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  1. Y'all are too kind. I love that the HAIF community is still going strong; I hate that quality local coverage like that the Houston Press provided is going away in so many major markets, from NYC to LA. It's depressing to watch but I have hopes that something greater will be created out of this current cycle of destruction. And don't worry -- you didn't curse me. I left Houstonia last month to pursue something entirely different at Rice. My replacement at the magazine is an incredibly talented Press writer who is bringing major reporting chops to the table. She's joined by another Houston Press writer who was brought over after the demise of the paper, and they join a roster of phenomenal writers (and honestly terrific human beings). I have no doubt Houstonia will continue to thrive and produce the kind of quality independent journalism that's so crucial right now.
  2. "'Plus or minus,' used to indicate the precision of an approximation (as in "The result is 10 ± 0.3", meaning the result is somewhere between 10 - 0.3, that is, 9.7, and 10 + 0.3, that is, 10.3)." So, it could be torn down in exactly six months, or it could be torn down in five months, or it could be torn down in seven months. Either way, I've still got mixed feelings about a high density complex like this when there's already really awful traffic at that intersection. Hoping the City will fix the traffic signal there if this goes through...
  3. Yeah, I'm confused... When did m*e*h become a no-no word, Editor?
  4. They'll be more "incredible" to me when someone actually builds one, but thought I'd share this list from HuffPo: Amazing Architecture - 11 Incredible Buildings From the Future http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/10/19/amazing-architecture-11-i_n_326249.html?slidenumber=8 Am I the only one feeling kinda moo about all of them? Or do I just need a Mountain Dew or something?
  5. I drove by on Thursday night because I thought I heard music and lo and behold... Live band! I was pleasantly shocked to see so many people strolling around and sitting on/around the lawn. Can't wait to see the crowds when the development is finished. I really am surprised at how well they're pulling this all off so far...
  6. I never said it was immature, nor was that why I decided to take a little Twitter sabbatical. But I fully agree with Editor that too many people are increasingly in love with the tool instead of the community that it fosters, the news/information it spreads, etc.
  7. I try not to post too much Houston Press stuff on here - purely for the sake of not looking as self-serving as I really am -- but this was too good not to share: Houston's Best Dive Bars (by John Lomax, who definitely knows his business): http://www.houstonpress.com/2009-10-15/news/dive-bars/ -and- Houston, This Is NOT a Dive Bar (also by Lomax): http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/2009/10/dive_bar-ology_101_what_a_dive.php I only know of one of the dive bars on the first list. The others were completely new to me. But I'm willing to bet that our HAIFers frequent or at least know of all the best dive bars in town...
  8. I'm still Tweeting as @HoustonPress. It's...kind of my job.
  9. Glad to see I'm one of 10 people who would "never live anywhere else, at least willingly." LOL. I know there's bigger and better out there, but Houston has been good to me. My roots are here. My family (both blood and otherwise) is here. Houston is my home and I will cut a delicate flower who lives high on the hog off our city and hates it. Suggestion: GTFO. (Yes, I'm very loyal and protective of her...WHAT?)
  10. Your troll is tiresome and boring. Is this still what we're all picking on? Should food bloggers join some sort of internet-hate support group (which I imagine to be administered by furries...)?
  11. Yep - it was all over our website and we Twittered about it, too. Even included a nifty little @HAIF in our Tweet about it. Congratulations! It's a very well-deserved win.
  12. I feel like there should be a Bergeronian version of Godwin's Law, where "As a discussion about society grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Vonnegut or Harrison Bergeron approaches 1."
  13. In an effort to slightly get this back on track, I just moved to the Montrose a month ago after living in the suburbs my entire life. And I couldn't be happier. My commute downtown is non-existent (and will be even more fun when I buy a bicycle) and I can get to most parts of town with relative ease and swiftness. I can walk to some of my favorite restaurants and bars with extraordinary ease. I can even walk to see live music if I want to (although I don't really ever want to go to La Strada or Numbers at my age and will probably only go to Mango's on Wednesday nights for throwback 70s country night). And the walk? IS NICE. Neighbors are out. People are walking their dogs. Kids are riding their bikes. Everyone is friendly and says hi - even the trannies and the drunks. I love that fact that my local coffee shop is Taft St. or Antidote - not Starbucks. I love the fact that my local hardware store is Southland - not Home Depot or Lowe's. I love that my local bookstore is Dark Matter or Domy - not Barnes & Noble. I love that people are so accepting here and that they immediately embrace you as a fellow resident. I love that there are so many little cafes and restaurants that are doing their own thing and thriving. In short, I love the "small town" vibe that Montrose possesses. No other areas in the city come close to mimicking this, and I'm so happy to call it my home now.
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