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  1. Now days in Montrose you can go to Burger Joint or Velvet Taco for fairly fast food even to take out (despite no drive thru)...there are other late night places of course (like BB's and Katz) but these 2 seem to be pretty darn quick even just for walking up and not ordering in advance :)


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  2. Bella Green is opening next to Original Chop Shop!

    Love me some Bella Green so this is great news!!! (although i hope they have a couple of tables at least? i am not big into delivery haha!) 


    Bellagreen, the food brand featuring chef-inspired salads, burgers, pasta, tacos, desserts, wine and more, will be bringing its sixth Houston-area location to the Galleria area.

    The eatery will open its very first carryout and delivery prototype at 5018 San Felipe St., Houston, on Aug. 2, the eatery confirmed in a June 22 news release.

    This limited-footprint model will allow guests to pick up Bellagreen’s cuisine through an on-the-go experience, accepting individual and catering orders placed directly through the eatery’s website, by phone and in store. The new restaurant will also deliver direct orders during peak lunch and dinner hours with its own drivers, offering customers a less expensive and faster experience compared to third-party delivery apps, according to the news release.

    “We are thrilled to expand in our home market of Houston, giving the community another convenient way to make life more beautiful with our handcrafted American bistro favorites,” Bellagreen CEO Jason Morgan said in the news release. “As a best-in-class brand, we are always working to enhance our guests’ experience. We are catering to a new environment where consumers crave convenience, so we are building our first carry out- and delivery-only prototype to meet this need, and beyond. With this new model, guests can expect to enjoy everything that makes Bellagreen special—chef-prepared meals, eco-friendly practices, and the chance to make beautiful memories—at home.”

    The new restaurant will offer scratch-made appetizers, soups, salads, sandwiches, tacos, burgers, pasta and desserts with options for guests with dietary restrictions, including gluten free, dairy free, vegan and vegetarian, and a menu that offers Best Aquaculture Practices-certified seafood and locally sourced Texas Angus beef. www.bellagreen.com


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  3. Finally a new update regarding TruFusion...

    yesterday as i passed by they were loading in all the new spin cycles and more equipment! 

    well since my post above didn't age well haha this is an update on 02/17/22 

    they have removed all paper from the windows and you can see inside. the space is completely built out and ready to furnish etc...they lighting is up and this place sounds really cool actually...although it also sounds like it would kill me to go haha:


    our location should open i bet spring, early summer! 



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  4. In even more Uptown Park news, I do believe that il Postino is more than likely taking over the old Tasting Room spot which is a perfect fit...especially since Tasting Room was such a great (and much loved) addition to the development! 



    All-day wine cafe Postino to open next Houston locations in Town & Country Village, Uptown Park

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  5. Just now, SMU1213 said:

    My uncle new a guy that was in the band for a while. CB Hudson

    heck yeah, CB is an amazing person!!! love him and his whole family...in fact he co-owns a multi million dollar recording studio called Orb Studios in austin with my other best friend Matt of 22 years who is the bassist for Blue October! Justin Bieber, Skrillex, Usher, Pentatonix, Tanya Tucker and tons more have all recorded there! CB is doing amazing and so proud of him.

  6. That sounds amazing!!! I am excited to have another awesome music venue in Houston!

    I am hoping my best friends band plays there and no doubt they eventually will! Which btw, they play tonight at White Music Hall Lawn! www.blueoctober.com *(always happy to plug my best friend of 26 years and his band! haha!) 


    and ps...bring back Day For Night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was such an incredible experience!!!

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  7. 1 hour ago, Naviguessor said:

    I've decided to believe that this is being designed by professionals who know what they are doing, know how to spot risks and know how to mitigate them.  It's the same people who decided not to populate the Eastern Glades lake with Crocodiles and chose crushed granite rather than crushed glass for the running trails.  

    But remember, those same people have opted out of using kangaroos, elephants and koala bears!!!! How fun would that have been!!!???!!!??? so don't give them tooOoOoOooOOoo much credit...

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  8. Good news for Baba Yega fans!



    Longtime Montrose cafe Baba Yega will reopen this fall, almost three years after a fire destroyed the historic bungalow that houses the restaurant.

    Permits filed earlier this month with the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission indicate that the restaurant is getting closer to reopening. A representative for the restaurant’s owners confirmed that Baba Yega is aiming for a return in the Fall of 2021, though no more specific timeline has been set just yet. The restaurant has been closed since Friday, December 7, 2018.

    At around 9 p.m. that night, while the restaurant was still serving customers, a fire broke out near the front entrance, causing extensive damage to the roof, according to the Houston Chronicle. Though the restaurant was still open, no one was hurt in the blaze. A cause for the fire has not been named.

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    edit: oh i see what you mean...some kind of fence at the edge of the bridge where it ends over the road/tunnel entrance...heck yeah, they better! I can just see exactly what you are saying happening! 



    From what i knew the land bridges are open to everyone to cross and even have picnics on as i remember somewhere they spoke about how from the top of the land bridge you would be able to have great views of both downtown and uptown...

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  10. Regarding the old Cafe Express location that is being turned into a Hugo Ortega casual fare restaurant, while all the windows are still boarded up, i have a feeling the boards will soon come down to show a fully ready to open restaurant as super fun and colorful new signage is now up:




    (and there is a huge dumpster on the south side of the building filled with empty furniture and equipment boxes etc...)

    edited to add on 6/24/21 that now that same exact fun signage is on the south facing entrance of the restaurant! 


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  11. This is tonight:



    HOUSTON – What to do with the Astrodome? That is going to be the focus of a meeting Thursday night.

    For years, there have been several conversations about what to do with the Astrodome.

    Tonight, there will be a public virtual meeting from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. to get public input on what to do with the historical landmark.

    For the last eight weeks, the Astrodome Conservancy created a community-supported vision for the reuse and redevelopment of the landmark Astrodome. Through the Future Dome project, organizers asked for public input through a series of surveys, engagement activities, informative materials, and public meetings.

    “The trick is finding the equation that works for commissioners court and for the public,” Conservancy Executive Director Beth Wiedower Jackson said.

    Voters have already rejected a $200 million bond referendum and current county leadership shelved the last $100 million approved plan for the dome.

    “We’re not going to the public to say, ‘Sky’s the limit, what do you want to see in the Astrodome?’ We know that’s not possible,” Wiedower Jackson said.

    KPRC 2 Political Analyst Ed Emmett says the dome has a unique structure and it could cost a pretty penny to transform it into something else.

    “If you start from that perspective, what is the minimal amount you can do to keep it standing and make it usable,” Emmett said.

    Registration information can be found at future-dome.com and on the Astrodome Conservancy’s social media platforms, Instagram @astrodomeconservancy, Twitter AstrodomeFans, and Facebook @astrodomeconservancy.

    Copyright 2021 by KPRC Click2Houston - All rights reserved.

  12. that new crushed gravel path for foot and bike traffic that replaces the old picnic lane road is super fun to ride on with it's curves and "in the middle of the woods" feel! 

    It does kinda go a bit out of the way if you are in a hurry to get home like i was the other night haha...but yep it's awesome! 

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