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  1. HCTRA instituted hands-free tolling (and closed all the cash lanes) on the Sam Houston Tollway at the start of the pandemic in March 2020. As of today (12 Dec 2021) at the plaza nearest my house, just north of Westheimer, traffic is restricted to 3 EZTag lanes and one lane on the far right for those just entering the highway. Traffic backs up in both directions for most of every workday due to this restriction. I've not seen anything about when (or whether) they plan to open the closed lanes. I don't know the economics of it, but it would be great if they could just take out the tollbooths and go on using the pay by mail/EZ Tag system they've been using for the past 18 months. It would be nice to get some relief from these ongoing bottlenecks.
  2. There's a large tract of land between Carilion Plaza and the Beltway, on the south side of Westheimer all the way down to Richmond. IIRC it was at one time a Dresser lab and warehouse complex, which was all removed except for the ~10 story building on the NW side of the property. The Portico apartment complex was built there, but the rest of the land has been vacant for 10+ years, while multiple high rise buildings have been built to the south and on the other side of the Beltway. Does anyone know why no more development has taken place on the site?
  3. We had dinner at Goode Co Seafood Friday night. Our waiter told us they are moving across the parking lot to a new site in the building closer to I-10. Indeed, there is a restaurant being fitted-out there. What makes this interesting is that he told us that they're moving because their current building is being demolished to make room for a new high rise with ground floor retail. He didn't know if that included the Office Depot (and former Sports Authority) building to the west. Is this part of the Metro National property?
  4. I have a 45 year old ranch in Briargrove Park (BW8 & Briar Forest). I have problems with several of the (original) aluminum windows and have been considering replacing all of them for aesthetic and energy saving purposes (have some money to spend and motivated wife...). We had a guy from Amazing Siding here yesterday proclaiming the greatness of the Renewal windows. He claimed that their composite windows were superior to the wood-clads and all other types of replacement windows. They're priced accordingly! Does anyone have any insight as to whether the Andersens are worth the price? We're planning to stay here for a while, so want to do it right, but don't want to overspend if there is a good option. Any other advice on this topic is welcome.
  5. I was in the mall today and the Rocket Sports Grill looks like it will be open soon. The TV's are installed and the framed jerseys are on the walls. It's on the west side of the mall between Old Navy and the entrance to the Cinemark. With Roger returning to the Yankees and all the steroid news, I'm somewhat surprised this is going ahead. I didn't actually see any mention to Roger on the signs, it's just "Rocket" now. I wonder if they will have HGH on the menu?
  6. I drive by this site every day as well, and I still don't see any progress. Their sign facing the freeway is now faded and mostly illegible. That crane has been there since August and I wonder every day how much that's costing someone to leave it there without activity.
  7. I wonder if the Park 8 project is still alive. I drive by there every day and haven't seen any activity at the site in a long time. The crane has been there since ~August and AFAIK hasn't moved at all (except when the wind blows!). The billboard facing the freeway is now faded and mostly illegible. Maybe the developer lost his financing?
  8. Tinseltown Westchase, at BW8 and Richmond closed last weekend, and it appears will be demolished soon for development of low rise offices. HBJ article (first item): Tinseltown deal Sad to see it go. We'll have to head over to Memorial City or Studio 30 (ugh). The bright side is that there's a Cinema Moviegrill going in at the old Town and Country With the exception of a cluster of high rises around Westheimer/Briar Forest, BW8 on the west side is a pretty uninspiring drive.
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