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  1. super cool place and actually loved the upper deck patio (although why in the heck didn't they put a small bar up there too!?)

    but yeah...wowsa on a weekend not only is parking a mess but plan on spending 15 min to 30 min trying to get through the streets/traffic just to try and find that parking. one night we actually just gave up and went to Kirby Ice House it was so crazy

  2. SO...i have lived on McCue for approx 26 years...(minus a short 2 year stint on Post Oak Blvd)...

    anyway...i rented at Carriage Square 2320 Mccue for 14 years...(I only moved because the guy that purchased the building wanted to renovate it to what it is now) then rented at 2400 Mccue for 4 years then purchased a condo at 2503 Mccue (the ugly step sister on McCue and i hated it but it was a good deal and ended up meeting one of my now best friends there but a smart move when i made back 150 percent of my investment!) and now an owner of a condo at 2400 Mccue. i cannot believe that the gentleman that purchased and renovated 2306 and 2320 Mccue is now selling the properties...wowsa! I mean good for him as he is probably going to make a killing... but crazy to think that something like the above could now be my next door neighbor...little McCue is growing up i guess. I wonder when someone will try to buy out our measley 4 story building haha! 

    edit to add...the main point is that i love my street and my part of town (i have worked a block away from McCue for about 25 years as well!)...it is so crazy how much my street and this area has changed in all this time...i love houston and frequent montrose and the heights but love Uptown Houston the most...so yeah i am happy to see all this growth! 

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  3. 4 hours ago, MidCenturyMoldy said:

    Now, if the buses could actually use the street without being swallowed up by a pothole...

    actually the roads have gotten so bad (and the lanes really are pretty thin, especially there near montrose heading west on westheimer) that most of the 82s tend to ride the middle of the road lower westheimer between Taft and Shepherd! yikes...i hate that but yep, that's what many of them do. 

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  4. On 4/23/2022 at 1:03 PM, hindesky said:

    Used to go to Ruchi's after many concerts. It was really cool when they had the one man band dude playing songs for all the drunks. People would all be singing along to all the Mexican songs. Fun times.

    probably saw you there then because this was my "after concert go to" as well! haha

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  5. wowsa informative post @hindesky !
    had no idea about any of that! while in a way it's sad to see this end of Westheimer change more and more into the rest of Westheimer it is good to have it cleaned up and i guess this is how they have decided to go about it. Shawn is killing it...dang! which by the way i love tacos etc and have never been to Pistoleros...how is that place?

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  6. I understand that...but dang this place seems to alwayyyyyyyyyyyyyyys be busy and the cars pulling in and out often seem to wreck havoc in regards to traffic on montrose...so the expansion and more parking would be warranted for sure! 

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  7. Hey for those that go to Buffalo Bayou along Allen Parkway and park a car: Beware of car break-ins.

    Yesterday i was on my bike ride and noticed the areas that you can park that face the trees and not the park where the volleyball court etc, there was tons of broken glass...I saw no less that 6 spaces that had shattered glass and oddly enough new cars were parked there knowing that cars are being broken into. So to clarify the location, if i am on the bikepath along Buffalo Bayou heading east towards downtown on Allen Parkway just before the large park with the volleyball court on my left, there are lots of spaces to park that face the slightly secluded rose bush rest area and trees etc and that is where these crimes happen. I am betting when i ride by today all the glass will still be there...maybe more from the new cars that continue to park there. While parking is limited, if i got out of my car to tons of broken glass, i would think twice before parking there...but whatever 🤔

    Just fyi...

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  8. I did go to Via Colori this weekend and it was pretty fun! Not as big of a turnout as i expected but seriously always love going to Post HTX now! The Post Market food hall was alive and kicking with LOTS of people...so that was good...when friends and i go,  I tend to get the something called The Basic here which is far from that:


    and my buddy i go with often goes here, especially for the crab rolls: 


    anyway, as i have said before, it is always fun to go to Post HTX and will keep watching for cool events!

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  9. well guess what...i went to get my bike serviced and lo and behold Dick's Sporting Goods said for now they are NOT moving so we cannot consider the Meyerland store a relocation..

    wow...totally different story that what i got from the original guy i spoke to in the bike department months ago...i wonder what is up with this plaza...anyone have the latest? 

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