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  1. Dream - Just curious what your source is on this. I directly asked the people when I visited and they said they had not had a single break in. Not sure if they're telling the truth (although legally, I would think they would have to tell me). Thoughts?
  2. Actually, although they removed them from the site because they're not going to be released again until the end of December, i was not referring to the 280k townhomes. In the same complex there are 1680 square foot homes for ~210k. Anyone know any brand new 3 story homes in Rice Military or Midtown for that price? That's why I'm considering it. 280 is out of my price range.
  3. Yes. It's not a very nice area now, but a developer (Parra Design) told me they were planning on building over 100 new townhomes right across the street in the next 2 years (they already own the land), and for some reason this area reminds me of Rice Military a couple years back. It's definitely not developed now, but I'm just wondering about potential for the next 5 years.
  4. Hi all, I am considering buying a townhome in this area, and I was wondering if you guys thought it would be a good investment. Do you think the area just east of 59 near downtown will develop soon? I know there are several new townhome complexes being built there and it's near the new park downtown, but I wanted to get the group's opinion on the area's potential. Also, I'm wondering how flood-prone this area is. Here's one of the complexes I'm considering: http://www.perryhomes.com/Find-Your-Home/H...View-Place.aspx
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