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  1. Dare I say this here but I like the Dallas vs. suburb setup better. Dallas’ boxing in by incorporating cities made for an all around economically healthier metro area. I think the economic competition between these incorporated suburban cities gives area residents better local services, better infastructure, better developments and beautification efforts. I mean think about it, most of these towns are all trying to outdo their neighboring towns. Houston, on the other hand, just bought out all of its possible competition, leaving us with just one overbloated city to rely on. IMO, I feel de-annexing, not just the ETJ lands, would be in Houston’s best interest. It’s spread too far and too thin and it shows worst of all. Unincorporated lands could then reincorporate into new or existing towns based on the locals desires. Meanwhile, a shrunkened Houston would likely operate more efficiently. If that means losing the #4 largest city title, I say so what! There are plenty of even more popular US cities that don’t make it to the “top ten largest city” list and it doesn’t hurt their economy, image or ego.
  2. intencity77

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    That’s exactly what I was going to say. If Harrisburg can fit LRT, Washington definitely can.
  3. intencity77

    Metro Next - 2040 Vision

    I find the Green Line Extension to Hobby poorly placed. It was originally proposed to go down 75th/Garland/Woodridge and then Telephone to Hobby. I believe this to be the best route for capturing the highest ridership amount possible, especially passing through the very busy Gulfgate Center. Placing the LRT farther east on Broadway (as is in this vision) makes no sense as most of the northern reaches of Broadway (north of I-610) are and always will be a predominantly industrial/port area with very low residential & pedestrian activity.
  4. intencity77

    UT Research Campus

    I agree. What happened to Houstonian’s beloved and deeply cherished idea of competition??? If UH had suffered that means it would only strive to be an even better school. That’s what competition does! As mentioned, legislation could have been changed later for secondary state universities, like UH, to receive more funding. Completely pushing UT-Houston out was totally ridiculous and honesly Houston shooting itself in the foot once again.
  5. intencity77

    Town & Country/City Centre *update*

    Boy, Houston’s good ol’ oil industry is hellbent on not leaving any iconic buildings for the next generation, especially like it did in the 70’s/80’s. While I love the concept of City Centre at street level, the buildings there and in the Energy Corridor are pretty basic, short boxes that all look quite similar.
  6. intencity77

    Commerce Street @ 2339 Commerce Street

    Of course, when technically speaking, but in modern times I’ve rarely heard the neighborhood north of Harrisburg and east of Lockwood referred to as Second Ward. That area usually goes by Central Park. It’s no wonder the EaDo name is creeping in all over the East End, everyone seems to have a different name for the same neighborhood. Lol.
  7. intencity77

    Commerce Street @ 2339 Commerce Street

    The “Greater East End” is an umbrella term that overlays the area of Second Ward and the neighborhoods of Pecan Park, Magnolia Park, Lawndale/Wayside, Eastwood and Central Park. The East End Management District office is actually located at 3211 Harrisburg near Sampson, well outside and west of the “Lockwood boundary”. But I do agree that you are correct on the Second Ward neighborhood boundary ending at Lockwood.
  8. intencity77

    Commerce Street @ 2339 Commerce Street

    For me that’s false. I’ve lived here ten years and have heard both Second Ward and East End used interchangeably when describing the area. Only in the last 3-4 years has the EaDo word spilled over the railroad tracks and into the western portions of the East End/Second Ward.
  9. intencity77

    Economy in Houston - 2020 and beyond

    Wasn’t it during the tail end of George W Bush’s term who literally brought the whole country's economy to it’s knees? The “Great Recession” they call it. Look it up! So many ignorant Americans seem to have amnesia about this and still blame Democrat Obama for it. Anyway my point being, Republicans in office doesn’t always equate to having a thriving economy here or countrywide. That’s a delusional mentality at best. On another note, it’s funny you jump to political reasonings for whether or not to sell but don’t even consider the catastrophic flooding that’s occurred and the threat of it occuring again and again and again in the city. Honestly, this is the real threat to Houston’s future economy. Or have we already forgotten Harvey too?
  10. intencity77

    The 2019 Vote Houston Mayor: Tony Buzbee running for Mayor!

    I say why waste all that money on an campaign you can’t win? The City of Houston is mostly blue territory and given the current political climate, it will likely never vote for a Republican mayor in the near term much less a Trumper like Buzbee for mayor.
  11. intencity77

    The loss of Ed Emmett

    Don’t blame the voters, blame the complete and utter idiocy in D.C. and the party supporting it 100%. One can’t simply say the disgusting things that we’ve been hearing out of D.C. the last two years and expect there not to be any repercussions party wide. At this point, many voters weren’t the slightest bit interested in even entertaining the idea of electing or re-electing Republicans into ANY office, regardless of their track record. This is not lazy voting, it’s people desperate for change against what the Republican party has come to represent as of lately. The “partisans and the lazy” voters or the “sane” as I rather call them in this scenario, can still simply vote Democrat all the way down the ballot in future races, regardless if there is a straight ticket option or not. Anyway, at 10 years, Emmett was in office more than long enough. No elected official should keep an office that long, it’s ridiculous and then seeking re-election after 10 years is even more doubly ridiculous, if not downright greedy. So whats to cry about? Time for someone else to take the helm.
  12. intencity77

    JPMorgan Chase Tower

    I agree. I feel the same and don’t get me started on downtown block numbers. Those are even more confusing to me.
  13. intencity77

    Grand Texas Theme Park - New Caney

    Hope it never gets fully built. It’s a half arsed, poor excuse for a theme park. Houston could support so much better. A mediocre park like this is only going to diminish Houston’s chances of getting a real, first class theme park in the future.
  14. intencity77

    Hardy toll road extension

    This extension has been proposed for quite a long time now. Dare I say late 90’s-early 2000’s. I remember it intially being referred to as the “Maury Street Expressway” and being toll free.
  15. intencity77

    Future of Downtown

    I still like the idea of actually grocery shopping. I am too finicky about expiration dates, freshness and substitutions to leave it up to a store clerk to pick out. Plus, ever so often new items show up. Who knows what new items I might be interested in, that I wouldn’t know about simply because I get my groceries delivered. Maybe in the future I might reconsider, but for now we aren’t completely there yet.