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  1. Apple Highland Village opens TODAY! There was already a huge line out front at 8am! iPhone 11 is available today!
  2. Man that would be awesome for Richmond to make a comeback! I miss those days of Uptown Richmond being the place to go!
  3. There is a sign in front of Mendocino Farms saying that the grand opening is Oct 3rd 11am! Just FYI! and yep they have a little fun countdown on their site haha: https://www.mendocinofarms.com/locations/uptown-park
  4. Thank you so much for the update! I wonder if they can knock it out pretty quick...maybe it will be a fall/winter opening!
  5. Just got an email from Apple: "Visit Apple Highland Village at our new location, opening on September 20 at 8:00 a.m. " FYI! (although not a new location but a newly designed store as we know!)
  6. Any new updates? I drove down Washington about a week ago and forgot to look...is there work being done on the new Voodoo location? thanks!
  7. looks amazing! that area is going to be 🏆
  8. same! I have always been facinated by that building!!!
  9. I had an event last week at Perry's Steakhouse and omg seriously the best filet mignon AND best pork chops i have ever had in my life...no lie! wowsa (and ps....YES i had BOTH! it was free so why not!) ðŸĪŠ
  10. I actually went Saturday night and they were open to the public after all! It was bustling too! Such a cool cool cool place...i loved the vibe and think it adds so much to the area!!! Super nice people working there at the front door and bar. I definitely will be going back!
  11. I have to say...that wall collage of the history of the building is freaking everything above that long booth seating! haha! ðŸĨ‡
  12. No...just lost burgers...in my stomach... hence BURguda triangle...
  13. This article made me crack up and cry at the same time: https://abc13.com/traffic/construction-mistakes-could-have-made-galleria-area-traffic-worse/5521219/ "HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- A recent review of a new rapid transit system in the Galleria area discovered crews made lanes too small and added light bars that would have injured riders and damaged buses.After years and millions in the making, construction is supposed to be nearing its end for METRO's new system. But with the clock ticking, crews are suddenly racing to make changes. "There's nothing I know now that would not meet that March 2020 (deadline), but if something comes up, and we don't think it's safe to operate, we will not operate," METRO Chief Executive Officer Tom Lambert explained.Recently, something did come up. In a memo obtained by Eyewitness News, METRO, who isn't behind the construction, discovered two big problems...*continues*..." I thought the deadline was originally December 2018...ha! anyway... good lord 😐
  14. And this intersection of Montrose and Westheimer shall now be known as the Burguda Triangle... FM Burgers, Shake Shack Burgers and The Burger Joint. 🍔🍔 🍔
  15. Nice! The first photo is the new location for Ethan Allen and the second and third are of The Rustic! thanks for taking those!!!
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