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  1. Skip to 3:30. Made in 2008. He was right.
  2. That's right. Hey.... here's an idea... Instead of burqas for women... How about chastity belts for men? Seems to be more effective to control those "male urges" than women's attire... Also.. of the 'observant' muslim women I've seen, in Houston... none of them smile. Something is terribly wrong.
  3. Horrible human rights record. Cess pool. Why any western country does any business there is sad.
  4. Beware those in life who claim to know the answer... who know "the truth." These are dangerous people.
  5. Whatever that means. Perhaps you should've joined the gay debate team, in high school. There are always two sides, to every argument. You have to go, both ways. Something you learn, in debate. Typing class, a stern English teacher, calculus, debate, and football... ...good parents, in a small town, public school... Foundation for success in life. IMO. Thank you, God.
  6. There are typically two types of debate style in high school: Cx (Cross Examination) style involves a team of two vs. another team of two. You and your partner, debate the other guys. Then there is "Lincoln Douglas" ... or LD. It is one-on-one debate. Cx topics are usually on policy type of things ... LD topics are on value topics (makes it a little more interesting than the drier CX topics). When I was in school... I did LD. But... then... the topics just sucked. What they really need to do is allow topics on abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration, transgender rights, recreational marijuana use, etc., etc. Something, anything to spice it up; heat up the place. But being high school... they have to stick to the boring, non-controversial stuff. The thing I enjoyed the most... when I debated... was making my opponents cry. God, I loved that. And apparently, crying is not unusual. Because when I've judged debates... I've witnessed it.
  7. Build it. Make sure it goes nearly the entire length of your driveway. Neighbors will love you. Send them the message: you love them too.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBMriOspUvA
  9. Beware "independents." Tea Party people, and others, like to label themselves as that... But their hit list for action: replace all Democrats. What? Doesn't sound very "independent" to me. People who I know... who use the "independent" label... Are just closet republicans. Too ashamed to admit it, in public. And there's enough like minded "independents"... that they too can join a party. Libertarian (if you're fed up with republicans) ... or Green (if you're fed up with Democrats).
  10. Like it's the end of the world. Remember... CO moved its HQ from El Paso... To Denver... Then to Houston... (1978) two bankrupticies... ...and now life goes on in Chicago. How quickly people forget the past.
  11. You know... We get angry sometimes, with CEO pay. Millions and millions of dollars. Golden parachutes. One day... a CEO says... he'll forgo his pay... How noble. What a conflict of interest that was! Oops... How did we miss this one? And now CO is history. I am sure Jeff will be paid well. He's looking out for numero uno. And that's not you.
  12. There is no hope. This commercial kinda makes me cry. And those older GE commercials.
  13. Houston and Texas leaders do not work for, nor are they employed, by Continental Airlines. I am sure that the management and employees at both CO and UAL know how to handle this. Outside interference is not needed. No one has dropped the ball. Only CO... can be blamed when their deal with the devil burns them.
  14. While I believe in fighting to the bitter end, for some things... CO management is well accustomed to dissent - which they have in the past just ignored. You're not changing anyone's minds. Pilots: http://www.theloanisdue.com/ ... the loan is past DUE. They've been down to 1600 Smith, protesting (about their plight). Mechanics? - or some other group was down at the base of 1600 Smith hollering and yelling, protesting (about their plight). Nothing new. The time to have done any of this was when US Air was trying to work the deal. It's too late, now. Next week, as early as Monday... done deal.
  15. FINALLY! A sausage gravy vending machine! Bob Evans! Our sausage gravy dispenser serves up hot Bob Evans sausage gravy at the touch of a button. This machine uses our convenient dispenser pack sausage gravy and makes it possible for your customers to enjoy this high-quality Bob Evans sausage gravy served over buttermilk biscuits in a quick and easy way.
  16. Not for them. 25 fortune 500 companies. Big deal. Which ones? Not Boeing, not in Houston... And while it is not the NYMEX... There is the CME. In Chicago. They would be closer to the management of the best plane maker in the world and the financial markets. Especially my favorite: the CBOE. ...and screw Airbus. Maybe that is one good thing out of this: CO's preference for Boeing aircraft.
  17. Move it to Chicago. NOW! Before this woman throws herself onto the steps of 1600 Smith. Making a fool of herself... and Houston.
  18. Those same Houston/Texas leaders have also been fighting hard to "save JSC" "save NASA" ... Hang up, dial tone. Thank heavens for this story getting more play in the Chron. Maybe now, CO will be saved. CO is walking into a buzz saw... they just don't know it.
  19. ...oh... it will... ...and who... do we all know... that is from Illinois? That's right. The man in the White House (his administration) Let's see... merge... and then relocate to Chicago... APPROVED! Merge... and then move to Houston... Not gonna happen. All this whining about CO moving out of a city of FOUR MILLION. They are just tiny little rain drop. The idea that CO management being in charge of the new "United"... Maybe the top 50 CO managers, starting with the CEO on down. They're in for a rude awakening if they think they're gonna change the United culture up there, especially as they get into middle management. They will be eaten alive.
