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  1. more info about Urbe that i am betting opens next month! https://houston.eater.com/2021/7/29/22598466/urbe-houston-chef-hugo-ortega-restaurant-opening-street-food An update posted to Uptown Park’s website indicates that it will be an all-day eatery, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus a case packed with pastries, a full bar and coffee menu, and a “robust to-go program.” Hashtags on the original Facebook post offer a touch more insight into the dishes one might expect — including “trompo” and “barbacoa.” count me in 😋
  2. wowsa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love both...see ya there!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. dang loved that pinkberry but thankfully there is one in the galleria i can walk to!
  4. actually really liked that location and do hope they find another home in uptown...and soon! but this even more makes me think that this whole area (jenni's noodles to container store) is on its way out and a new development is on it's way! (i wonder if everyone's lease ends by 2021/2022?)
  5. yeah i get it for sure! one thing i love about Velvet Taco across the street is sitting on the street facing patio area watching the world go by!
  6. I think it just depends on the kind of space they are trying to create...vibrant and lively main street facing or peaceful tranquil side street facing...with Westheimer being so busy i guess they may have made their choice dependent on that. who knows! but i am good with either and don't think side street facing in this case takes away from the project at all.
  7. i can't seem to find this exact space listed anywhere online... (ste b3556)... maybe it is replacing the former Kona Grill space? something definitely needs to go there but honestly do i like ethiopian food? i have no idea haha!
  8. all i know is they better have a good, large and secure bike area because i have no desire to drive to this but heck yeah i will bike here every chance i get!!! seriously exciting stuff! wowsa!
  9. Van Leeuwen is opening August 7th in that huge space that was once 3 businesses (My Fit Foods, the dress shop and Starbucks): https://preview.houstonchronicle.com/dining/mac-and-cheese-ice-cream-and-other-things-on-16311764 and ps...YIKES on the Kraft Mac and Cheese flavored ice cream 🤢
  10. yeah as mentioned in my comment i surprised they didn't at least make it taller or add something someway, somehow...
  11. Joey's Uptown opening July 28th! Great photos in the link! https://preview.houstonchronicle.com/dining/new-galleria-restaurant-moves-into-former-16314050 and a similar article here: https://houstonnewmedia.org/laid-back-canadian-eatery-joey-brings-a-stellar-new-patio-to-the-galleria-this-month/
  12. WHOA! Love it! I am surprised they didn't decide to make this a 2 story at least but wow love the design and look...i guess they could always build out something in the middle of the entire lot like the jewel box at Galleria if needed Again, A+ and thank you @asubrtfor the awesome info and renderings!
  13. https://player.vimeo.com/video/457891300 Documentary now screening!
  14. Floor & Décor Design Studio signed a 10,750-square-foot retail lease at the Plaza on Richmond, a shopping center at the northeast corner of Richmond Avenue and Sage Road near the Galleria. Jazz Hamilton and Rusty Lilley of CBRE represented the landlord. Joan Collum of Collum Commercial represented the tenant. Floor & Décor operates 140 warehouse-format stores and two design studios across 32 states.
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