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  1. Let's see pictures of you Mid Century landscaping. Looking for ideas.
  2. HEB please come to the Oak Forest Garden Oaks area we need you so bad our Krogers is a pig with lipstick.
  3. HEB. But they are taking there sweet to to come to Oak Forest or Garden Oak. I used to drive to the one on Bunker Hill.
  4. I am trying to save some money by asking. Had a house fire. I can't afford a landscaper right now. Thanks Guest bath.
  5. I need help,with landscaping. I don't know what to put or where I should put them, if any one has any ideas I would be so happy. It gets full sun all day. Would like to see maybe rocks. I don't know I have one small live oak in the front. Thank you.
  6. Went modern for master bath. Shower Shower Placed laundry in master closet Sputnik Guest bath
  7. For NW mall I would love to see a HEB and a target. OakForest and GardenOaks would love a HEB. Is should also have retail.
  8. Do you think Oak Forest or Garden Oaks will ever get a HEB. Would love to see one in the old Northwest Mall.
  9. shaernurse


    Looking for an 8 to 10 inch set back for my front door.. I can only find 5 in. We are building a mid century mode one. If I have to go larger to put it in the center I will. Tkanks
  10. Building a mid century modern home looking for an 8 to 10 inch backset for the front door.. Anyone know where I can find one?
  11. Looking for a midcentury modern for sale around 300,000. With some work if possible.. Any hits would help location not so much as long as I like the house. Has to have back yard for dogs. Thanks.
  12. Can anyone tell me about Royal Lake estates in Richmond TX and the builder Mission builders? And who is the HOA? Any information would help. Thanks you in advance!
  13. TC Jester Park is a finalist in Beneful WagWorld Dream Dog Park Contest. Purina is giving away $500,000 to the park that wins. TC Jester Park is one of 10 finalists and none of the other parks are in Texas. You can click here to vote for TC Jester Park: http://www.dreamdogpark.wagworld.com/ViewIndividualEntry.aspx?contestantid=1231 You may enter daily until the contest ends on August 11, 2010. TC Jester Park is a finalist in Beneful WagWorld Dream Dog Park Contest. Purina is giving away $500,000 to the park that wins. TC Jester Park is one of 10 finalists and none of the other parks are in
  14. I used Houston Hardscape, he does a great Job.... Office 713.688.4333 Look them up on the web.. SERVICES DrivewaysPatiosWalkwaysPatterned ConcreteAcid StainingScoringFlagstone/ Stone WorkPaversAggregate FinishesDesign/ BuildSealingConcrete CleaningSod Installation
  15. I did a quick scan and it doesn't seem this question has been asked or answered in a while. My next door neighbor and I are looking for housekeeper / cleaning service recommendations in the Oak Forest area. It would be needed once a week and once every two weeks respectively. We would like to know who y'all use and would recommend? Can't wait to hear the responses! Thanks to everyone in advance!
  16. I am pretty much done with the Kroger on 43rd. With the profit margin on groceries being so slim, you would think they would try to win you over with customer service but they do not and seem to consider us a captive audience. I just think it is a shame that there is not a larger selection of stores in our area. Competition breeds better service. Our area has really grown over the years and deserves some attention.
  17. Any word on foodland...I would love love love an HEB!!!!! That would be AWESOME!!!
  18. Anybody know what's up with foodland on ella @ judiway? Looks like it was boarded up and the sign was taken down as of sunday. Maybe a facelift or closed for good?
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