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  1. They're moving painfully slow finishing up the retail portion. So much for the 'Opening Early 2014' on the sign at the intersection. The Whole Foods website says the store will open Summer 2014. At this rate, that'll be September.


    I have a friend who works at the Whole Foods Kirby and yep they confirmed this weekend that August 9th or there about would be the opening of Whole Foods Market Post Oak... OMG this really is a delayed project!!! Geez! haha

  2. man i have been waiting forever for them to tear down Courtyard at Post Oak however just today i drove by and saw that they are renovating the former Dessert Gallery portion of that building and placed a permit sign in the window...hoping to go by tonight and see who is moving in there...i am hoping it is something good at least...maybe Torchys? ;)

    Edit to say: just drove by and its a Parvizon (sp?) Rugs store! BOO!

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  3. thank god we can all have an opinion! i live and work in uptown and walk alot...so to ME it is very pedestrian friendly because i do it alot and it is for ME! i cannot wait for Blvd Place to open because i will be walking there alot as well! (the only part i do agree with regarding Uptown being pedestrian unfriendly is crossing westheimer...yikes! that can be a little scary...haha!)

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  4. oh that is weird...if it was on the front side i would say its some fun way to have people experience eating outside of the Whole Foods Market...ie. picnic tables on grass would be fun! but not sure since this looks to be on the north west side of the building!  and hey this has been driving me crazy but at night has anyone else noticed when you look at any of the Frost Bank windows there is that circle light reflection as you drive by? it catches my attention every night as i drive by (the circle light/reflection grows bigger then smaller as you pass it) (i work and live a block away or so on each end of this building...) and i hate it haha...its so distracting to me for some reason!  :blink:  hopefully its just a temporary thing but it appears on all windows on both the east and north side... kooky i know but had to post! haha! (edited to say oh wow you can actually see one of the circles in that photo above... look at the second story up on the left about second window from left and you will see about 3/4 of a circle...!!! oy!)

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