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  1. the GUM-HND flight will be operated by a single 767-400 (20/236 configuration), with the EWR-HND proposed for 777 service. With 2 additonal 777 coming online this year, rearanging of the route planning can be done to accomodate. Although 777 cycles will be very limited on ground time. IAH-AMS will be downgraded to a 764 permanently as well, so there is some spare 777 flight time on top of the additional 2 CO is getting.
  2. OMG......we better not hurt anyones feelings!!!! .......on another note..........this will not be finished by the timeline that METRO seems to think they are going to be done. They have done hardly anything since they "broke ground". And where they have done work, is not even busy/poplulated in comparison to further down Harrisburg where there is more traffic, more business. Its going to be a mess for rhte next 3-4 years to finish this.
  3. I'm not sayign there aren't...............but go up and down washington............what is the demographic living in the townhomes.............hanging at Eight, Taps, Sawyer Park............
  4. look up and down washington, what/who has revitalized that area? I'm sorry, but it ain't the blacks, mexicans with poverty level incomes that helped revitalize that area.
  5. whatever the promotion is to advertise the East End, it will need to direct its resources to the whites aged 25-35...........thats what helps vitalize an area. Larger incomes and the desire to eat out and have drinks at the bar continuously.
  6. is it a possibilty to come back and end up building condos/apt at a later date??

    The Uptown Line

    i love that joke
  8. has there been any drawings for the 610 crossing on the north line?
  9. But that would mean that it would be better utilized by more individuals, and would even mean that it could be utilized in both directions, 7 days a week, with the possibility of having people pay to use it!!!!!!!!
  10. website makes it look like a great restaurant!! can never get enough sushi!!
  11. serverly limited how? The current state of our HOV lanes are severly limited and a waste of space if its limited to only a few individuals riding in a bus, service is only used for 10 hours in a day.........
  12. I still have a hard time believing that people would think a line down the middle of 45 would not be beneficial. Its use would far exceed that of the current HOV lanes a few hours a day..........in one direction............
  13. although ike you say, not a "tall" building, but I'll take it!! 12-15 is not that bad.
  14. removing teh HOV lane would be best..........having rail down the middle would allow usage 7 days a week in both directions, and also lets those who choose not to carpool, the option of riding the train, thus continuing to eliminate vehicles, which will in turn ease congestion on 45.
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