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  1. well the whole strip from eatzis to cafe annie is being knocked down as i type (ongoing since this past weekend)...

    so, SOMETHING is happening! i will be excited just to see an empty lot instead of that ugly old plaza!

    and even better, no more painful memories of the eatzis i once loved and frequented on a nearly daily basis...

    thank goodness...


  2. i guess as long as they know its going to take they wanted to go ahead and plant some cheap bushes along san felipe just to make that new wider street look nice? haha

    that is weird but hey i guess it does look better than if they hadnt


    i seriously am counting down the days until they knock down that plaza....if anyone finds the date let me know!

  3. FYI


    Goodbye Cafe Annie; hello Restaurant RDG By ALISON COOK

    These are the last days of Cafe Annie, the famous Houston outpost of Southwestern cuisine launched by celebrity chef Robert del Grande almost 30 years ago.

    The doors will stay open through the end of May. Then, del Grande and his partners will move the operation a few blocks south, to a location at the corner of Post Oak Boulevard and Ambassador Way. The new place -- targeted to open around the third week of June -- will gather three different dining concepts with three different menus under the umbrella name of Restaurant RDG (as in the chefs initials).

    On the ground floor will be the 30-seat Blvd. Lounge, described by del Grande as a drop-by meeting place for light meals, shareable hors doeuvres, cocktails and wines by the glass.

    Upstairs, the 80-seat Bar Annie will feature an outdoor deck extending from its front-of-the-room quarters, with a menu adapted from the current Bar Annies.

    Burgers, fun food, salads, all the things Houstonians like to eat, del Grande says. Fried shrimp, nachos, ceviche.

    Also on the second floor will be the 80-seat Grill Room, where del Grandes regional stylings will still be in play, although in less fancy form than at Cafe Annie.

    As Ive gotten older Im discovering I like things simpler, del Grande says. Here Ill be trying to focus on more primal fish and meats, then apply a little magic. In this era I wanted to make the restaurant more about the conviviality of dinner than the food itself.

    Not, he adds quickly, that the food wont be great.


    Brought to you by the HoustonChronicle.com

  4. I don't want to seem overly and constantly negative, or like chicken little, or like some bozo loser who got beat up a lot in high school, but I bet Houston Pavilions gets cancelled and torn down any day now. Who would have thought the entire fate of downtown (and yes, the entire city of Houston) would ever rest with a bunch of yuppie bowlers.

    And this is only the beginning. I've heard that the economy is so bad that they are actually going to start dismantling Williams Tower, Discovery Green and the Galleria.

    I bet everyone in Houston is going to be laid off this year. Great Depression II will probably never end in Houston. But sit back and watch Dallas and Atlanta continue to get all these cool projects while Houston sits stagnant! I bet all our pro teams move away soon too! Will this torturous existence ever end!

    Me and 'WACS told you so. :wacko::wacko:

    haha good stuff! that is what i feel like i am reading in every post "they" make! ha!~


  5. One thing I really like about Houston right now... most of our projects have been borne of necessity. The projects of lesser need have quickly fallen away, and the few things that remain are only going to benefit the area.

    haha! never have i read a more true statement!

    so many things are being cancelled that werent needed in the first place.

    an example: Did we really need the Titan? The Galleria area is already overcrowded with unfilled high rises...


  6. good lord, you crack me up with your wacky responses and negative signature...i truly hope you find a way out of houston, a city i love...it might make it better...or at least more positive ha!

    read the post above your post:

    "also heard that the ritz is officially on hold and that there are rumblings that the whole foods is also on hold, although no real confirmations regarding the WF."

    so no real confirmations and who knows what is happening...

    just stay tuned...

  7. HP was definitely hopping last night and lots of folks waiting on the concert early in the evening were milling about the few shops that are open...

    the HOB was packed and food good but once again, the service was absolutely horrible.


    anyway...fun night and all my friends thought the place shows lots of promise

    we shall see....

  8. I agree... I just wish some retail place that caters to guys would open... Gap, Banana Republic, H&M, American Eagle... something! Oh well.

    actually F21 has some great and inexpensive guys clothes on the 2nd level.

    they have a few killer jackets in fact, so go check it out.

  9. actually that is not the only way you can gain access...

    The Foundation Room is also for special events and each time Blue October has played a House Of Blues in the U.S. they have hosted a radio station sponsored event/autograph signing/acoustic show and/or post party in The Foundation Room and let me tell you, these places blow me away...

    straight from a movie set with its dark, rich, eclectic decor...all seem to be done by the same designer across the country with tons of dark wood, velvet curtains and buddah statues etc...

    The Foundation Room was one of the reasons i was so excited to get a House Of Blues here.

    cannot wait to check out the Houston one in a couple of weeks!

  10. I think many may wonder as I do what will DRIVE business to this location.....so far after it has opened many including several who have been there still wonder about that.....and often when a large new development like this has trouble filling all the spaces and or getting the stores opened in a timely fashion it rightly makes people question what will DRIVE the business to this location

    Honestly, i think House Of Blues and Lucky Strike will drive business there because HOB has already done so for me and lots of others i know.

    And HOB is in this for the long run...why? because, forget the restaurant for now...it is a quality music venue...great lights, sound, stage and ambiance...love the place and it makes me excited to go see shows again...so much so that i am more open to see other new bands in such a great environment. Those reasons alone will keep people coming to the HP and rightfully so. (as for the restaurant and bar, i liked it and while some may have their justified complaints, i will continue to go there, as will my friends.)

    Cant wait to have Lucky Strike open as well since Dave and Busters bowling at the Marqe was my only other close option!

    and i cant forget the opening of Cork in January 09! Cork is an awesome wine bar, live music venue so that will also bring a new and great addition to HP!

    im excited

    ps...not sure if the pic posted of the VIP dining room at HOB is from the Foundation Room but from all the Foundation Rooms i have been lucky enough to visit, it looks like it is and cannot wait to visit this houston one as well dec 3rd!

    thanks for the pic!

    Everyone must somehow, someway get to experience a Foundation Room event, these spaces are incredible.

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