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  1. I was selected for the closed beta. I like it. There was only a few bugs(sims running in the same place and the DRM/Multiplier Servers crashing every minute) The city size (only one for the game) was horribly small. Houston would take up multiple regions My take is to wait for it the drop in price.
  2. A little bit, but It is still nicer compared to parts of Spring ISD (even Spring ISD proper).
  3. No, this is close to the Northampton Subdivision. The only problem that I see in that area is to many electrical lines!
  4. Might be apartments. or some cookie cutter home or strip center. http://www.newquest.com/Property/Details/166/74-03-Acres-SEC-of-Root-Road-and-Northcrest-Dr-
  5. I was driving by last week and I noticed that Yum Brands is getting rid of the Duel-branding on the restaurant.
  6. Based on this I feel more comfortable in Klein Forest
  7. My two cents in a old thread I have seen all of Klein ISD's High schools inside and out Here are my findings Klein Oak High School:---- New addition in 2010, very dated inside, and poorly maintained Outside it has the nicest campus of the 4 schools Enrollment as of 2011- 2012 is 4100 The Enrollment for the 2006-2007 was 2900 Klein Forest High School----New addition in 2007 and 2011(athletic), wonderfully maintained. and I should mention that the inside of the school feet very modern looking. It looked like the school was around 10-20 years old. But it is 33 years old. Outside It has the thir
  8. I just drove by Klein High and it looks like some parts are almost finished. From what I heard they are ahead of schedule.
  9. It will also be multiplayer. That might be a problem if someone's going to make a virtual Houston. I wouldn't have to worry about that if I do Houston.
  10. Yes a new Simcity I can't wait

  11. After 9 years of a massively agonizing wait. Maxis and EA are working on a new SimCity. http://pc.ign.com/objects/128/128952.html http://www.simcity.com/en_US PS. I can't wait to build a virtual Houston.
  12. The District has decided to move about half funds from the "Klein Pines" to build a new elementary school and a new intermediate school. (My absolutely crazy Interpretation is its canceled.) Until the next Bond Issue
  13. And now Funds from HS#5(to hear forth to be known as Klein5) have been moved to build an elementary school. an intermediate school, Technology, and Renovations after 2012.
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