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  1. Well we've only lived in Woodland Heights for 6 mths and Last Friday they got us. They entered the backyard and then our divided garage and kicked in the wall from the extra room to the garage and proceeded to take, tools, lawn equipment, mower, bicycle.
  2. We have a wrought iron driveway gate. During Ike the short section where the gate latches on one side had a partially rusted post and it fell down. I have been trying to get it repaired but no one will come out since it is not a big job. Does anyone have any suggestions for someone to repair it. It may just need welding or a new post. The wrought iron is fine. I have a dog and really need it repaired. Thanks for any help you can offer. Just need it repaired at the post!!
  3. He said it was because it was such an efficient unit!! Also said it was easy to replace.
  4. Great news! The inspector did a thorough inspection today. The good was pretty good considering what we thought was wrong. We may have all new wiring but We will have to get an electrician to be sure. Most of it is new in Kitchen, Bath and ceiling light fixtures. Said we need a 30 amp instead of 60 amp for new Ac that was put in this year or it won't recycle properly. Heater seems to be ok , it lights and flame looks good. Plumbing was replaced when batht was put in so we have a combination of old and new there. Climbed under house and said that it is graded well, pier and beam look good
  5. Well I'm feeling a little better knowing my house may be ok. I'll just have to wait for the final inspection this weekend.
  6. Well I have the new inspection this weekend and I told them to climb under the house! I am so thankful to all of you for your honest opinions and information. We want to live in the heights but we also want a house that is safe. We can handle cosmetic renovations but the structure itself must be good. I am hoping that the report will focus on my areas of concern, wiring, plumbing, roof, wood. I do know that the roof is not overlayed so there may another problem. Thank you for the info on proper supports, wiring, plumbing and wood. I knew there would be some issues in buying an older hom
  7. Well we went for this house because we thought it was move in ready. The inside is gorgeous. We ruled out others that needed tons of repairs. If all the houses in the area need this I hate to let this house go but if most of the houses already have these things done I may have to reconsider this one. I appreciate all your help and information. Thank you so much !
  8. Put a contract on a house. Read a recent inspection. Part of house is still knob and tube, supports in roof bending, needed a new roof when the owners bought it and they never put in on. Says that the plumbing and pipes could go any day and have never been updated and that the heater is in bad shape. This house is in the heights, shows well but has been on the market about 3 mths. I am worried about the repairs needed and have no experience here. I really need some help since this is our first house. Can anyone offer an opinion on this 1915 bungalow's condition. Is this a normal or reall
  9. Hcad says its in Hermosa Court.
  10. Okay I read the official and Unofficial deed restrictions for Hermosa Court. They both say one residence for 2,500 ft. and no more than 3 stories. What is the difference between the official and unofficial? I saw where there are 4 townhomes on Northwood and I did see the blight on Omar. ON the Har site it says Hermosa Court and not Woodland Heights so should I be worried about what will be built? I appreciate all you insight and I want to be sure that if I buy a house on Merrill it will not be surrounded by townhomes. One larger home is alright if done nicely!
  11. Realtor informed me that an old house on Merrill was sold. I had seen a sign that said for sale by owner. Anyone know who purchased it and what will be done with the property? Since I'm looking at all the houses on Merrill I was wondering what will be built there. I see they are starting to build something on a lot I saw last week too. Can they build townhomes in this area of Woodland Heights? Looking to buy a bungalow but don't want townhomes to swallow me!
  12. Agent called and a contract fell through on one house we liked, so we may put in a bid!!! Will drive by Watson and Byrne tomorrow! We don't really have a time line but would like to find one before the summer months!
  13. Heights Yankee, I am originally from NY but have been here for over 29 yrs. (practically a native) Well the homes we like in Norhill all have options pending. We looked at one on the Esplanade and some on Cottage. The listings on HAR don't reflect the contracts yet. We are looking in Norhill too. Being north of 11th is fine with us too! What are the boundaries of Proctor Plaza exactly? What school are you zoned to or are your children in Private School? Tanith, we love the one on Bayland but the pool takes up the entire yard. Its not a plus for us as we would like a little yard at least!
  14. Well right now we are pretty discouraged. We spent the entire day in Norhill/Woodland Heights. What is available is either next to a vacant lot and we know what will be built there. Another needs total electrical redo plus roof and is priced very high. 2 others need new roofs, some are without a garage. One bathroom is perfectly fine with us by the way! One was told to do a roof when they bought 3 years ago did nothing and there is water and structural damage. Believe me we are not picky just looking for a house that was not bought by a flipper but by someone who loved it and took care of
  15. Thanks for all the information. For the record I really like the Woodland Heights/Norhill area. I just don't want it to look like the heights in a few years. I like the neighborhood atmosphere and would love to live there. Presently I've looked at homes in the mid to high 200's that need lots of work. Only a few were ready to live in. I've been pricing new electric, new roofs, leveling, kitchen remodeling and bath additions and they seem to be expensive. I could understand doing all that if the actual prices were lower. I've also run into the problem of one person placing bids on many
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