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  1. exciting stuff! i told you it would look like a building before we knew it...and FAST! cannot wait for them to start putting the windows in!!!
  2. gene

    Post Oak Plaza

    Drove by this morning..the Levcor sign at the corner of Post Oak and San Felipe has California Pizza Kitchen covered up with i think it said: Big Changes in 2021 or something similar. There were tons of vehicles at CPK with the building being nothing but a shell and crews ripping apart the concrete ground inside...that leads me to believe that they are going to use this building...anyone have any insight yet? i think it would be a cool place for Whole Earth Provisions to relocate...my first thought was Container Store but think it might be too small? edit 10/01/20 to say wow just thought of this...how much you want to bet that Starbucks moves to the old CPK location?! that would be perfect IF indeed the westheimer/post oak location has to close due to the plans of that development/land. lots of windows, about the same size (although bigger)...and they could probably configure in a drive through there as well since it's on the corner!.... we shall see i guess but that would make more sense!
  3. gene

    1605 Post Oak

    Well dang so I rode by tonight on my bike and painters were on ladders painting the name of the restaurant on the west and south facing sides... KING RANCH Texas Kitchen wth?! I don’t know why I hate the name so much... I guess I’m thinking of king ranch chicken casserole or maybe I was just thinking having Saltgrass in the name brought it more recognizability and clout for a better word... now it feels like some offbrand restaurant. I know King Ranch is a famous ranch but naming a restaurant that seems like it’s trying too hard and can’t explain why I feel that way... It would have been better to just call it The Ranch... anyway... haha
  4. gene

    1605 Post Oak

    well in my continuation of gene updating this and no one else because i for some reason overly care and not sure exactly why haha, it seems they have taken down the decals on the door that said Salt Grass Texas Kitchen... did they give up on the new concept or were they just tired of me posting about it or posting their secret before they were ready?! anyway...the place is 100 percent ready to open as far as everything being set up...all the tables and chairs in place indoors and outdoors etc...everything looks in order, although they had a few animal heads on the floor ready to hang on the wall (may they rest in peace) 🤪
  5. the portion of the tower that has the name on it perhaps should have been done in the same brick/brick color as the original building tying them together better maybe? i think that is the only thing bothering my mild OCD haha...
  6. I for one love the old building but i also have history there...so there's that! haha anyway, i am glad it is staying there..i think it adds alot of character and interest to the development!
  7. gene

    3209 Montrose Blvd

    that was my thought too! on the occupant sign it just says Outpatient Clinic but does not say anything else so wondered if it will be different... anyway...wish it was something cooler in that cool building! haha
  8. gene

    3209 Montrose Blvd

    (Old Photo from a few years ago) This kooky building has always facinated me for some reason and always thought it was where 1/2 Price Books should relocate. This morning i noticed it has been totally deconstructed down to the steel frame and major work is being done to turn it into an "Outpatient Clinic"... oh well... just giving an update
  9. lots of progress being made...and yes, it looks to me that the rock columns are indeed staying and being worked into the design... oy haha
  10. gene

    Post Oak Plaza

    Hi @kennyc05 ! Have you heard what the plan is? Building knockdown or remodeling for some other business etc?
  11. gene

    Post Oak Plaza

    in what is the craziest news ever for ME anyway is that seemingly overnight, California Pizza Kitchen not only closed but this morning there is this HUGE dumpster out front and not kidding when i say it is almost completely a hollow shell already! wowsa now just wondering if something will move in or will they knock it down etc!?
  12. well it looks like there are 3 photos. 1 is an across the street view of an older corporate building with assorted cars. 2 is a man sneaking up on a vehicle as the passenger is exiting but hopefully there is someone in the lopsided ambulance who is able to notify authorities if needed. 3 is a nice landscape of assorted greenery with a parking lot and a nice juxtaposition of a modern corporate building and a what looks to be a standard midrise residential building. i guess the main difference is the first photo does not have a fence in it and the last one has no cars in it. however only one seems to depict a possible violent crime so i choose 2 did i guess right!? 😁
  13. and now get ready for 120 goats to mow the arboretum 🐐 seriously! (Oct 3-10th) https://www.houstoniamag.com/travel-and-outdoors/2020/09/houston-arboretum-goats-fall-2020
  14. dangit @Avossos ....if YOU willed this to happen or worked any kind of voodoo magic to make this happen i will never forgive you and you WILL be blocked! 👹 and ps...yes those horrible stones are painted...haha
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