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  1. Let's see pictures of you Mid Century landscaping. Looking for ideas.
  2. HEB please come to the Oak Forest Garden Oaks area we need you so bad our Krogers is a pig with lipstick.
  3. HEB. But they are taking there sweet to to come to Oak Forest or Garden Oak. I used to drive to the one on Bunker Hill.
  4. I am trying to save some money by asking. Had a house fire. I can't afford a landscaper right now. Thanks Guest bath.
  5. I need help,with landscaping. I don't know what to put or where I should put them, if any one has any ideas I would be so happy. It gets full sun all day. Would like to see maybe rocks. I don't know I have one small live oak in the front. Thank you.
  6. Went modern for master bath. Shower Shower Placed laundry in master closet Sputnik Guest bath
  7. For NW mall I would love to see a HEB and a target. OakForest and GardenOaks would love a HEB. Is should also have retail.
  8. Do you think Oak Forest or Garden Oaks will ever get a HEB. Would love to see one in the old Northwest Mall.
  9. shaernurse


    Looking for an 8 to 10 inch set back for my front door.. I can only find 5 in. We are building a mid century mode one. If I have to go larger to put it in the center I will. Tkanks
  10. Building a mid century modern home looking for an 8 to 10 inch backset for the front door.. Anyone know where I can find one?
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