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  1. It is not the lighting but an interior portion of the building. I have supplied a lot of the Hanover jobs you guys see going up and it is very typical that this portion I am referring to bids out a couple of months before they break ground. I'll know more in a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!
  2. What I can tell you is it is the building portion and it's happening this month...
  3. Got the plans to bid the lighting on this today. Showing 35 stories.....
  4. This is starting in may according to a source..... fence going up....
  5. Do you know anything about The Asbury?  100% design drawings are out....


  6. My source has it on their list as a go.... not sure when the start is but is listed as a highrise.
  7. This is moving forward (at least a small phase.) I will follow up soon to discuss.
  8. This is breaking ground after the first of the year. It is in the final bid stage now with the "For Construction" prints.
  9. It has started. I have started to send material to the job.
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