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  1. exactly i bet you do but i also bet you don't feel that way because of the shopping more than you do the restaurants and ambiance etc... IF you say you feel that way due to the shopping then you are one of the 5 people i ever see shopping there! ha!
  2. wow...well i will say that River Oaks District was a cool idea and it IS nice...however the Galleria gets so much traffic into their stores that it definitely is a good idea to have a location in the Galleria. River Oaks District should almost resign to being just a restaurant and entertainment district as that is the only business it seems to get for the most part.
  3. I wonder what or how they will handle that fact on The Umbrella Academy? i love that show!
  4. agreed...Common Bond's continuous lines are proof there is a need for THIS type of bakery/cafe in the area and The Salty sounds like it will definitely give them a run for their money...btw for those that don't know, Common Bonds fresh baked goods are 1/2 price every single night the last half hour of opening! I go there often for this reason (unfortunately haha 🤪) anyway...to me there is always room for more bakeries...and donuts 😋
  5. yeah super excited about this if they turn it into what Uptown Park is becoming or better! thanks for the info @Highrise Tower !!!
  6. amen to that!!!! i bet by the beginning of the year!!!
  7. for those in another topic asking about the cool ufo street lighting, you can see they WILL be coming back as that is the huge pole that divides the front view of the building...those poles on all 4 corners haven't been removed because the ring/ufo/circular street lights will be up hopefully sooner than later!
  8. somewhere on here (i think the Post Oak Blvd redevelopment thread) there was a link to an article i believe that stated they were being taken down during the Post Oak Blvd construction but not to worry...that they were being cleaned and shined like brand new and would be back up.) My thought is that once Aspire has the sidewalk done they will maybe then put them all up at once (some are still up btw). anyway i miss and love them too! they are like Uptown UFOs! here is a related article: https://www.click2houston.com/news/2017/04/24/scheduled-maintenance-on-post-oak-circular-sign-leads-to-industrial-equipment-accident/ but can't seem to find the one about polishing them and putting them back up...i remember it even said "not to worry they will be back"
  9. Since these festivals are so common and usually go off without a hitch, I really feel like for the most part it is no ones fault except those that promoted the surge (whoever that may be...) and those that did so. I think there was probably no way that anyone, security or otherwise, could have prevented this tragedy and it is so sad and horrible for sure. I tend to think that these crowded festivals can be problematic and wonder if there is going to be a time where they will have assigned sections or barriers or similar as that is the only way i can think of that these can continue without things like this happening... anyone else have thoughts or ideas how we can still have these festivals safely? I definitely enjoy ACL, Freaky Deaky, etc so hope these can continue... One note...i have only experienced something like this on a lesser level...i used to regularly go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans and have been trapped a few times in the crowd surge on Burbon Street...its like a giant wave and you have absolutely no control over which way you are forced to lean or fall etc... so i know how scary that can be and can only image what these concert goers experienced....scary stuff for sure.
  10. So after being out of town for a week, last night i drove by the future site of Postino and DANG their awesome signage and new facade is up and the inside is completely finished and furnished and looks ready to open any time now! They have Now Hiring still on the outer fencing and bet the fencing is down within the week or so! This place looks super cool and am a fan of the Heights location (and Montrose a close second) but this looks to top both locations! So excited to have this in my area... (and yes they are leaving the stone animals out front which is awesome haha!) ps...rumor has it the grand opening will be around Dec 6th with a possible soft opening that weekend prior Dec 3rd or so...
  11. Okay so i went to Las Vegas all last week (half work and half fun with local friends) and upon landing saturday at 330pm i went straight to Post. Easy parking on the streets and there was a line of about 50 people which caused me to stand in line for maybe 10 to 15 minutes so not bad at all! They had some super cool cars on display in the right side parking lot and the left side parking lot was set up with some games, huge screens showing football and some bar setups. BUT OMG i am not kidding that i felt almost giddy walking into THE building...i LOVED Day for Night and as mentioned previously i especially love this building (*and that festival) because i got to meet and work with BJORK! so...walking in it STILL looks like it did during the festival just of course a whole lot cooler and nicer in that they left the concrete and cavernous spaces but added lots of cool staircases everywhere haha! The Food Hall was really great as there were lots of cool restaurant/food vendors and some cool shopping booths as well...and the white light spiral staircase is definitely the showpiece of the inside of the building) and seriously...seeing this place so darn alive and bustling with cool people and excited made me just love OUR awesome city even more...and dang don't even get me started about the incredible rooftop...the gardens, the artificial grass spaces and just THAT FREAKING AMAZING VIEW...just WOW! (and yep, the sunset saturday night was beautiful!) They definitely need to add a bike station to this and hopefully some more landscaping to the surrounds of the building. This is a place you can get to easily and often and while it may not be everyone's opinion, i am telling you now that i loved this space and this experience and everyone needs to go check it out!!! I am in love haha! From the google search: Hours: Monday Closed Tuesday Closed Wednesday 11AM–9PM Thursday 11AM–9PM Friday 11AM–10PM Saturday 11AM–10PM Sunday 11AM–9PM I LOVE this building and will be going often... in fact, next up, maybe dinner wednesday after work either via bike or vehicle... then friday is Rufus Du Sol! So excited https://www.posthtx.com/
  12. this speaks about the SKYLAWN which is the rooftop of POST. it doesn't mention a bar but speaks of rooftop dining and more so my guess is that it eventually will have a bar if rooftop dining is an eventual feature? https://luxesource.com/post-houston-rooftop-park-biggest-world-hoerr-schaudt/#.YYmB_2DMLGI
  13. ha! Rufus Du Sol and while Rufus W is cool, i would kill to see Chaka Khan live...minus rufus! haha! 🤪
  14. from what i have seen, the Galleria Dillards has not changed the usage of their building... and it still has not been power washed since 1978 🤪
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