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  1. More about the restaurants to open this year! Six New Restaurants to Open in Houston’s Montrose Collective in 2022 exciting stuff! https://houston.eater.com/2022/1/26/22902565/new-houston-restaurants-montrose-collective
  2. the land is cleared! i can't wait to see what they do with this space....i am hoping they keep developing and improving westheimer from chimney rock to the beltway...i don't even know why i feel that way, i just do! haha
  3. yes i too go at night at times...and i just love that area in general. i just was hoping for some improvements darnit! thanks for the info @sapo2367
  4. any word on them doing work or improvements on the picnic loop/park? the tables/benches especially need improvements/replacements etc i forget and can't find mention of it. thanks!
  5. amazing news! thank you @hindesky I will be there on my bike weather providing ;)
  6. not sure if another ice cream place is needed with one about about 2 blocks away each way....but hey if it's good and a cool place then maybe 🤔🍦
  7. they still go to montrose just more so upper montrose where taxi taxi, brasil, agora and all the other alt shops even the shop next to Milk + Sugar ice cream called TRSTD which is a shoe and clothing store...I guess Cactus off Shepherd is still considered Montrose... then there is Vinyl Edge music store on 19th in the heights that brings lots of cool factor and people to that part of houston as well. Always loved 19th street btw.
  8. born and raised in the woodlands! 🌳
  9. sounds about right to me haha! forgot about those commercials! 🤪
  10. Agora!!!!!!!!! I do believe that is where i saw Frankie Goes To Hollywood back in the day...i was too young but got in anyway thanks to a music store connection (and ps...the music store owner was horrified when she heard the 12 inch single of RELAX! i ordered from her and was even more horrified that she had secured me a way into the venue haha!) and i DID see Pat Benatar and believe it was here as well...and funny story, about 9 years ago i discovered someone for a modeling agency i was shooting lots of models for and he became one of my best friends...and lo and behold about 5 years ago he marries Pat Benatar's daughter!!! I even got to go to the wedding and it was amazing! Pat is just the best it turns out :)
  11. That was always a cool building...loved going to Teala's (and loved their art too! also...hated the new white building so i am glad it is going back to a (way) more sleek look ;)
  12. wow that is amazing and had no idea...i wrote you once before about why that walgreens is a bad memory...
  13. the most horrible memory of the walgreens that was there and the best memories of hanging with chris and bucky who worked at soundwaves...and of course my best friends band's cd release party/events there over the years... RIP Soundwaves but i guess it was inevitable...
  14. Well thank you...YOU are my hero for even doing it...AND finishing it!!! WOW! 🏅 so proud of you!
  15. omg i saw a guy having trouble and asked if he was okay and saw lots of girls and guys struggling and just cheered them on! I gave out 3 boxes worth of kleenex over a matter or a couple to few hours!
  16. thats amazing @BigFootsSocks!!! Congrats!!! and hey if by chance during the marathon you saw a guy in black holding out a kleenex box just past westheimer on post oak blvd that was me!!! i love doing that!
  17. Yes most articles say Fall 2022 so 3rd quarter hopefully!
  18. exciting stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Memorial Park so much! So happy to see all this cool stuff happening and the revitalization...now if we could just get movie nights and live music nights at Eastern Glades once the weather is better!!! That would be awesome
  19. I haven't been seeing alot online about Post Oak Plaza and i drive, walk or ride by it almost every day and they definitely have not started work on the "redesign" or renovation of the entire plaza... i will say that the construction is coming along nicely at Il Bracco and their signage on the building is now up as well! (the old California Pizza Kitchen) and i can see that opening by maybe April? and Kenny & Ziggy's looks ready to open (for awhile now)... Jan 16th is their last day at the current location and the opening at the new location is TBA but my bet is that it opens around Feb 1st! https://preview.houstonchronicle.com/dining/kenny-ziggy-s-set-to-move-its-deli-to-new-16752240
  20. https://kwhi.com/2022/01/03/one-killed-in-early-morning-crash-on-new-years-day-in-la-grange/
  21. such a shame...apparently it was new years eve/day when the crash happened...it is sad that his life had to end and thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends
  22. Yikes! haha! My 3 buddies lived in the 2 apartments above the hair salon next door to brasil and let me tell you they were the kings of westheimer/montrose!!! (Dwayne, John and Ron)...we would hang out on the HUGE patio and party on that patio nonstop...soooooo much fun back in the day! dang i am so glad i knew at the time how special that time in my life was... 😭🥰🙏
  23. gene

    Alabama Row

    nope definitely being held by two feet and perhaps that of an orangutan... 🤔
  24. that place is a mess although i have great memories of going to the lower left corner unit for late night physic readings with drunk friends back in the day! Ha! (and that Houston Press building next door...dang that place used to be fun too but now i am not sure what it is...and why...haha!)
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