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  1. On 12/24/2021 at 12:45 PM, Urbannizer said:

    Anyone banking with BBVA/PNC? I hear the merger is not going well for their customers 

    I am the office manager for a company that banks with PNC...the merger was an absolute mess for sure at first...the owner here had lots of issues with moving over both the personal and business accounts and their online services weren't updated for the longest while but after about 2 weeks i think things got better...

    at least i haven't heard him cuss in his office about it lately 🤪

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  2. 15 hours ago, editor said:

    I read about this in the newspaper last week.  Chicago has a similar system.  Officially, it's called Tunnel and Reservoir Plan, but everyone just calls it "Deep Tunnel."

    It's been ongoing for 45 years, and three billion dollars.  The newspaper article made it seem like Houston's version would be faster and cheaper, but I'll believe that when it's done.  And tested by a named storm.


    and in other news...i highly recommend NOT doing an image search for "Deep Tunnel" on your work computer... 🤪

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  3. On 12/18/2021 at 1:48 PM, Skyboxdweller said:

     It will be great to have the west side of the boulevard fill in if and when this site and the Apache site get developed. The only other major parcel will be the 2 story apartment complex next to Uptown Park that was a condominium  bought out by a developer a few economic cycles ago.  The building the corner of Westheimer and Post Oak could you a redo. It's odd that the east side is still a hodge lodge of an empty lot,  strip malls, small retail and a few high rises , while the west side has been pretty much redeveloped.  

    Actually the east side is undergoing major changes already in the works! Starting with the Zadok's awesome new building... Dick's sporting goods is leaving by March as the whole end from Magianno's to Container Store is being cleared out little by little with Kenny and Ziggy's being the first to move to their new location... (although Jeni's Noodles and Neiman Marcus Last Call already closed this year due to upcoming changes)

    As far as that crazy building where Ethan Allen used to be, i am just not sure what to think of that place and what in the heck they can put upstairs that would work...although in another thread i mentioned it would be fun to have a Pin Stripes there if they even keep the building...as right now its maybe 1/4 occupied and that has always kind of been the situation it feels like.

    any don't even get me started about the west side corner at Post Oak and the freeway called Post Oak Corner haha!!! 👹

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  4. 1751 is actually where Meredith O'Donnell Furniture store was and the Dash Market is temporarily for the holidays...

    next door and at the corner is 1753 and that is where Masraff's was so this will be interesting 


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  5. agreed...Common Bond's continuous lines are proof there is a need for THIS type of bakery/cafe in the area and The Salty sounds like it will definitely give them a run for their money...btw for those that don't know, Common Bonds fresh baked goods are 1/2 price every single night the last half hour of opening! I go there often for this reason (unfortunately haha 🤪)

    anyway...to me there is always room for more bakeries...and donuts 😋

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