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  1. Joey's looks like it will be open by summer i do believe (if not end of spring possibly?)! i need to walk by there this week/weekend to check it out better but it looks pretty great with all the windows and signage etc (former Yauatcha space) https://joeyrestaurants.com/ and here is their hiring notice: https://apply.workable.com/joey-restaurants-1/j/AEC4247935/
  2. dang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is double ACL Live in Austin! this sounds awesome...if my best friends band plays there which i am betting they will, come find me!!! haha! so exciting! www.blueoctober.com :)
  3. haha i have asked about the UFO street lights on the Post Oak Blvd thread! I miss them!!!
  4. Went Saturday at noon...downstairs and upstairs were both open when i arrived. we had about 1 hr wait so we ran over to Present Company for a bit. Waitress was super nice and fun! My buddy had the salmon and it was a HUGE double portion...we go out to eat often and he orders salmon everywhere and again, it was twice the size here. He loved it. I had the crab cakes which are wayyyyy more crab than breading so that was awesome! love the hushpuppies as well. I wanted to get the bread pudding so bad it was about to kill me but seriously, the portions were so large that all that food was about
  5. 😀 @Highrise Tower you're the best! I have high hopes for this corner! haha! I am still so shocked that Tillman hasn't added this to his empire just adjacent to this... maybe even build some sort of huge entertainment tower complete with observation deck etc!
  6. SO awesome right!?! I will be there saturday for lunch!!!!
  7. on their instagram they have some really great photos of the inside and have been tagged in quite a few photos as well... i am so happy they kept the stair case and upper level AND the big movie screen! it looks super cool and exactly what i was expecting if not even better @acmeoyster (they do not have a specific houston instagram (yet) but the latest posts are all houston related and watch their story as right now it's filled with houston greatness!)
  8. dang @Urbannizer those renderings make me SOoOOoooooOOooooooOoo darn excited! if Montrose keeps adding these amazing new projects WHILE keeping some of the old and or cool buildings/businesses/projects then Montrose is shaping up to be my favorite part of town even more and STILL for the past 26 years!!! Just freaking beautiful...
  9. opening THIS Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://houston.eater.com/2021/3/8/22319500/acme-oyster-house-montrose-april-opening-houston
  10. I am hearing rumors that this may come down and new towers going up in it's place!? NoOoOooOOoOoooo...well unless they have the theater within the towers! 🙃
  11. i am excited to announce this is a flagship Mattress Firm!!! postpostpostpostpost April Fools... ðŸĪŠ
  12. awesome news as man this area needs some loving care and revitalization
  13. It is just CRAZY to see that whole space leveled! Drove by yesterday and man Montrose is really evolving at a fast pace... it was so fun too to see lots of people at Nidda Thai and Voodoo Doughnut (complete with employees out front waving everyone in) and seeing the work being completed at ACME seafood (and the huge ACME up on the tower) and then see the new Montrose Collective rising above the surrounding buildings... despite all the changes some see as good or bad, it was really awesome to see Montrose buzzing and it made me happy 🙂
  14. Great photos @hindesky and yep i went for an early morning pre easter brunch bike ride and so fun to see all the activity at the park and loop! and heck yes, this tunnel progress is so darn impressive and is looking amazing! cannot wait to see it finished!
  15. Yes great photos! so between those 2 sets of tunnels that is a deep dig going on...so that is going to be water with a bridge(s) over it then?
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