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  1. Hang in there, SCR is still a good place to live!

  2. Yes, . I don't know what to do to change the situation I get into. I feel helpless.
  3. I live in the wettest part of Shadow Creek Ranch on Pelican Shores. We are very close to Almeda and Shadow Creek parkway intersection. You know it does not meter actually, if it is a west or east part of Kingsley. I smell this odor even in our mall (very east) on the other side of 288 across from Shadow Creek Ranch. Even in the Mall the odor could be very-very strong. The mall is 2-3 miles east from us. It is actually hard to believe that people can breathe air that smell so bad and live in such places for years. I live in Shadow Creek Ranch for just 4 month and hate the fact that I was fooled
  4. I am living in Shadow Creek Ranch. Actually, the odor is a problem here. I have a little two year old girl and it worries me a lot that we live close to landfill. For example, yesterday the order was so bad that first I smell it inside the house. I checked it outside how strong it was, and it was unbelievably bad. I could not believe that in the US something like this possible to happen. Why did they build such a butterfly community close to such a big landfill? I would not recommend my friend to buy a house here. Shadow Creek Ranch is a butterfly place, but I don't enjoy living here. I always
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