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  1. I was thinking about this over the weekend... with all dang fuss and fighting the Cosmo did for absolutely no reason (in my opinion), any estimate on what they actually lost money wise with the lawsuits to try and stop this development?
  2. dang. these closures are upsetting enough but now robberies? omg....that is just pitiful. so sad. wow
  3. Since we are discussing this, i just want to wish every single person on this board well and hope you are all taking good care of yourself...wash your dang hands because i need you here to entertain me and inform me xo
  4. I have never seen as many workers or trucks with equipment and materials than this morning! The Rustic is getting serious!!!...even during this crazy shutdown of the world... update on monday 03/23/20: went to the rustic downtown to get a sandwich and they gave me a 15.00 gift card towards my next meal when they reopen which is so awesome...the chicken and cheese sandwich was amazing! when i went to pick it up they told me that they will have the uptown location up and running by the end of may...wow! they really are working hard on getting this open...and soon!
  5. Well during these crazy times there is some good news to report... there is now a chain link fence around the future Velvet Taco!!!! Let the remodel (or demo) begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I wondered if this crazy virus situation was affecting any of the current construction going on...but i guess not! thanks for the update!
  7. omg you are THE best haha! I needed that today!!!! 😄😭😁 ps...you left out my hatred for the lot that is known as Post Oak Corner and my excited about Zone D' Erotica turning into a Velvet Taco...but whatevs! 😋
  8. "Excuse me, Sir? Sir!? SIR?!!?? Can I ask you a question?! Where did you get those shoes?! Sir? Are you married (see above)?! SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIR!!!????!!! the worst part is my condo is pretty much directly across from Forever 21 so i enter there and as soon as i travel out the Forever 21 door into the mall, BOOM there is that dang setup/kiosk for 200.00 hand scrub that i can get at Marshall's for 12 dollars! HA! They TRY to stop me everytime not remembering me (maybe?!)...and i just say "no i can get all that crap at Marshall's at a 90 percent discount!"
  9. i will be treating the virus semi-lightly when i go to see my best friends band play this friday night in beaumont and when i go to unofficial sxsw in austin wed to sun next week! wish me luck! if you do not see me post after March 22nd i want you to know i loved you all and this board. thank you in advance for any and all flowers and balloons...i prefer a mixture of white and off white flowers and silver balloons. gene
  10. and in related news: YahOOOOOooooOOOooOOoOoooooOoooOOoOoOOooOoOooo!!! 😮😃
  11. the white house to the right of this one that had caught fire is now fully under reconstruction with the new roof supports and more up... i did spy yellow signs on the door indicating the new tenant but was driving by and not walking to get a better look. anyone have info? maaaaaybe voodoo afterall?!
  12. i know Eastern Glades is opening this summer...anyone have any other updated info as to when exactly or any photos? @ekdrm2d1 etc?
  13. You have to do Premium Plus as these are the full recline pod seats...the Premium seats are the first few rows of the theater and for me these seats are too close to the screen...plus they only recline a bit and you do not get waiter service (but instead order from a food/beverage counter in the lobby) I go to movies with both friends and alone and we go not to be together but to watch a movie when with friends so we do not mind the pod seating (which is arranged by 2s...) but also don't mind this type of seating when going alone as there is a table divider between the 2 seats and the pod is not so enclosed that you feel as if you are on a romantic date with a stranger (well hey, unless you hit it off i guess haha!)... the waiter service is awesome and the waiter service doesn't take away from the movie in my opinion... i always get the warm cheddar drop biscuits with maple butter...omg so darn good... their buttermilk fried chicken with bacon maple syrup and sriracha is really good too! i have never had a friend really complain about the food so that might say something...it may not be THE finest dining but it's better than any other movie theater out there. The Tuck Room bar/restaurant is really nice too and i like the atmosphere and food quite a bit (as it is generally the same menu as the theater with a few additions)!
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