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  1. Well, it probably was. It never really closed. The top floor of the main building that caught fire was closed as they repaired it. But basically everything was business as usual a few days after the fire. It looked worse then it actually turned out to be.
  2. That is Prospect Hill. That's the south Tobin Hill area, which is basically the Gay District of SA, those clubs you saw were actually gay clubs as there's quite a few all next to each other just south of the college. The Gay Pride Parade and other Gay related parades take place on Main Ave. you can go to this site and actually zoom in on the downtown area and see where the particular neighborhoods are. http://www.walkscore.com/rankings/San_Antonio Others to check out include Jefferson and Monticello.
  3. Here's a few neighborhood descriptions as well as Google Street View pictures depicting the type of housing in said neighborhood. Dignowity Hill Dignowity Hill, like I wrote in another San Antonio HAIF thread, is currently under going major revitalization as people move into the area and rebuild homes. It is a Historic District and as such is home to a diverse aray of homes. From Victorian to Mediterranean and others. Location: One-mile east of downtown Lavaca Lavaca is a neighborhood to the east of King William. On the rise. Location: 1.4 miles south of downtown. Beacon Hill Beacon Hill is a stones throw away from Monte Vista which is a good thing as Monte Vista's past resurgence has carried into the Beacon Hill. Location: Three-miles NNW of downtown Alta Vista Alta Vista is sandwiched between Beacon Hill and Monte Vista. Mahncke Park Mahncke Park could be called the Baja-Alamo Heights as it's almost as nice but not at the price. It's a neighborhood on the rise in the last few years. The housing inventory mainly comprising bungalow styled homes. Location: Two and a Half miles NNE of downtown. Monte Vista Monte Vista is well, Monte Vista. you either know about it or you don't. lol Location: 2-miles north of downtown King William King William is like Monte Vista, King William. Location: One-mile south of downtown Alamo Heights Location: 4-miles north of downtown Terrell Hills Terrell Hills is a really cool but really expensive neighborhood. Location: 4-miles north of downtown Olmos Park Olmos Park is one of the three wealthy bedroom communities of North Central SA. The other two being Alamo Heights and Terrell Hills. Olmos Park is the wealthiest of the three and wealthiest area of San Antonio, it even has a Billionaire Row. Location: Three-miles north of downtown
  4. Vert, If ou want to know about an other Histroical Districts or neighborhoods with reall sweet housing look no further. The ones you know: King William Monte Vista Alamo Heights Tobin Hill Terrell Hills The ones you might not know: Dignowity Hill (just east of downtown) Lavaca Alta Vista Beacon Hill Olmos Park Mahncke Park Highland Hills
  5. That was Tobin Hill. Tobin Hill just recently (last year) became a Historical District after years of arguing that the deserved that distinction. It's just south of the Monte Vista neighborhood, not sure if you explored that Historical District, and like Monte Vista once, Tobin Hill is slowly but surely being revitalized. Here's a Express-News article with more information: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/MYSA09290...5_html4502.html Funny enough, like the article states, King William was the first neighborhood in SA to be granted Historical. No thanks to the 60's,70's, 80's exodus to the suburbs. Leaving these homes to be either abandoned or left to be occupied b poorer citizens who didn't care to maintain the look and feel of the homes. But like I said, that is changing as more people bu homes and restore them Man from within suburban parts of the cit looking to move closer to downtown. From what I'm told, Tobin Hill looks today like what Monte Vista looked in the late 80's. At the beginning of its reinitialization into what it is today. Though I'm told it'll happen faster because more people are quickly buying the homes and because of Monte Vista already being established as a top notch neighborhood and finally because of the developments happening in the Pearl Brewery/Lower Broadway area. yes. There's the Historic and Design Review Commission and the San Antonio Conservation Society. http://www.saconservation.org Also, a development group has within the last couple of years bought vacant lots within Tobin Hill and built really nice homes. http://www.brownstonetraditions.com yes, San Antonio is very underrated in that department for some reason. We have tons of historical areas in this cit that get overlooked for whatever reason. Though thanks to Google street view, you can take a tour of the city any time you want!
  6. Like I said, the dynamics of the Dignowity neighborhood are changing. It's basically becoming the place for young people who want to live in a neighborhood like Southtown or King William but not as expensive.
