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  1. I'm still a bit unsure as to what the final color scheme the Astoria will be. Help anyone?
  2. Because of the coloring, it looks as if it is made of some sort of weird paper or pieces of cardboard. :-)
  3. An expected disappointment. Mediocrity in terms of architectural design has become part of Houston's culture. Redesigns happen in every city but in Houston....the end results are almost always mediocre at best.
  4. Plain boring boxes. Not to mention the beige color scheme. I'll take a curved roof any day.
  5. While this latest design is not terrible, I too am disappointed in the lack of crown. As it has already been mentioned, it is not like there is flashy architecture all over Houston (in fact there is hardly any at all....especially in the past 20 years). I know conservatism is a part of Houston's culture. I have been a member here long enough to watch folks applaud a practically pitch black downtown nighttime skyline, and describe the overly chosen box design for this city as sleek and regal whenever a design is dramatically scaled back. Ok. I know we aren't Dallas or Atlanta or L.A., or Miami,
  6. Speaking of the Mercer ^ , I just saw the new paint job on yesterday and while I still feel it is a scar on Houston's skyline, it looks a little better with the darker color scheme.
  7. Yet another wasted opportunity for a high profile location in Houston. Yes it's infill but come on man, it's the Montrose!
  8. I don't think wxman is asking for architectural masterpieces. It's interesting that on this site when critics ask for something as simple as a little character or quality for Houston, it is perceived as asking for billion dollar groundbreaking spectacles. There is a place for infill but I think because this was Hines, many of us expected something a bit more in terms of distinction from other projects.
  9. I was actually hoping for more of a "art" piece for the museum district, and would have preferred more of a twist. This is not bad at all however.
  10. I'm excited about this, but while the design doesn't hurt my feelings, I am still waiting on that spectacularly exciting design that seems to elude Houston. This is not bad nonetheless.
  11. And apparently so has following me around this site. Are you sure you want to continue to do that?
  12. ArchFan and Gary have echoed what I have been saying here for years. People would literally travel from around the world at one time to Houston just for the architecture. So to see the designs overall that have been chosen to rise here in the past 20 years have been heartbreaking on some levels. Mediocrity has quietly become a part of Houston's culture.
  13. AND Mister X COMPLETELY misses the point and will get emotional in 5....4...3...2...:-)
  14. Really like this. Hope the project stays as true to the rendering as possible.
  15. WOW, you have no idea how much that post says about you do you Mister X? If ever there was a emotional response to a STRANGER'S opinion, your post was it. :-)
  16. That slant in the design pleases me very much. Hines never disappoints.
  17. "PLENTY"? Yeah, for every "plenty" I could name 2-3 terrible or mediocre at best that has gone up in the past 15 years. Let's face it, the standard for quality architecture in Houston has dropped dramatically and doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon. There ARE 1-2 designs coming that I think all of us are excited about, but whether it's admitted to or not, too many of us have been let down too many times since the start of this site. With regard to chronic pissy-ness at this site....I don't dispute that.
  18. Terrible design for such a high profile area. That should be Houston's new motto.
  19. Another architectural disappointment for Houston....and in such a high profile area nonetheless. Overall, "cutting corners" is now a part of Houston culture and it is no more evident than in architecture designs chosen for projects in the city.
  20. Having a similar experience but a little later in life than the OP. I also do not fit into the stereotype and feel a bit of a disconnect with the gay community. Despite a lot of complication with my situation, I definitely relate to the OP, besides the whole Republican thing. ;-)
  21. Is it possible for a private company to build rail in Houston because the shortsightedness that has plagued this city has reached the terrifying level. The imbalance in infrastructure investment in a city of this size and population growth, coupled with the thought of gas prices in 10 years is not only irresponsible it is terrifying.
  22. I love the rendering and would love to see the actual building look like that. I am also aware of the fact that Downtown Houston is not Downtown Chicago and the chances of this becoming a beige precast underachievement are much greater here. I will keep a unenthused finger crossed.
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