  20. ...in defense of the Double Down... less than 600 calories... Calories: 590 Calories from fat: 280 Total fat: 31g Saturated fat: 10g Trans fat: 0g Cholesterol: 190mg or so it is claimed. That is practically diet food, from a calorie count perspective. The DD... the concept is so wrong, it is so right. Such a freak show appeal... you have to try it. I'd love to have been in the KFC research kitchen, when they came up with this one. "Ah crap. We're out of bread. Screw it! We have bacon and cheese ... yummmm.... yummmy! WE'VE GOT A WINNER! Get marketing and advertising on the horn, ASAP!" Being a McRib lover... I want one of these DD's... NOW!!!
  21. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7upG01-XWbY Ahhh, yes. Greed is good. God, I love that clip. ...and nothing is more satisfying to your greedy instincts than selling out of the money put options. Money just appears in your account. For doing no real work... ...Come on Black 17...
  22. Excellent post... I will go through some points... It's all about funding. We could go to Mars, in two years, if Congress would fund the effort to the tune of $500 billion. And going to Mars... is a lot harder than people think. For example, the transit time to get there can range between 4 months and ~1 year. And then another 4 months to a year to get back. 1 to 2 years total travel/mission time. Humans need food and water. That's a lot of food and water for 2 people. Then... there is the "crazy" factor. Imagine being confined to a very small capsule/living quarters for over a year. If you thought driving to El Paso was torture... Imagine being confined to your car for over a year. You'd go mentally out of your mind. So assume those problems are solved. We some how have a way to put people into hibernation so that they 1.) don't eat much and 2.) are not aware of their travel time. You land on Mars. You are going to need a decent rocket to launch of off Mars, to get back... Nothing like the moon. There are many problems that need to be solved, over the years, before Mars is even realistic. In terms of government programs changing with the political tides... that is nothing new. Constellation, as a program, would be in operation today... had it been kicked off early during George W Bush's first term (2000-ish)... It was just simply too big of a program, too late in his presidency to have any chance of surviving a change in political power in this country. I knew from Day 1 in 2004... that if there was a political change coming in 2008... Constellation would be cancelled. And it sure was! Just not enough time for it to take root. Just because you've spent billions in the past, doesn't mean that if you keep spending billions you will succeed. If you don't fund the program to the level required, you're just throwing good money after bad. Everyone who hugs Constellation and who want to save it... you hear a lot of noise... but what you don't hear is: let's give the program an additional $3 billion a year, every year, for the next 10 years... that it needs to be successful. You don't hear that. "That would be too expensive." Yeah. You're right. But that is what would be needed. So if you don't commit the funding, we'll need to do something else more realistic given the current budget environment. Not necessarily. The second "A" in NASA stands for "Aeronautics." That portion of the NASA budget is increasing. So Langley in Virginia is probably elated. You want more Mars rover type of programs? JPL is getting more funding, they are elated. The ISS's purpose is scientific research. That funding has been increased. Too many people think that all NASA is about is launching space shuttles and astronauts... there's a lot more. It's much more private than in the past... but regardless of who the private partner is (Lockheed, Boeing, SpaceX)... they will be making money. Because NASA will be paying the bill. NASA, as a whole, will benefit. Houston/JSC will be losing thousands of jobs. Mostly due to the fact that the shuttle program is ending. Even with Constellation... that was going to happen (massive job losses). But that's nothing new... that's how it was arond here in the 1970's between SkyLab and the first shuttle launch... but until then... Viva Space Shuttle! ...until the bitter(sweet) end...
  23. But that's dull, boring, and uninspiring. Heroic little robot pre-cursor missions, brave little explorers, were sent to the moon... before we landed men there. You don't hear much about those missions. They were just lifeless machines. But, the world sure does remember this: "Houston, the Eagle has landed." Wouldn't sound the same if it was said by something like this: ...but it would be cheaper to do, I'm sure. I can just see it now... The Speak-N-Spell "robotic explorer"... It's just not the same.
  24. ...and to that end... ...It was ONLY the United States' human space flight capability, by way of the Space Shuttle program, that was there to deliver and service one of humankind's best instruments ever: Only the Space Shuttle, with human astronauts, could pull this off. Not just launch... but launch and service. Now almost 20 years in orbit. And has about 5 more years of useful life left. Hubble discoveries... have re-written what we thought we knew about the universe, in many areas. Thanks to the human hands that built... and serviced Hubble, in orbit. So... at the end of the day... when people ask: where 30 years of Space Shuttle flights "worth it" ... I would say "yes" - because of Hubble alone (at a minimum). The jury is still out on the ISS. Hopefully, that will yield some scientific returns in the next decade... All the noise about Constellation... is just noise, IMO. "Gaps" in US access to space are nothing new. There was a 5, 6 year gap between SkyLab and the first shuttle flight. 2+ year gap after Challenger. 2+ year gap after Columbia. 3 to 5 year gap, until our next capability, which will probably be commercial rocket access to space, by young start-up companies. The US space program will be just fine.
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