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  1. yeah it is a cool building in my opinion and i live just behind it on mccue. since my company a block away on sage banks with compass i went it to do a deposit today and they said they are on track for a May 20th grand opening! thats just a few weeks away! (we were in the old bank building but not moving back since our rent is so much less on sage now...boo! haha)

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  2. i think it sounds awesome and unlike any of the places surrounding it and i go to them all...(i never learned how to cook so thankfully i can afford to eat out every meal haha!)...and it speaks of staying open late with all the food it offers which Brasil closes fairly early...weekdays especially...as does Empire. (I wont count Agora since they dont have meals really...)...so this is a great idea for a great location!

  3. man this place is really coming along and looks to be finished any month now... but wow the units on the ground floor that ARE finished have teeny tiny living rooms and bedrooms...it will be interesting to see if that is the norm or if there are floor plans with larger rooms....

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