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  1. I love the I-Fest, so I'll be there . I went to one or two back in the mid 80's when I was a kid and rediscovered it 5 years ago. The only one that I wasn't into was when it moved to Reliant Park a few years back. I still went and had fun, but it just wasn't the same without the backdrop of beautiful downtown Houston .
  2. Oooh, that would have been a good idea .
  3. Ah, ok. I think so too. take care, -Anjie
  4. Hi. I was just driving past there tonight and I noticed that the Taco Cabana was empty. It was also no longer bright pink, but painted beige instead. Does anyone know if it's closed or just being remodeled? (ps, sorry if this has been discussed in a prior thread) ty -Anjie.
  5. A friend made this. I hope Ike knows that Tina isn't gonna be here 'till October...and even then, we don't want him.
  6. Emerson Lake and Palmer <3 King Crimson (I love Greg Lake) Sade 80's new wave A few local indie bands early 80's hip hop
  7. Omg, I remember this crap ! I went to Cullen Middle School from '84-'87 and I was standing outside waiting for my dad to pick me up after school. I heard some kids yelling about the Smurf Gang! lmao. I wasn't the least bit frightened because it was just so silly sounding. My school even sent a letter home to the parents about it.....to which my mom laughed as well. From what I remember, the Smurf Gang was either from another middle school or something. God I feel old now.
  8. My dad was the piano player there on Thursday nights. (Joe Nettles). He'd been there for about 15-18 years along with one of the bartenders and a few more. He still plays parties and has an after school music program that he teaches, but he's mostly retired. It's kinda sad because it was a nice place. He'd played other places around town like Brennans (right after I was born), and Vargos, etc.. but he'd been at the Bistro the longest. In '87, he had an album out and also did some soundtrack work for a movie. I recall him starting the Bistro gig shortly after that. It closed two weeks ago. He said that the owner said that business was slow and had been for a while.....in addition to the high taxes. My dad always has his eye on the future and loves to stay busy. ....nevertheless, the Bistro will be missed by a lot of folks.
  9. I remember him. When Angel Eye's came out, I was 14 and had no idea that he was so young at the time. RIP.
  10. I'm sorry that I don't have any insight on the area prior to my childhood. I was born in '73 and word of mouth is what I have to go by. I DID find something pretty interesting at the top of our garage. Two 'antique' license plates from the late 40's! I guess they previous owners forgot to take them down when they moved. What I'd love to see is a photo of this area before any houses were built.....ie, photo's of the land circa 1940. According to HCAD, all the houses here were built between 1950 and 1955. My parent's house was built in 1950 and so was every house on our street.
  11. My parents still live there and I grew up there. They told me that they bought the house in 1972 after living in 3rd ward for a few years. My dad's a local musician and they met up somewhere along the way....whole 'nother story. Our backyard is the Palm Center. Palm Center is now home to the Young branch library which used to be located at the opposite end of my street. I'd go there a lot back in the mid 80's just to read books and do my homework. There's also a post office sub station and a Harris County annex. I was just there not too long ago getting my license sticker renewed. From what I recall, my mom told me that yes, they did buy the house from a white lady and that the area was all white at one time. I remember riding my bike down the street when I was a kid. I'd stop by certain houses to chat with the neighbors, some of which were white. Then again, I'd stop anywhere there was candy and pets involved lol . My street and I'm sure most of the others is now mostly black and latino. Back when I started elementary school (Hartsfield), Palm center was pretty nice. We'd just walk to the block behind the house and there it was. Lewis and Coker grociery store, JC Penney, Woolworth, Fava Shoes, Lenas Tots and Teens (sp?) etc. ............then somewhere during the early to mid 80's it started to go downhill. Stores closed and the Lewis and Coker turned into a roller skating rink that attracted a few rough kids. ......Montgomery Ward across the street closed and remained vacant until about 1990. That's when Kings Best (flea) Market took over. Back in the late 70's and early to mid 80's, I remember a U-Totem at the corner of my street and (the now) MLK blvd. There was also a Baskin and Robbin's ice cream there. Fond memories. ...and right next to that, where the new gas station is, there used to be a Jack in the Box! Close to 610 and MLK was a McDonalds. I begged and begged for some kind of delux happy meal with a train set in it. I recall my parents lying to me by telling me that the railroad track next to that McDonalds was the real McDonaldland train and that it was much better than the one in the meal . Whatever. I don't remember much about the part of South Park beyoned 610 because when I was growing up, most of my time was spent in the backyard or riding around town with my dad to gigs. I DO recall my godmother and her husband living on Southlea street which is located a bit past the 610 loop. Also off of Reed Road in between MLK and Cullen was a nightclub called Spillers Nightclub which was named after the ower, a friend of my dad. I'm sure it had been around since the early 70's. Yep, I tagged along with my dad there too lol. My dad would play the big old hammond B3 organ and I'd run around getting into trouble. Once I get a better scanner, I'll come back and start another thread with pics of my dad and mom back in the clubs in 3rd ward etc. Cool stuff. Take care! anj.
  12. My ex (and now one of my best friends) is White and we never get second looks. Ok, ONE time we were in the car waiting at a red light. A member of the Nation of Islam approached the car window and saw that we were a mixed couple..........I've never seen a Final Call newspaper get retracted so fast in my life! . As far as social scenes are concerned, I feel comfortable just about anywhere I want to go. I don't party a lot, but if I want to go have a drink at a bar, I just go.
  13. El Pueblito on lower Richmond (Montrose area). I always put some of their delicious pineapple salsa on mine.
  14. Best Coffee drinks: Empire (Montrose) Best lemon cake: Empire (Montrose) Best Italian: Macaroni Grill (Galleria) Best Breakfast: The Breakfast Klub (It's worth standing in line) Best Mexican: Chuy's. (it USED to be Adobe, but I've since changed my mind) Best Margarita: Ninfa's tied with Adobe Prettiest Patio: Babba Yega's (Montrose) Best cheap Chinese: General Joe's Chopsticks Best healthy(ish): The Hobbit
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