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  1. man i have been waiting forever for them to tear down Courtyard at Post Oak however just today i drove by and saw that they are renovating the former Dessert Gallery portion of that building and placed a permit sign in the window...hoping to go by tonight and see who is moving in there...i am hoping it is something good at least...maybe Torchys? ;)

    Edit to say: just drove by and its a Parvizon (sp?) Rugs store! BOO!

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  2. thank god we can all have an opinion! i live and work in uptown and walk alot...so to ME it is very pedestrian friendly because i do it alot and it is for ME! i cannot wait for Blvd Place to open because i will be walking there alot as well! (the only part i do agree with regarding Uptown being pedestrian unfriendly is crossing westheimer...yikes! that can be a little scary...haha!)

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  3. oh that is weird...if it was on the front side i would say its some fun way to have people experience eating outside of the Whole Foods Market...ie. picnic tables on grass would be fun! but not sure since this looks to be on the north west side of the building!  and hey this has been driving me crazy but at night has anyone else noticed when you look at any of the Frost Bank windows there is that circle light reflection as you drive by? it catches my attention every night as i drive by (the circle light/reflection grows bigger then smaller as you pass it) (i work and live a block away or so on each end of this building...) and i hate it haha...its so distracting to me for some reason!  :blink:  hopefully its just a temporary thing but it appears on all windows on both the east and north side... kooky i know but had to post! haha! (edited to say oh wow you can actually see one of the circles in that photo above... look at the second story up on the left about second window from left and you will see about 3/4 of a circle...!!! oy!)

  4. So a boutique hotel then?  That's good.  This area of town is the right location for additional smaller hotels with more upscale services.


    I agree...Montrose is prime for something like the Austin hotel - Hotel San Jose or their sister property Hotel Saint Cecilia... for awhile there, the owners of those hotels were looking at the spot across from Firkin and Phoenix...maybe now is the time!

  5. Half Price did have a large old home at one time that was just a few blocks from the current location. Regardless, this thing isn't going to happen anytime soon unless all the long term tenants reach an agreement with PM. 7 to 10 years is a long time.


    that was the best location ever and they should definitely move to something similar...loved the vibe of that house/half price books!

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  6. Would have been nice if the shopping strip was at the front of the lot up against the side walk and the mix use development developed behind and over it in a sort of monster ashby hirise sort of way.

    I know a lot of people who observe the pride parade is going to miss that spot. Many people viewed it from stands built in that lot.

    I hope these developments cling to each other instead of encroaching on the charm of the Montrose neighborhood.

    Would suck if say the BJ Oldies building was replaced by these lookalike residential buildings.

    And can we make a pact to limit the use of the term "eyesore"????




    oh god forbid that eye sore changes so that people can enjoy that parking lot once a year for a parade haha


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