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  1. HAHA... the funny part is when looking at the fireplace photo i was like dang they definitely have a spider problem...but then i realized that is marble and not cobwebs 🕷️🕸️ 🤪 and the furniture isn't the best in that photo...and apparently bored rich people just sit in chairs that face each other and have staring contests all day...and a little ugly ottoman thingy for their cat 🐈‍⬛ ...of course
  2. good lord...years later and it still looks like freddy tried to kill nancy there...
  3. AT LEAST they are doing that....
  4. I know @kennyc05!!! Last word was that they were having to make them bigger to fit the larger intersections...i miss them too!!!!! haha!
  5. Hi all! I have been begging for a www.houstonbcycle.com location in Uptown for awhile now and of course just on or off Post Oak Blvd was the desired location...and lo and behold they have installed one now at 1500 Post Oak Blvd in front of the BHP building! Last night they had both regular bikes and e-bikes at the location. Just thought i would let everyone know!
  6. oh my lord i didn't even notice the t-mobile store is renovated since there is a CRUMBL cookies next door?!?!? OMG!!!!!!!!!!! 😮😭🤪🍪...if you have never had one then you haven't truly lived!!!!!!!!!!!! but ps...and thank goodness that yes, it looks like the t-mobile store is getting an upgrade haha ;)
  7. so does anyone know, will there be some sort of renovation to the facade of the T Mobile store to make this all blend together? In the photo above you see the buildings are connected so i am hoping this will be the case... PLEASE...at least that!!! 😭😩
  8. So my best friend released a new single yesterday and he makes a fun mention of Numbers without saying the name: "You lived next to the club down off Montrose Street We could listen to The Pixies from your bedroom suite..." now he says on/off Montrose Street but obviously it was harder to say Westheimer in the song haha...plus it's an ode to Montrose in general which was our hangout area back in the late 90's and beyond. Oh and yep, his band Blue October used to play at Numbers as well! (He graduated from the Houston High School Of Performing and Visual Arts btw) anyway...love the new song "Where did you go I'm less of a mess these days" (love that title haha). Check it out on all streaming platforms and YouTube :)
  9. yeah i understand... that is sad because Montrose really used to be THE place to live and hang out...i still love Montrose but it definitely isn't what it used to be...
  10. haha i know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is crazy to see the old plaza and kroger lot just sitting there empty...i know it takes time to do things but good grief!!!
  11. in major developments, the Burger King in the food court opened this week 🤪... haha from what i understand, Sugar Factory Express will be opening in late October/early November...we shall see! "National dessert chain Sugar Factory will launch its quick-service “express” outpost at 5015 Westheimer Road in the Galleria area early this fall. Marking its second location in Texas, the celebrity-endorsed restaurant will offer its combo of “sweets, treats, and eats,” including smoking goblets and colorful, over-the-top dessert concoctions."
  12. gene

    1212 Waugh Dr.

    wow it definitely looks better! hope it is a good restaurant!
  13. is it possibly because it has been sold or because Soundwaves is sticking around longer?
  14. wow that is surprising... i remember when Cuchara opened the reviews were not good and people had said it was overpriced? has that changed? haha someone let me know if i have been missing out on an awesome place! (ps...i do like Max's weekend brunch so i have been there quite a bit)
  15. i will say though that i have the best memories going to Audio Video Plus!!! it was always so much fun to go there back in the day
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