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  1. A new Luby's / Fuddrucker's combination restaurant is under construction on Cinco Ranch Blvd. between 99 and Westheimer Pkwy. across from the Junior High. I am guessing it will look like the combined restaurant they recently opened in Pearland. If you search on "Luby's Fuddrucker's Pearland" articles with a picture of the Pearland location pop up.
  2. It looks like there is a new Italian restaurant, D'Amicos to add to the list of restaurants. I think they'll back on the amphitheater. They currently have locations in the University and Heights areas. A simple search on their name brings up their web site and their menu and prices look good.
  3. When I saw the buildings being demolished I performed a few online searches to see if anything popped up about that address. If you perform a search on "23105 Cinco Ranch Blvd" you' get results leading to several PDF's concerning the construction bidding for a Sprouts at that location. The Sprouts web site in their gallery section has a short video tour through what I guess is a typical Sprouts store.
  4. It looks like Sprouts Farmers Market, which is like a smaller Whole Foods or Central Market, or a slightly larger Trader Joes, is being built at the corner of Cinco Ranch Blvd and Peek. Reviews make it sound like they have pretty good pricing on produce, meats and deli items like sandwiches, and a pretty good bulk selection. I wouldn't have guessed a store like that would be built at that location.
  5. I'm sure the darkly tinted windows saved on energy but they always made the place look like it was closed. The service and food weren't up to par either. I like to see these places succeed but Wings and Rings didn't seem ready to compete. A little outside seating might help that location, as might some activities in the courtyard like at La Centerra. The Benihana type hibachi grills at Tokyo Steak and Sushi in the Villagio make it a fun place to go for a change of pace and I hope it's traffic picks up. Right now the success seems to be down at the Berryhill, Azzerelli's end of the center.
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