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  1. Skip to 3:30. Made in 2008. He was right.
  2. That's right. Hey.... here's an idea... Instead of burqas for women... How about chastity belts for men? Seems to be more effective to control those "male urges" than women's attire... Also.. of the 'observant' muslim women I've seen, in Houston... none of them smile. Something is terribly wrong.
  3. Horrible human rights record. Cess pool. Why any western country does any business there is sad.
  4. Beware those in life who claim to know the answer... who know "the truth." These are dangerous people.
  5. Whatever that means. Perhaps you should've joined the gay debate team, in high school. There are always two sides, to every argument. You have to go, both ways. Something you learn, in debate. Typing class, a stern English teacher, calculus, debate, and football... ...good parents, in a small town, public school... Foundation for success in life. IMO. Thank you, God.
  6. There are typically two types of debate style in high school: Cx (Cross Examination) style involves a team of two vs. another team of two. You and your partner, debate the other guys. Then there is "Lincoln Douglas" ... or LD. It is one-on-one debate. Cx topics are usually on policy type of things ... LD topics are on value topics (makes it a little more interesting than the drier CX topics). When I was in school... I did LD. But... then... the topics just sucked. What they really need to do is allow topics on abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration, transgender rights, recreational marijuana use, etc., etc. Something, anything to spice it up; heat up the place. But being high school... they have to stick to the boring, non-controversial stuff. The thing I enjoyed the most... when I debated... was making my opponents cry. God, I loved that. And apparently, crying is not unusual. Because when I've judged debates... I've witnessed it.
  7. Build it. Make sure it goes nearly the entire length of your driveway. Neighbors will love you. Send them the message: you love them too.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBMriOspUvA
  9. Beware "independents." Tea Party people, and others, like to label themselves as that... But their hit list for action: replace all Democrats. What? Doesn't sound very "independent" to me. People who I know... who use the "independent" label... Are just closet republicans. Too ashamed to admit it, in public. And there's enough like minded "independents"... that they too can join a party. Libertarian (if you're fed up with republicans) ... or Green (if you're fed up with Democrats).
  10. Like it's the end of the world. Remember... CO moved its HQ from El Paso... To Denver... Then to Houston... (1978) two bankrupticies... ...and now life goes on in Chicago. How quickly people forget the past.
  11. You know... We get angry sometimes, with CEO pay. Millions and millions of dollars. Golden parachutes. One day... a CEO says... he'll forgo his pay... How noble. What a conflict of interest that was! Oops... How did we miss this one? And now CO is history. I am sure Jeff will be paid well. He's looking out for numero uno. And that's not you.
  12. There is no hope. This commercial kinda makes me cry. And those older GE commercials.
  13. Houston and Texas leaders do not work for, nor are they employed, by Continental Airlines. I am sure that the management and employees at both CO and UAL know how to handle this. Outside interference is not needed. No one has dropped the ball. Only CO... can be blamed when their deal with the devil burns them.
  14. While I believe in fighting to the bitter end, for some things... CO management is well accustomed to dissent - which they have in the past just ignored. You're not changing anyone's minds. Pilots: http://www.theloanisdue.com/ ... the loan is past DUE. They've been down to 1600 Smith, protesting (about their plight). Mechanics? - or some other group was down at the base of 1600 Smith hollering and yelling, protesting (about their plight). Nothing new. The time to have done any of this was when US Air was trying to work the deal. It's too late, now. Next week, as early as Monday... done deal.
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