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  1. if i have time i'll take a picture and post it. my girlfriend goes to u of h and i'm always down there (it's right across from the robertson stadium parking lot), so...some of you may disagree, but i think it's a wonderful little gem of a building, that seems totally overlooked...
  2. interesting...what would lee harvey oswald be doing in houston applying for a job, if in only a month, he would be in dealey plaza allegedly assassinating JFK? where did you hear about this?
  3. never seen the house, looks somewhat interesting...the best advice i have about wanting to see inside is to look presentable and knock on the door. in fact, i have used to effect in many houses in the past. i don't know if it's because people who live in unusual homes are more accomodating and hospitable because they truly love their house and want to share it, or if simply people in general are this hospitable (probably a combination). but it works. i have seen some amazing houses this way. i met a couple in beaumont, all of 80 years old, who had commissioned their house in 1950 from howard barnstone, a local master. i simply approached them, told them i was an architect (i am, but if you're not, and you think you can handle the facade, i say do it) and was very interested in their house and would love to have a tour. they agreed, and i had the most marvelous several hours chatting with them about the house itself, what it was like working with an architect of caliber, looking over actual blueprints they have kept in a closet for the last 50 years...people, the house had it's original danish furniture! amazing. try it, it works, and you have the opportunity to gain a most wonderful experience...
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