they're smarter.
  21. Yeah they recovered ok. Keenum has 8 (EIGHT!!!) TD passes, and there are still a few minutes left in the 3rd quarter. Silly.
  22. Not much posting here for such a good weekend of football. My pick em was strange, I got the 7-10 confidence all right and the 1-6 all wrong. Bye bye big 10 national championship relevance. Bye bye Notre Dame BCS game. Sweet.
  23. WVU got rocked, continuing the trend I noted last week of every team we play getting worse throughout the season. Miss St, Florida, and Tennessee went from possible resurgence to just bad, WVU won't be a top 15 team anymore. I guess Oregon is holding up their end. I think people need to stop pimping the SEC as the best thing ever, it's a bag of average with a couple cherries on top, same as most other conferences. Good thing all that matters is what we do...get past this week, bama, and Arkansas, and it doesn't matter if they all lose. Big difference from 2003 when we crawled our way up. It's much easier to start at the top and stay there than start outside the top and jump people.
  24. What can I say, Les always sticks to his principles. I like that about him. Either way, we have DBs and RBs coming out of our asses, so it shouldn't make a difference. If anything, it should make the team pull their focus together for this week and might help avoid the look-ahead to Bama next week.
  25. Yes - take the opposite of who I picked. I'm trending 0 for the first 2 so far. I went Auburn, Baylor, KSU, MSU. I picked Auburn! Gross. I need a few more showers. Whatever, if picking them jinxes them to lose, I'll do it. Pretty sure they won't though, Florida without Brantley is not good. Speaking of that, our strength of schedule has to take a hit last week and this week. Tenn and Fla without starting QBs, not good. They won't win much.
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