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  1. What kind of evidence is considered good evidence to bring down the value? Should I just take pictures of any cracks, blemishes, and things needing repair on my property?
  2. Sorry for the bump, But is it too late to file a property tax protest for the 2013 year? I'd like to bring down my property value by 20%, is that too much? Is there a formula on how you would determine a fair assessment of your property value?
  3. I think the color change in the seats you are seeing in the video is when the Rockets put free red T-shirts for the club seats during the playoffs. The free shirts are bright red while the seats are dark red.
  4. yeah, 48 months seems the way to go after some more number crunching. 36 months is not going to help my monthly note objective.
  5. thanks got it. Unfortunately my car is 2003, bumps it up 5.49 at a minimum. Please tell me why it's worse to go 60 months if it substantially lowers my monthly and the interest rate difference between a 48 and 60 is minuscule. Plus if I come across bonus money in the future I can apply it to the principal and the maturity date lessens. Let's say I was quoted 4.80% interest rate for 48 months, and was quoted 4.99% for 60 months. Is it worth it to go for the 48 months even though my monthly note will be lower with the 60 month? I know in the end I will ultimately pay more with the 60 month, but it seems negligible.
  6. It depends on the months. If there isn't much of a rate difference from a 60 month or a 48 month, then I'm inclined to take the 60 month, knowing if I come across bonus money I could just use that towards the principal and that will shorten my maturity date. that 3.99 sounds great, care to list the phone number of your credit union?
  7. like I said, maybe I should have left the monthly note detail. I'll open up another thread on getting advice from others on what I can afford for another time, since it's a totally different topic from what I'm asking here. In the mean time, anybody got leads on good interest rates around town?
  8. hmmm, maybe I should have left out the monthly note detail. It's a porsche 911 turbo btw.
  9. Ok, I really like the car and yes I can afford it. i just want to a) lower the monthly note cause I want more play money try to get a better interest rate if possible. Just trying to find the best interest rate deal in town.
  10. yes, I really want to lower that monthly note. It's too bad I waited this long, I should have done it last year.
  11. Hi, Looking to refinance my used car, bought in 11/2007. Right now my interest rate is 8.25 and my monthly is around $1300. Right now the loan is through the dealership, my mistake which I'm trying to move away from. My credit is above 700 so credit is not a problem. I've already received a quote of 6.50% for 60 months from my credit union and found a 4.99% for 60 months online. Just want to know if anyone one else knows of reputable credit union/banks offering better rates, or if there is a reliable search engine online to find good rates in the Houston area. thx
  12. Hi, I just received my property tax bill in the mail. It was for a little above $3,000. I have a 2/2 condo in the Uptown/Galleria area. I moved in this year in August and decided to not escrow my taxes. My question is it possible for my property tax to be adjusted to the time I moved in? Cause it seems like I am being billed for the whole year. tia
  13. Well, I guess my offer is for a roommate then. That's why I put in the total sq footage. So 60/40 of my mortgage bill plus monthly HOA fee is fair? And if it's wise just to go with one lump fee that includes estimated electricity bill and internet? thanks for the input.
  14. I've been thinking about renting out the 2nd room in my Galleria area condo (near bering/san felipe), which I own. Wondered what is a fair price for it. Here are the vital stats: Condo sq footage: about 1200ft room for rent footage: 12x12 will have own bathroom HOA provides everything except electric and internet has 2 car garage and will offer one space for renter Any other stats that maybe important let me know. So....what is a fair price for a room and setup like that? And also, should I just go with one lump price that will include electricity and internet that the renter will pay or is it better to evenly split the electricity and internet plus the rent? TIA
  15. So what are usually in the packages? Does the "Mule" get paid in most instances?
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