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  1. haha! well lets say this...if you see me then please say hi and chances are i will be with justin or matt (the bassist my other best friend) and you can meet them!
  2. Hey all...speaking of White Oak Music Hall! My best friend Justin and his band (Blue October) are having a huge show at White Oak on July 27th and proceeds go to the Houston Police Officers Union...hope to see you there!
  3. Thank you @Urbannizer! I think it is inevitable that something will happen eventually as this building is old and more importantly SMALL for such a big lot.... land is too valuable in the galleria area
  4. 😮🤩😍 best update today!!!! haha! I gotta say...i am so excited about this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the updates!
  5. My gosh i love following the progress of this development! Thanks as usual for the photos!!!
  6. Was at Whole Foods today at lunch and Ninfa's took down all the paper covering the windows and looks awesome! They have signs up saying there is a job fair today so opening by end of month if not sooner is my guess!
  7. All that is interesting and I figured there were good reasons for the white roofs (mainly saying i figured it was temperature related...) but my god i would probably just pay someone myself if i needed to, just to climb up there and power wash it monthly if that was going to be my view!!! haha!
  8. Thanks for all that insight...interesting to know! And again, it's just my OCD...I am just one of those people 🙈
  9. Wow so cool!!! Thanks for posting that! and what are everyone's thoughts on the roof next door and how to rectify those types of situations (other than a much needed power wash that would last a couple of days, weeks, months maybe)? Are most roofs painted white for temperature reasons? I wish there was a way to have the roofs of the businesses be dark...to not show so much dirt etc... I would hate to pay so much money to have that then be part of the view, my "slight" ocd would drive me nuts haha!
  10. SUPER interesting about Ethan Allen's move CPG! What do you think will become of their existing building? I always thought that corner of Post Oak and Westheimer was prime and underused space! Wow! Big news!
  11. Today at lunch there looked to be upper management etc eating outside at Ninfa's. All the windows are still covered with paper etc but i do believe that this means it will be open in the next couple of weeks!
  12. Omg i rode my bike there and think i saw y'all from afar!!!! haha! dangit, should have stopped!
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