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  1. State Farm is where I got mine. Brian O'Rear at the Town and Country office is the place to call. I also got terminated by Nationwide and that was just after they replaced my roof!
  2. chlo888

    523 Electra

    That home is hideous and of course we have several of those now in Memorial Bend (I live on Figaro) but they are just a tad worse than some of the remodel jobs on the mid century modern homes. Classic architecture is not valued here in Houston for the most part. I do not think there are enough people in Houston that know much about architecture to preserve what valuable architecture we have remaining. It's just a mess.
  3. chlo888

    523 Electra

    I believe much of the blame for the destruction of Memorial bend architecture is the Memorial Bend Architecture Committee. They should be the gatekeeper and protect the architecture. Instaed, they have given these builders a license to create whatever they want. Do not blame the builders.
  4. I've been through the search as I remodeled my entire house which is a classic mid century modern. Chuck Bosch at Built INC is the only guy in town to do the job. He is an architect and gc so he can do everything. he does a fantastic job. Please email me at chlo888@yahoo.com for his phone number. Regards, Glenn
  5. 12806 Figaro closed this last Tuesday. It went a buyer who knows the architecture and appreciates it. The house will be preserved! Regards, Glenn
  6. It was a full remodel..all baths, kitchen and backyard was done. We went overboard but it's easy to do once you get going. I will take interior photos soon and post them. Regards, Glenn
  7. HI Farbetter, My electrician is Daniel and his number is 832-881-7794. I highly recc him but make sure you negotiate the price. Regards, Glenn
  8. Thanks. Let me know if you want to stop by. I'd like to meet you and show you what we've done. Regards, Glenn
  9. Hi texasdago, In Brian's defense I have to remind you that Brian did not develop the new house that you see. We all need to make a living. I was a real estate agent in Los Angeles and I reserved my judgement on each listing I had. My job was to sell the house and bring home money to support my family. My opinion of the house was irrelevant. texasdago lemme know if you want to come by and see the house. I think you'll appreciatte it. Regards, Glenn
  10. Thanks. The soffits are wood. My electrician did a great job of minimizing patchwork during the installation..it was tricky..
  11. Hi All, I wanted to show some photos of the house we just finished in the Bend. I'll get photos of the interior soon. This house is right next door to our old house (that I currently have listed for sale)... Regards, Glenn
  12. I now have pictures up of most of the rooms in the house. Note that the bathroom with the pink tile was not redne. It was something we planned on doing but never got around to.. http://search.har.com/engine/dispSearch.cf...mp;backButton=Y Regards, Glenn
  13. Sounds good. Feel free to come by anytime really. We're usually around...It's the Johnson's old house... Glenn
  14. Jason, I understand your sentiments very well. I bought the house next door so I will be here surrounded by tasteless architecture. What I was talking about was purely a financial mindset. Buyers can feel good about buying a lower priced home in a million dollar neighborhood. FYI, I remodeled the house next door and it's turned out very well. Pleas come by if you have a chance. Regards, Glenn
  15. Hi flipper. The white floors you see in the photo are white tile from walker zanger. They are modern and have a clean look. The rest of the house is original wood floors. Glenn
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