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  1. Their food is actually pretty good imo...it was their service that drove them out of business if you ask me. Not once did I get good service when I went their, and it eventually drove us to quit returning.
  2. Mark it down...west of 288 on 518 and the exit from 288 at 518 will become the new king of "traffic hell" once Pearland Town Center opens.
  3. Thoughts? http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,375164,00.html
  4. any concerns about having $120k homes right around the corner from you?
  5. in this case, as most cases, the 80/20 rule would certainly apply.
  6. How someone tries to address their particular concerns with the city is each individuals right. I don't think posting ones opinion on an internet forum makes one a "critic". I certainly don't expect people to always see my point of view, but I still won't make rash generalizations due to a few postings on an internet forum. And why can't one be more interested in putting their energy toward improving the way that our tax dollars are spent instead of doing what you reocommend? I commend and respect both for doing what they feel is worthy to better the community.
  7. might want to re-read the context of my question. you state that the "critics" think they have a "free ride"... when in fact, we are all tax paying citizens that expect to have a certain level of expectations met by the city, and I think it is safe to say that crime rate is of high interest to those "critics".
  8. Why would they plant trees along FM 518 knowing that the city intended to expand the width of 518 and that the trees would eventually need to be relocated? Poor planning and spend of HOA dues in my opinion.
  9. Who exactly is the victim here and what is the injustice?
  10. Were you or any black citizens alive today enslaved?
  11. anyone else find it amusing that some of the "health concious" residents who use the rec center facilities DRIVE to the rec center? and then they proceed to park on the street in front of the rec center instead of the parking lot that was built for that purpose. i assume because the parking lot is so much farther from the entrance??
  12. I wouldn't have an issue if the "Manager" would apply restrictions as they were written. The issue I have is that the restrictions are not being applied as they are currently written and The "Manager" is making interpretations on her own. What's the use in having rules if they might not be applied?
  13. I wouldn't have high hopes about being heard by PCMI any time soon. Here is a portion of a recent correspondence I've had with the "Association Manager" about a restriction where PCMI is making their own interpretation when it is clearly stated what the restriction is. "I take direction from the BOD which at this time is the developer. When the developer leaves the community and owners serve on the BOD I will be taking direction from the owner BOD. The developer has the authority to amend any of the documents including the ACC while they control the votes which will be for the next 2-3 year
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