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  1. Please never mention Bose Audio again. Their speakers are horribly overrated/overpriced, and offer below-average sound quality. Customers might have more fun with a small electronics boutique. Just my thoughts.
  2. You're nuts. Do you have any idea how large the Astrodome and Reliant Stadium actually are? It would be downright depressing to force 20,000 fans into a facility that seats 80,000, has poor sightlines, etc... Just, no.
  3. Max Movers. We did an in-town move from North Houston to Central Houston, and they packed up our stuff in no-time flat. We were literally amazed... our jaws were on the ground. We spent 3 weeks packing up half of our belongings and they packed up the other half in 3 hours! Very careful, very courteous. We've recommended them to all of our friends.
  4. I think she's looking for whatever would be fun to live in. Either I guess would be fine, but she's leaning more towards the consumer-friendly "Fake" lofts. Either Montrose, Uptown, those sorts of areas.
  5. Hey guys, a quick question. A friend of mine is considering moving out of her house into a 3-bedroom Loft apartment sometime within the next year. Her price range is $300-350K. Do you know which areas would be best for a young(ish) hip newly single woman? With two fully-grown kids who will visit on occasion? Thanks guys, I appreciate the help. I'm just hoping I can get some guidance about where to look to find the best deals on (not new) lofts.
  6. Cry me a river? I'm sorry, but how many facilities are in such a deplorable state? And how likely do you think it is that HISD will simply leave a leaky roof on a building with outraged parents beating down their doors... Other facilities will be kept up, but HISD wants to keep its two flagship schools, HSPVA & Debakey, in good facilities. Debakey is already undergoing extensive renovations to their school as we speak.
  7. Yes, but HSPVA is not the same as any other school. As I'm sure you already know, HSPVA is a magnet school with international acclaim. HISD has made it a point to continually mention how important it truly is. This school went from being located in a former synagogue to its current success. HSPVA has won 3 Grammy awards for their music department. Also, it was the first Arts school in the nation to integrate academic and fine arts into a single school (true!). And it became the first school in the Southwest (3rd nationwide) to offer programs in both the visual and performing arts. Whe
  8. Why was the HSPVA building cancelled? Does anyone know what happened with this project and whether or not it might still go ahead? HSPVA really needs a new facility, their current one just won't cut it for a great program like this. :-\
  9. The Uptown Houston website lists this new project as: A.D. Players Theatre: New construction is planned for a performance theatre at Yorktown and Westheimer. The 85,000 square foot theatre complex will hold three theaters with a total seating of 1,000. The theatre should be complete within three years. The A.D. Players broke ground on the new location February 2006. Do we know any additional information? The AD Players theatre website does not have any information about the architect, renderings, or any other information. This will be a great venue. What else can we find out? -Yak-
  10. When I was searching the Simon.com website for the galleria, under Restaurants it lists "BiCE - Coming soon!" Is this the same BiCE restaurant from NYC? Does anyone have any info/perspective on this? I, for one, have never been to this restaurant before. AND, the BiCE website does not list any restaurants planned for Houston. Also, do we know what's happening with the Lord & Taylor space yet? Definitively? Steven.
  11. What if they did a Grocery delivery service, but to your office? Would that be feasible? They'd deliver some essentials (In a styrofoam cooler, or something similar) to your office between 4 and 5:30. On the next trip, you'd simply return the previously used Styrofoam cooler. Maybe have a 10 dollar deposit for the cooler, upon using the service. The only real question, is whether or not bosses would allow the employees to keep this stuff @ their desks. Good or bad idea? Steven.
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