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  1. i am excited that something like this will take over this space that i might actually frequent! it would be super smart to stay open late as this is just what the area needs...and it will be great for the #'s crowd and vice versa :) 

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  2. i would be checking it out on my bike but my bike was stolen from my condo's supposedly very secure garage last week (my supposedly very secure lock was cut as well...oy!)...🚳

    so yeah...thanks in advance everyone for holding a fundraiser car wash as soon as the weather gets better 🤪


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  3. this development looks so strange to me and not sure exactly why! maybe how different the lower stainless steel tupperware container building looks compared to the base and angled supports on the taller adjacent tower?...who knows haha! but everytime i ride my bike by it i find myself staring at it in wonder so i guess that is a good thing 🤪


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