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  1. guess this fits here...but yahooOoOOooo: https://www.pennlive.com/life/2019/07/toys-r-us-is-opening-2-new-stores-but-you-may-not-recognize-its-revamped-look.html Toys R Us is making a comeback and this time within the Galleria! 🤡
  2. this has always been such a weird building/lot and i don't know why i feel that way...i just do! glad to see something hopefully nice and more memorable will be going in!
  3. No way!?! WhoooohoooOoOoooo! Although i thought it would have been a better fit at the new Shops At Tanglewood Plaza building...but hey i am so stoked to have a close by Torchys!
  4. I don't have an update but this is my go-to movie theater (about 3 to 5 times per month)...and the whole wall the former restaurant sat behind has a huge coming soon type mural touting this whole plan that has not yet happened. I too wondered what in the heck is going on!
  5. cant wait! there certainly seems to be lots of activity especially on the lower end!
  6. I mean honestly IF the Hard Rock hotel insists on something on or off Richmond, this would be a better location... but yeah i am all about keeping up the Uptown pace!
  7. Thought i would post this...it is always so good to see Houston get the recognition it deserves... I love our city! https://www.worth.com/city-2019-houston/
  8. while this will be finished, unfortunately this will not be:
  9. amen to that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is just cheesy in my opinion...i always laugh when i see pools with changing lights...just looks cheap and unfortunately the new lit/metal christmas trees along post oak will be changing colors...saw them out and testing them a couple of weeks ago! i think plain white looks classy more than boring. (edited to say that for events and holidays i do not mind a color element or multiple colors etc...but a static color as @Naviguessor said!)
  10. I drove by this the other day and wow really liked it in person... i hope some good/quality businesses move in! (that don't sell mattresses 🙄 😋 haha)
  11. I think they should at least start with a Whole Foods Post Oak location, then a "front of Galleria" location (maybe just adjacent to the Westin/Cheesecake factory entrance)...then an Uptown Park location as well!
  12. Hi Gene, Thank you for your feedback! We are working on expanding further into Uptown. You hit the nail on the head, though–we need local funding partners to help us do it. If you ever get a lead on someone in the area who would be willing to put forward a one-time ~$100K cost for a station, please let us know! Best, --- Henry Morris Development & Communications Houston Bike Share m. 713.205.2247 | o. 713.865.3662 hmorris@houstonbikeshare.org | houstonbcycle.com
  13. I have commented on this thread many times that a good power washing would definitely help the Galleria in general! (and probably Dillard's too!)...glad to see it was done at NM!
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