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  1. The origin of the name was from the founder Philip Battelstein, a Russian Jew, who immigrated to the United States in 1884 at the age of 15. He first settled in St Louis Missouri. In approximately 1899, Mr. Battelstein and his wife, Annie moved to Houston with their two daughters, Molly and Mistoby. Shortly after they moved to Houston, their third child, a son, Abe was born. They later had two other sons, Harry and Ben David.
  2. This could not be true. Battelsteins pre dated Sakowitz and there was at least one elevator in the Battelstein's store on Main Street, Houston in 1939.
  3. Mr. Phillip Battlestein immigrated to the US from Russia in 1884 when he was 15 years old. He was a Russian Jew. Phillip was a tailor. The family settled in Missouri. His wife's name was Annie. They had two daughters, Maly and Toby that were born in Missouri. Prior to 1899, they relocated to Houston. In 1899 their son, Abe Battlestein was born. Abe Battlestein is the child that operated the "Battlestein's " store in Houston along with his brothers, Harry and Bennie. Mr. Phillip Battlestein was an enderly, portly gentleman in 1939 when I was about 4 years old and would go shopping with my mother at Battlesteins. He would stand at the front door with a pocket full of dimes and hand them out to the children who came shopping with their parents. As you walked into the front door there was the cosmetics department. To the left on the main level were men's shirts, hats and shoes. To the right, I believe were the women's shoes. The upper floors were for ladies and children's fashions.
  4. Battelsteins was the most exclusive aparell store in Houston during the late 1930's and 1940's Later Sackowitz opened their stores and gave Batelsteins competition. Abe Battlestein was the son of Russian immigrants. His father, Phillip, a taylor, settled in Houston with his wife and 5 children in the 1920's. By 1930, Abe Battlestein had opened a men's clothing store in downtown Houston. By the 1940's the store sold exclusive lines of both women, men's and children's clothing. There was also a cosmetic section and shoe section. In the 1940 "Pap Battlestein" would stand by the front door of his store and hand out dimes to the children of the customers who frequented the establishment. I was one of the luck little girls that was able to pocket a dime given to me by Pap Battlestein.
  5. Does anyone remember going to the Nicosia Beauty Salon in the 1930's? Mr. Nicosia's salon was in downtown Houston, but I cannot remember where. He also had a turkish bth at the same location. The Center for American History has some interior shots of the salon posted on their internet site. I visited Mr. Nicosia's salon as a child with my mother. Supposedly he invented the first cream cold wave - a permanent wave technique. Patricia
  6. Does anyone remember the Friday night wrestling at the Forum in about 1940? I remember Lou Theis, Danny McShane, the Masked Marvel for some. What a treat to go to town with my Dad on Friday nights to the wrestling matches. Does anyone know if the Forum is still there. What was the address? Patricia
  7. Battelstein's was a wonderful clothing store that catered to high end clothing for men women and children in the late 1930's and early 1940's. In 1940, "Pap" Battelstein was still living. He was a rather short, portly man with kind eyes who stood near the entrance of the store and handed dimes which he carried in his coat pocket to the young children who came to the store shopping with their parents. Another fond memory of this wonderful store was hat shopping with my father. In the men's department, which at that time was on the ground floor and to the left of the front door, there were large display cases on top of which were miniature hats sitting on top of their miniature hat boxes. After my father made his selection of a new hat for the season, I would be presented with an exact replica of my father's new hat in my own little hat box. I no longer have these small treasures and have often wondered what could have happened to my collection.
  8. To the person that furnished the inside picture of the Old Mexico Restaurant on West Gray, THANK YOU! It really brought back some wonderful times that I had with my family going there for dinner in the 1940's . As to the mention of a parrot when you entered the restaurant, there was one. He sat on a parrot stand in the little entry garden just before you got to the main door. He had several phrases that he would utter as you entered. It was such a treat to go there to see the parrot and to taste the wonderful enchilladas with the dark mole sauce. Again, thank you for the photo. Patricia
  9. Does anyone remember the Old Mexico Inn on West Gray? It was one of my favorite places to eat in the 40's. They had a large parott on a perch on the front court as you entered the restaurant. Great Food.
  10. If anyone does decide to take a picture of the mansion, could they please also take a picture of 1013 Gulf Bank road, my c. 1942 childhood home? Love to have a picture of it. Thanks. PBays
  11. Does anyone out there live on Gulf Bank Road? I would like to have a photograph of the property at 1013 Gulf Bank Road. In 1942, this was my family home. Thanks PBays
  12. Does anyone have a year book for c. 1941 1942? I was the 4 year old mascot for the Aldine High School band in those years. I believe that there was a photograph of me in the year book. I would pay for a copy of a Aldine High School year book with my photo. My sister, Florene Roberts was a member of the band for the same year. Patricia
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