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  1. Riding my bike by yesterday i realized that the true ideal location for Ninfas would have been the old Willie G's location on Post Oak Blvd...I wonder what is going to happen there? The old Anejo location is pretty much directly across the street from McCormick & Schmick's which is Steak and Seafood...just like J. Alexander.... do we really need 2 steak and seafood places in Uptown Park? (Plus of course there is Mastro's just a block or so away)... Hopefully J. Alexander creates a new concept for this location...(it does state in the article earlier that it could be a new restaurant from the group). Guess we shall wait and see...
  2. The whole area at the bottom of the photo ekdrm2d1 took has always been the biggest eye sore in my opinion... the unkept almost non-existent landscaping and the old beat up parking area adjacent to the railroad tracks needs to match the rest of the development so believe it or not, i am more excited about this area than the building almost haha!
  3. I guess we now know what will be replacing the space formerly occupied by Arturo's and Anejo's. Still think Ninfa's would have been a better fit despite what the landlord's thought. I am excited about Ninfa's opening at Uptown Blvd of course...
  4. When can they do something with the downtown transit center? the whole 1 to 2 block radius with bus station etc is 🤢🤮
  5. That is where all the cows will be hiding when they are outlawed too... 🚫🐮
  6. They also have a tendency and strategy of having Moving Sale and Going Out Of Business Sale signs for YEARS haha! I am shocked they did indeed close so soon afterall! 😂 I hope the poker place closes/relocates soon and demolition begins asap!
  7. I think permit parking is a smart idea! i wish we had that for guests on McCue across from the Galleria! But I think many of the long time residents in that area are just that...long time...and with that...they die off. (sad but true) so new residents moving in will know exactly what they are getting into....and i am betting that many that actually own and are wanting to sell, will the heck out of there and will be able to by getting a good amount for their property (ie. land)...I hope anyway!
  8. I have no doubt with all this coming, more people will be as well! I bet large apartment complexes or midrise condos are up next! See ya at a show! (or a restaurant!)
  9. I cannot believe how much it has changed already. I was at one of the opening nights of White Oak and I was like...where in the hell am i?! And i was approached by quite a few sketchy characters in this truly run down part of town....and just knew my jeep was going to be broken into upon my return. (it wasn't)... and look at this area now. I know there was alot of resistance to all of this from residents wanting to keep their neighborhood quiet and peaceful but wow I am betting this brings in a whole new life into the neighborhood where hopefully all kinds of people can co-exist and be appreciative of all the awesome things it now offers.
  10. YES! Exactly! Apparently the Adair Family owns the chain now and when the space close to Adair Kitchen opened up they jumped at the chance to put Los Tios there!
  11. WOW! The Rustic!?!? I wonder if there is anyway to fit in their famous indoor/outdoor space? I am trying to remember if adjacent to the right or behind it has any space? If it is going to be the same format as Dallas and Downtown Houston then this is huge news...would love to walk to The Rustic for music (and food etc)!
  12. I go to the Escalante's Highland Village OFTEN (probably tooooo often haha)...and actually like Blanco's Taco + Tequila quite a bit (although the queso is not your standard queso as it's more creamy like a cheese soup almost)...but cannot wait for the new Ninfa's to open at BLVD Place! (and Los Tios is opening a block away in the Randall's Plaza on San Felipe... I will finally have quite a few mexican options walking distance to my condo and work!!!!! yahOOooOoOoo
  13. I actually don't mind it tooooo much to be honest but i think the big chandeliers in the first photo/lobby look dated and out of place in that decor when the rest seems to be more art deco to modern...
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