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  1. hi! posted this on the BLVD thread but will post here as well!

    has anyone seen the new pedestrian touch screen that was installed at Westheimer and Post Oak Blvd on the north east corner (in front of Embassy Plaza (the old Ethan Allen building) 5002 Westheimer Rd 

    They look much like the large touchscreens in the Houston Galleria to find stores and more...pretty cool! Are there more that i didn't notice yet?

    OH and in regards to the giant circle rings that have been missing since road construction i was told today by the Uptown Houston offices that they are having to completely re-engineer them since the roads widened! So they have been rebuilding them and hope to have them up sometime this year but they WILL be back! I miss my UFOs!!!!!!! 


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  2. i was driving by this past weekend and also thought something was going on...however there were people on the patio and inside drinking coffee etc...

    so i just called and nope, not closed, not being remodeled...they said that is just their new shading...OY...it definitely makes it looked either closed or under construction. They need to print Blacksmith on the "awning (?)" to make it look more like a permanent part of the building.

    btw i am excited for the adjacent lot to begin work, what is taking so long? 

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  3. Charming? yes. Uncomfortable? yes 


    i understand though...although i sincerely say as much as i loved the theater in general, those upstairs screenings were the worst screenings of my life due to the reasons i mentioned so i was always so happy or at least relieved when a movie i wanted to see was playing downstairs. 

    and oh my gosh that bar!!! haha...yeah it was interesting to say the least...


  4. Another article here about the theater...i wonder if they would want to make it be a 1 or 2 theater instead of the 3 it was....i seriously hated the upstairs theaters with the odd angles and small uncomfortable seats... so either open back up the upstairs to be a balcony as it was or turn those 2 tiny theaters into 1 theater that way there would be 2 theaters total. One of the most exciting things though is that i am sure (i hope anyway) that they will replace all seats with wider and more comfortable seats..like the ones they have here: 


    just basic information here: 






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  5. this weekend a buddy and i went to see Moonfall in the 4DX theater (it was fun btw)...

    but upon arrival half of the lobby was closed and covered up..i asked what was going on and the manager said they are doing a TOTAL renovation of the inside...EVERYTHING from the lobby to the concession stands to the theaters and the seats! He said it will take all year but when done he laughed and said say goodbye to the horrible hollywood star murals and hello to something that will look like the Death Star with neon haha! that sounds awesome to me! (HUGE Star Wars fan 🖤) and he added that the seats and the theaters will blow my mind....so yep i am excited! (I have been going to this and the other Regal cinema on Weslayan nonstop since july 2020 with my Regal Unlimited card and nope, no covid so far knock on wood!...and with less crowded theaters it has been awesome not dealing with the rare but bothersome disrespectful movie goers that sometimes go...)

    anyway...wow MarqE as a whole is really making a comeback in a big way in 2022 it seems! 


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  6. omg forgot that it was a Two Pesos! loved it then!

    The funny part is i don't ever remember what it was in the 80's but dang that was the BEST years of Montrose although the 90s were fun too! 

  7. 2 hours ago, IntheKnowHouston said:

    Michelin-starred chef Dani Garcia is opening a restaurant in the Galleria. He's bringing Casa Dani to Houston. The Spanish-Mediterranean restaurant debuted in New York in December.

    Garcia partnered with C3, the delivery-focused concept creative branch and food hall curator of SBE. SBE is the hospitality company behind hotels like Hyde and Mondrian. Katsuya and Citizens Kitchen are a few of their restaurant and food hall concepts. The partnership includes Simon which owns the Galleria and a few others.

    From what I gathered in a 2020 press release, C3 has plans to expand Casa Dani to 15 locations nationwide. I assume the brick-and-mortar restaurants will be located in several Simon-owned malls.

    In December, an entity was filed for Casa Dani's Houston location. It's tied to SBE Restaurant Group, according to the filing submitted.

    I haven't been to the Galleria since Shake Shack opened. So, any ideas where this may land in the Galleria?


    Hopefully the old Kona Grill spot since that is an abandoned eye sore from the outside and the inside...

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