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  1. Solely basing on these three renderings, it is not groundbreaking like the original design was. Definitely has lost its edge. And personally, other than that awesome Houston freeway map on the ceiling, I dislike it.
  2. Large, yes. Transformative and forward thinking, I think not. Developments like The Woodlands or Kingwood only furthered sprawl, they are the antithesis of the “forward thinking” projects I believe Arche_757 was referring too.
  3. It’s an ugly and cheaply made looking development. Will likely be falling apart as fast as it becomes outdated.
  4. This is a totally unfair statement when the East End is and has been taking in the brunt of this type housing. Where are these type of developments in the Heights, Midtown, Oak Forest, or Montrose?? Are their residents too pretentious, classist and elitist to take their share of some of these new low income housing facilities? Affordable housing is a responsibility ALL sides of town should be sharing in. I am all for low income/affordable housing but not when they are incessantly being concentrated in one small area. Sorry but that’s just not fair and at this point I can no longer blame EE or EaDo residents for protesting.
  5. That may be for the US interstate system of freeways as a whole but we have still built alot of freeways and tollways since that “slow down”. Hardy Toll, Westpark Toll, Fort Bend Toll, Grand Parkway, Beltway 8, Pasadena Frwy, Crosby Frwy, not to mention the crazy widening and lengthening of all the existing freeways over the decades. Now we have the coming destructive I-45 rerouting around downtown, billions still being poured towards building the Grand Parkway in extremely sparse areas of the metro and now this wasteful thing to tiny Alvin. I think it’s all overkill at this point.
  6. While I agree that the spur restricts integration of any future eastern expansion UH might want to build out, there is also the issue of the many train tracks blocking any kind of integration as well.
  7. I guess they are going for a fancy batting cage feel. 👀
  8. This freeway seems wasteful and pointless. The rest of the country is moving away from constructing new freeways, yet Houston is still crapping them out in every direction. That money would be better spent towards regional mass transit.
  9. Other than its dreadful podium and its protesting residents I really don’t think the design of the Cosmopolitan is as atrocious as many people like to say it is on here. The tower portion above the garage is neither stellar nor bad looking IMO. With that said, I honestly do not care whether it’s “blocked” from view or not. Want to see truly ugly, look at the neighboring Astoria, and those two faux Tuscan style, beige behemoths, Camden Post Oak and Dominion Post Oak Apartment Towers. When can we pretty please block those from view too?!
  10. Wow, seriously? Circular architecture is now deemed “dated”? Don’t tell that to Apple’s Apple Park HQ. Lol. I seriously can’t wait till boring, rectangular blue glass boxes become “dated”.
  11. Don’t get me wrong all of these facilities have a place and a right to exist for those who need and utilize them. The problem is the heavy concentration of them in one area of the city. In recent years the East End and EaDo have been taking in many of these facilities that were once in Downtown, Montrose, Midtown or elsewhere. East End/EaDo residents have definitely taken notice of this pattern, more so than in recent years. It won’t take much more to break the camels back for residents IMO. Such facilities should be spread throughout the inner city/city. It is the only fair approach for ALL city residents and for those who utilize said facilities.
  12. Where ever it ends up moving to, the city better not even attempt to relocate it to EaDo/East End/Eastwood. We already have way more than enough of the inner city’s “undesirable” facilities, not to mention the coming demolition and arterial street cut offs from the downtown freeway project. Be prepared for a fight from residents if that’s the case.
  13. It was in 2013 from the state by the inept Perry administration for $12 million from the Texas Enterprise Fund. Six years later Chevron has yet to fulfill their part of the bargain. Besides, who’s to say they won’t pull an Exxon and move to the burbs, in this case The Woodlands?
  14. Not really shocking when most people have been sexist and ageist toward her since elected, even most on this forum. This is nothing but common old, white man racism and ignorance at work. Chambers County? Please! That’s straight up podunk country anyway. Regardless, half of my family speaks both English and Spanish and my husband as well. All of whom were born in the US. “Commissioner” Mark Tice is the real joke folks and nothing but an ignorant POS, the same stenchy kind that put the likes of Abbott as Governor and Trump as President.
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