  7. Ok, now here's Dignowity Hill. http://www.neighborhoodlink.com/sat/dhna/map This neighborhood just east of downtown is basically what Southtown, King William and Monte Vista were in the 80's. Blighted neighborhoods on the turnaround with new people moving in renovating homes to live in changing the dynamics of said neighborhood. The first time I ever encountered the Dig was last spring during Fiesta when I dropped some friends off downtown. Because traffic was a nightmare everywhere I had to find alternatives to get out of the downtown area and back on the freeway. Driving through this area I didn't know at the time was Dignowity Hill, because of traffic and road closures, I saw a bunch of homes that had been renovated or were being renovated and the homes and newly revitalizing neighborhood reminded me of a King William in genesis. Now over a year later, it's still transforming. With the recent road work on Commerce, the turning of the nearby area into an A&E District as well as the BRAC process can only help in that transformation. Because of BRAC some 12,000 military people are moving from out of state to the near by Fort Sam Houston post. All looking for places to live. All moving here within the next two years. Some pictures of Dignowity Hill. There's also the Dignowity Pushcart Derby which has become quite popular the last couple of years within the neighborhood. Check out these videos from this years Derby: Here's the On The Hill blog. Neat stuff. I got these pictures from there. Here's a story about three people, all well off, who moved from an affluent part of the city to Dignowity Hill. Not only did they move there, they also bought several homes in the neighborhood and fixed them up, some they practically saved from being tore down! Here's the story by the On The Hill blogger: Before: After:
  8. I had to post in this thread. Firstly, Vine, for someone who is doing so much "talking" about San Antonio, you seem to no nothing about this city. Please, just stop. I mean really, the Spurs arena was built on the east side, not the north side. About three miles east of the Alamodome. I mean, that's just one of the many things you spewed that were incorrect. When it comes to Southtown, King William and Monte Vista, these were neighborhoods in disarray because of the exodus to the suburbs during the 70 and 80's. These neighborhoods were run down until people, mostly artists, moved in and began to revitalize these places over the past 20 years. The SAME THING is happening on the east side in the Dignowity Hills neighborhood. More on that later. Also, there has been a renewed effort to bring people downtown to live and work, etc. One of the big things is the River North District that is currently being created. http://downtownsanantonio.org/pdf/CHARRETTE%20CATALOG.pdf This will be for San Antonians not tourists. It's also fantastic that it is also coinciding with the 2-mile urban extension of the Riverwalk. Construction pictures: If you don't know too much about the the 13-mile 350 Million Dollar San Antonio River Improvement Project, click the link below to be amazed. http://www.sanantonioriver.org/pdfs/Curren...Eddies_6_12.pdf Both the 4-mile Museum Reach (north segment) and the 9-mile Mission Reach (south segment) are under construction. With the 2-mile urban segment to be completed next year. When completed the 14-mile River will be the country's longest linear park. As for the area just east of downtown, maybe some of you know about the 20 story Vidorra high rise condo (with a second twin also planned) being built just east of downtown next to the rail tracks someone in here said no one wants to live near. If you don't, here ya go: www.vidorraliving.com Rendering: Recent construction pictures: The view: Still need more proof the east side is developing? Well guess what, it was just recently made the Arts and Entertainment District of San Antonio. This graphic is from the 2nd of this month before the Council voted to approve the zoning change and create the A&E District. Which is why it says "proposed". This is going to help big time in the development of the near East side. Below are pictures I took back in September of the redone Commerce Street east of downtown. Fatty's to the left and Friedrich to the right. Looking east: What this same area looked like before: Taken last year. I know someone in this thread said their friend wanted to open up a retail business near Fatty Burgers. Well, you can see why. Also, the Friedrich Building shown above is a former Air Conditioning production warehouse that is 500,000 square feet and is now a mixed-use building home to the HQ for a beer company, an architecture firm, a marketing firm and a Web site builder.
  9. To answer your questions, I'll go in order. The economic climate is quite high right now. Construction is booming, jobs are being added by the thousands every once, unemployment is going down. The major employers are HEB, Valero, USAA, Military, etc. Well, I could not really tell you were people work as I have no idea where they work, lol. As for which areas have the most desirable schools, well, for San Antonio that's going to be either the NEISD or the NISD. Alamo Heights ISD is always highly rated. SCUC-ISD is another good one as well as Boerne ISD. An often not talk about district is ECISD. Hope I could help.
  10. I have to correct you on some of what you posted. SA may have a generally lower wage than Houston, however, SA has a higher median household income than Houston. Also, per capita, SA has more college students in all of Texas. As for Citibank and WaMu... I'm not sure what "lately" is but those call centers came in 2005 or before. Recently, SA has been a data center magnet landing a 500 million, eventually 1 billion dollar, Microsoft data center. The big economic driver is the medical and bio-science industries followed by the financial industry. Tourism I believe is third or fourth, recently being passed by the Military. The Culinary school is actually a CIA school. The most prestigious culinary academy in America.
  11. This better illustrates what I'm trying to say. The red square is where Monterrey Village is.
  12. Not true at all. You can get to Medical Center or airport from the far west side using any of the following freeways: 151, 410, 90, 1604, 10. For example, to access the medical center from Monterrey Village or anywhere in Westover Hills, you simply would have to take 151 to 410, 410 to Babcock Rd. which then leads you to the Medical Center. Or take 410 to 10 and get off on Medical Drive. To get to the airport you just continue on 410 for another 10 miles until you hit Aiport Blvd. Though Far West side residents will no longer need to go to the Medical Center for use as three Hospitals are currently under construction in Westover Hills, forming the Westover Hills Medical Center, the third Medical Center in San Antonio after the South Texas Medical Center and Stone Oak Medical Center.
  13. Updated site plan: In the blank area that says "42 acres Medical Office Condo" next to SUBJECT, will be this: Which is also the first phase of Monterrey Village.
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