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  1. gene

    The Boulevard Project

    Yep! definitely testing pretty often and thought they said July or August for beginning... but just this past weekend i saw a little old man with a walker(!!!) traveling along in the bus lane going 1 mile per hour if that and could only wonder what in the heck he would do if a bus came along...they seriously need a metro police or metro monitor to periodically travel along the bus route on Post Oak and let people know they shouldn't make it a habit to walk, bike, skate or jog in the bus lanes... that little old man scared me that he was doing that! 😮
  2. yet another update on uptown park The Rustic opens next Wednesday I believe as they are having a vip invite only soft opening this sunday - tuesday! The place is 99 percent ready to open and the back deck is built and looks amazing from the freeway/feeder road (they are doing some final things with that area as well, landscape etc)...and they were having employee training beginning all yesterday. There were FINALLY workers buzzing around yesterday and this morning at the upcoming Hugo Ortega casual joint which is taking over the Cafe Express site so hopefully that kicks into high gear. and omg, looks like Giant Leap Coffee will be ready open by 2023 at the pace they are going...for a building the size of my condo's bathroom it sure is taking a long time. and one last note: Common Bond is dying to come to Uptown Houston/Galleria area but they are set on finding a location where a drive thru is possible...the only thing i can even think of is that kooky abandoned bank at the edge of my most hated place in Uptown: Post Oak Corner haha! What is the deal with that bank anyway? and does anyone else have any ideas as to a good location with a drive thru for them as they are seriously open to ideas from what i gather
  3. the Arabella used to bother me because i couldn't figure out any pattern or logic to the thing haha...however now that time has passed i have really grown to like it ALOT...it feels very Miami Beach and i am okay with that for some kooky reason and one note on the Aspire- on the 2 large white panels on each floor facing san felipe but near the corner Post Oak intersection, the right hand panel has the floor number in red printed on it, which i thought was cool just because it's fun to see the number of stories where they are at without having to sit there and try to count at a traffic light (or speeding by on a bike) haha!
  4. well the whole building currently is an empty shell of just metal and brick and those ugly rock column bases with no roof whatsoever...this morning they were taking away the last portions of wood that was used. i was hoping this would be a 2 story building like the montrose location but from what i could gather from a worker i tried to talk to, he said no, but not sure if he fully understood my question... hope to see plans or a rendering soon.
  5. Rowdy is 100 percent an uneducated graffiti hack. It is bad enough they think they are an artist but they can't even make a tag look good or cool. yikes. so yes, agreed, they are annoying. ha!
  6. gene

    The Boulevard Project

    saw them once again testing 2 of the new buses on Post Oak Blvd this morning... looks like it is going well! and hey when in the heck are they going to be putting back up our cool street sign/rings that hover over the intersection?
  7. Posted in the Buffalo Bayou thread but meant to post here... well, 3 months later...still wondering if there is any update on Eastern Glades opening...rode my bike nearby and to me it looks like it is ready and the fence should come down anytime but maybe they are waiting for when they can have some kind of celebratory grand opening? anyone know? i am just excited about having something similar to Discovery Green open close to me or at least hope it kind of turns into that... and in turn i wonder if they will close the bike loop/picnic loop to use that for another purpose (i think it would be cool to turn that whole area into a bike park with the loop but then ramps and a course within the loop) or at least give it some revamping as it seriously needs some tlc, especially as far as the seating/tables go.
  8. edited to place it in the correct thread! thank you @Avossos !!!
  9. the Randall's at San Felipe and Sage isn't going anywhere anytime soon. they are in the process of completely redoing all their floors and should be done probably by this weekend. It actually looks really great too (looks to be vinyl flooring planks to simulate wood). i spoke to a manager on duty and he said he was aware of this thread and just laughed it off. (and again, i go this location often, mainly out of convenience since my condo is a block away and with my Randall's card i personally am happy with the pricing of the things i personally buy...plus i have been going here for 24 years so i just like the familiarity of it (and yes i love and do go to HEB and Central Market in Uptown area at times as well))
  10. Heard from a very reliable source this weekend that The Rustic Post Oak (Uptown Park) should have their grand opening July 4th Weekend! All weekend there was tons of activity from super early in the morning till the evening! edited to add that after driving by and seeing a bit more, i can tell that upon walking in the whole floor is one level with the kitchen to the left then to the far back right corner is the stage apparently...this way if you are in the large main room (entering and facing east) or out on the left hand back patio (facing south) you can see and hear the music! it all makes sense now! (i am just used to the downtown location and the new Uptown location will be quite different although going for the same aesthetic...) cant wait to see inside! (edited 06/24/20 to add that last night i rode my bike by and saw that the place has somehow magically been filled with furniture and fixtures already...man this place really is going to be ready to go in the next 2 weeks! exciting stuff!)
  11. In the most amazing news maybe ever (haha!), all the signage for Zone D'Erotica has been removed, the entire roof facade has been removed and the place has been completely gutted over the weekend. Workers were out there again this morning framing out something. whoooohooooo 🌮
  12. I am still trying to get over the comment about the "HOLE area is an eyesore..." 😲
  13. gene

    The Boulevard Project

    this morning they had 2 test buses filled with workers and being monitored by 3 Metro Police vehicles doing the full route each way of Post Oak Blvd! I actually took a short video but cannot figure out how to post it here. if someone knows how they can tell me or dm me your number and i will text you the video so you can post if interested. It was pretty cool to watch and those buses are nice for sure... I am happy to report that surprisingly all bus lanes were clear of pedestrians and cyclist so no mishaps!
  14. The Rustic looks like it is working at a break neck pace to finish up work as there are tons of vehicles and workers from early morning until early evening on site. The kitchen door was open this morning and it looks like they are finishing that up... I can almost guarantee they will be open by August 1st if not mid July... and that back deck looks to be an outdoor area to watch shows as well as a huge patio...they seems to have risers built from wood on the wooden deck. It looks super cool and so happy they are using that back area! This place looks just HUGE and i guess so, since this is to be their flagship location. and dang that Giant Leap teeny tiny coffee shop is moving at a snails pace...i had to idea it would take this long to build something so small but hey glad it is being built, can't wait to visit it in 2021...hopefully
  15. Has anyone heard an exact date as to when Eastern Glades will be opened up? I think i originally heard or saw Spring 2020...to me it looks just about if not already complete, the fence just needs to be taken down...
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