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  1. I always have a blast at Galveston Mardi Gras! Come out and see my best friend and friends rock the main stage Feb 15th at 6pm! www.blueoctober.com https://www.houstoniamag.com/arts-and-culture/2020/01/blue-october-bowling-for-soup-headline-mardi-gras-galveston-2020
  2. Wowsa! Thanks for the great info and photos @ekdrm2d1!!!
  3. wow demolition of the whole building?! well i guess that is good...thought it was just going to be a major renovation but not THIS major!!! haha
  4. gene

    Meyerland Plaza

    Looks like Meyerland has a few empty spaces now...hope they fills those up soon... i love pier one imports and thankfully the one i go to on West Gray is staying open!
  5. Houston Chronicle reported today that the test period is delayed but will start in spring for 3 months and passengers expected to start riding in july
  6. well darnit...here is the update from Velvet Taco directly: "Thank you for reaching out! Velvet Taco has not taken possession of the building. Once we do, we will be sure to get it cleaned up."
  7. in case anyone wondered, the place is a huge success...thankfully it is open 24hrs a day 7 days a week so the lines aren't always super long but this is from the Houston Chronicle on opening day...line wrapped around the building and later that day the cars were backed up through the light going through the drive-thru:
  8. Can it be THIS tuesday? Who wants to meet for an impromptu demo day!?
  9. man i am glad they are doing something with the Smith & Wollensky building!!! That place is an eye sore...EVEN when it was open! haha! (to me it looked like a Bennigans or some badly designed Irish Pub) and being such a prominent space/part of Highland Village it's good to see they are finally doing something...it was sad to see it sitting there abandoned so long
  10. @ekdrm2d1 now we just need news as to when they are actually knocking down the Zone D' Erotica building...yikes! Come on Velvet Taco....put us out of our misery! haha!
  11. I don't want to alarm anyone....but what in the hell laid those giant 💩's in the 3rd photo?! 😮 🦕
  12. Drove by this weekend and the existing restaurant and police station look ready to be torn down with all signage on the building gone and for the most part emptied.
  13. haha now we just have to find out if i can afford it often or just once a paycheck! ps...Hugo's Sunday Brunch is my special treat every other weekend!
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