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  1. i have never heard one travis scott song in my life but love that he supports his hometown so much and glad they paid tribute to him in this mural! its pretty cool!
  2. I won't comment on you bringing up MY Post Oak Corner... ๐Ÿ˜ฎ https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/18926724/755-Post-Oak-Blvd-Houston-TX/ ๐Ÿ˜ #MakePostOakCornerGreatAgain ๐Ÿ˜‹
  3. I feel that same way every monday when i come in to see what amazingness @ekdrm2d1 has posted ๐Ÿฅ‡๐Ÿ‘
  4. OH wow forgot all about Cody's!!!! Used to love going there! THAT VIEW and HUGE patio!!! WOW!!! Good times
  5. For all the problems and issues that came with and still are arising with the new Blvd Project, I gotta say...it IS the best looking street in all of Houston in my opinion...they did a bang up job! (Of course i LOVE all the huge old tree lined streets through out Houston in various older neighborhoods too!) It is exciting to see all the new developments and changes in Uptown! Love my area!
  6. https://houston.eater.com/2019/11/8/20955001/the-black-labrador-montrose-bar-closing-december-2019 Man I loved this place for years...and it was my favorite place to eat during winter months with it's cozy atmosphere...and loved the huge chess set out front as well! BL you will be missed! Longtime Montrose haunt the Black Labrador will close its doors next month after 33 years of slinging beers. The bar at 4100 Montrose Boulevard announced that it will call it quits in mid-December, but did not cite a specific reason for the closure. Its departure has been impending, though, thanks to real estate issues โ€” earlier this year, the building at 4100 Montrose was sold to a developer, which would have ultimately necessitated a move. Before that news broke, superstar chef Aaron Bludorn was looking to open a restaurant in the space, but that deal ultimately fell through earlier this fall. โ€œA Montrose community hub for 33 years, the Black Lab wishes to thank its loyal customers, its hard working staff, and most of all Armando Vazquez, General Manager, for his dedication and service,โ€ the bar said in a statement released on Friday. The statement also encouraged patrons who purchased refillable monogrammed mugs to stop by and have one last beer at the Lab. The Black Labrador will close for good on December 15, which means that thereโ€™s still plenty of time to swing by and say farewell.
  7. I actually have a Randalls a block away and a Whole Foods a block away and i go to both equally... (i am on mccue in uptown) Randalls for all the basic items and Whole Foods for specialty items so i think both will be fine...however i haven't been to that Randalls in Midtown in a long time so definitely time for an update if it hasn't had one in awhile!
  8. The best part is this doesn't even pan far enough to the right to include the rest of Uptown!!! @brijonmang where are you when we need you for a new updated Uptown masterpiece of yours?!
  9. Merus Grill opens Nov 18th...
  10. This is the correct answer! I was surprised it finally got knocked down...and yes they have been using it for workers of Post Oak Blvd etc from what i can tell... who knows what it will be, but it's prime real estate that is for sure!
  11. Yeah they did a good job with it! That big window makes all the difference!
  12. This place also opened there a couple to few months ago maybe...between the juice place and catbirds... http://www.thekiwicreamery.com/ Photo from Yelp
  13. That is good news! I just want everyone to be happy and it was such a fight to get this development even started! I LOVE this new building and cannot wait for it to be finished...
  14. I took this while driving (sorry mom and mr police officer)...but wanted to show exactly what this will look like directly from a drivers point of view heading north on Post Oak Blvd... If you notice where the furthest right of the new building is...it will barely leave even one unit of each floor of the Cosmo showing...it really is shocking to see just how much will be covered up...not just because of how much will be hidden from view driving down Post Oak since it will be nearly invisible but because of just how close they are to the new building...that south facing side of Cosmo will never see direct sun (and the north side of the new building)...kinda crazy to really think about that...thankfully it is at least an east/west opening so some light will get through but still.................... (ps...yay i posted a photo...and sorry it's not as awesome as i hoped, as you can see me in the reflection ha!)
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