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  1. A color blocked wall mural that was originally off Canal in the East End. Guess it’s since moved to Green Street.
  2. Wow! I also just went to the site and read that. It was a good, long ride. It’s been one of the first sites I visit every morning for many years now. Will be odd without it.
  3. If not Alamo Draft House, a boutique type cinema would be nice too. We have a Violet Crown here in Santa Fe, NM and it’s really nice. I feel since AMC bought out Sundance downtown there has a been a real void of this type cinema on this side of town. Is the “anchor tenant” below the cinema where the grocery store is to go? It is the largest retail space at 27k sq. ft. Unless by grocery store, you mean Sprouts or Trader Joe’s which utilize smaller footprints?
  4. If one wants to pinpoint the blame somewhere we cannot simply blame TXDOT. I think you also have to add in the mentality factor as well. The majority of Texans and Houstonians in particular have been groomed through the years to believe that bigger, wider, super freeways, here, there and everywhere, are the ONLY answer to vehicular traffic issues. Groomed to the point that most are blinded by how truly destructive, expensive and outrageous many of these freeway projects are. If Houston were a real progressive minded city on transportation issues, protesting would have occurred years ago when this project was initially announced and by now, we could have seen a much better version with added in transit options or just killed altogether. In order for us to demand better results from mega transportation projects such as this one, the perceptions of freeways has to change for the majority of Houstonians. There is no way around that. I think we are, albeit extremely slowly and way behind many other cities on the issue. I do believe that the added in possibility of the very pretty, very enticing and unfunded park caps on this project prove that. Their existence in the official renderings were purely a ploy, a hypnotizing trinket, by TXDOT to softened the blowback they knew they’d surely receive from the public had there been no possibility of the caps at all.
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