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  1. gene

    1303 Westheimer (Old Docs Location)

    Yeah same nate! I would go there often!
  2. gene

    1303 Westheimer (Old Docs Location)

    It was and at one point as i remember reading about it on the houston press or similar site but yes, i saw the recent article about this new business taking it over. it has been an eye sore as of late so i too am thankful and hopeful that they begin work sooner than later...although i am betting it will be done sooner than that damn plaza diagonally across the street! Wow they are really taking their time with that one... (and still only 1 story?! yikes!) haha!
  3. Has anyone seen any more news of new businesses being relocated to Uptown Park? I am guessing that Mendocino Farms is going to occupy the former Champps space as that has a gate around the perimeter and remodeling has begun...
  4. I think they don't have to permit it as a hotel since it is only listed as an Air bnb! It is the equivalent of me putting my condo on Air bnb!
  5. Heck yeah!!! My best friends band Blue October has played that back in the day!!! I agree...we need something like that again!!!
  6. My friend owns a condo on Park Street just off Westheimer and this apartment complex that was always a run down crack house and prostitute hang out was purchased and renovated to an amazing Air bnb! It actually happened earlier in 2018 but I just finally found out they made it an Air bnb and I just found it online...they did an amazing job with it!!! Wow! this is just one of the units but shows a good photo of the building etc...all can be found on the site...what a smart idea for an amazing location!
  7. haha! its almost like they are saying screw you Cosmopolitan...we are blocking your view ASAP after all the dumb crap you put us through!!!! 😂
  8. Kaldi cafe is where Blue October, my best friends band, had their first show ever haha...that was 96 or 97...! Loved that place...
  9. Drove by today at is indeed the most beautiful pile of trash i have ever seen!!!
  10. Its a freaking Christmas Miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Santa really does exist!!!!!!!!!!
  11. WhooOoOoOoOOOOOoohooOOOooo!!! GO US!!! Thanks for posting this!!!
  12. so far my favorite photo on this thread haha...
  13. WhooooooohooOoOooooooOoOoo!!! Thank you for the update!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot wait to see these buildings torn down...almost as exciting as the new building going up haha!
  14. Yeah i love all our sidewalk lights in the Uptown neighborhood!!! Honestly I am not 100 percent loving the blue snowflakes that are new for the Christmas season...I kinda wish they were white or even red or green...but still, awesome we now have decorations in all of Uptown! Thanks as always for posting great photos!