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  1. can Half Price Books move to the left or right hand space that appears to be still available?! Please..........!? :)
  2. haha are calling the Reserve building kooky?! ;) and yeah all these new projects are exciting...especially along Allen Parkway!
  3. dang so here is this thread! I wondered what this kooky building was whenever i was riding my bike on the paths! cant wait to see it finished and thanks for all the awesome photos everyone 😊
  4. has anyone found out if and where Half Price Books will relocate?
  5. dang! well with the world the way it is, this isn't necessarily as much as a surprise as it just stinks... come on vaccine!!!
  6. I didn't see this posted yet and definitely has new information i didn't know... regarding different sections of shops on 2 stories within the Zadok portion of the building...sounds super nice! https://usa.watchpro.com/zadok-jewelers-supersize-expansion-and-relocation-brings-fresh-level-of-luxury-to-houston-watch-market/
  7. drove by the plaza this morning and they were taking down the huge Luby's letters/sign on the building... RIP Luby's and hello new Kenny & Ziggy's!
  8. I do believe that ste 8 is the former My Fit Foods so that means it is next to Crave Cupcakes and will make use of the little cool park with the stone animals... I think the former Starbucks needs to be something like a Voodoo Doughnut or similar to keep the food theme and make the most use of that little park/seating area as i don't want it to go away...
  9. I have a feeling that with the HUGE projects building on Westheimer at Montrose (both the northeast side and the southwest side) the sidewalks will be improved there so then it will just carry on down lower Westheimer...streets and sidewalks. (*crossing fingers*) I have tried to ride my bike on the sidewalks of lower Westheimer and omg.....................haha! I am excited about the new projects to come and hopefully everything else will fall in line soon enough!
  10. that will be a sad day indeed... love that store (and my buddy Bucky!)... hope they find a very nearby location in montrose...maybe the west end of that Nidda Thai plaza? (if not a cool old building of course!)
  11. how dare them take away my Present Company parking spot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😲
  12. they aren't kidding when they say their doughnuts are dangerous!!! 🍩😮
  13. TruFusion is kicking into high gear with its renovation of the old Dynamic Fitness location (and expanding into the additional east end of that space)... large dumpsters are out front along with a handful of work vehicles ...with most of the windows covered so this project is full steam ahead after covid delays... https://trufusion.com/
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