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  1. Hi Friends. I have been away for quite a while. I stand corrected. There was a kiddie coaster at Playland. I talked to my brother and he reminded me where it was in the kiddie section of the park. If you look in the lower right section of the picture of Playland you can see it. Don't know why I didn't remember it.
  2. Hi. the miniature coaster you remember was not at Playland. It was at Kiddy Wonderland where the small pony ride was. My brother ran it for a while. Hope this helps.
  3. I am in the middle of moving and will be out of touch for about 3 weeks. I will post more pictures when things settle down. Sparky. (Thanks for oscar award)
  4. [ These are pictures of my sister and me, my sister, me and our little brother testing out some new "Boards" that my Uncle Homer painted for our Mothers Mug Joint. Any one that came to Playland and had my mother take a picture should recognize the background in the first picture. The picture of my brother holding our dog, Troubles, was taken years later. You can see the lead hill of the Coaster in the background. This is the hill that we watched blow over in the hurricane that I spoke of before. My brother is facing the side parking lot where race fans parked. The building to the right of
  5. Hi Larry. My name is Becky, but my nickname was Sparky when I was a child growing up at Playland Park. When I say growing up, I mean I lived at the Park. I hate to tell you but you are wrong about the humps on the roller coaster. The twelve years I lived at the Park it had Three humps down to the turn which was a soft square turn, then three small humps back to the fourth elongated soft hump leveling off to the boarding platform. There is a perfect picture of the coaster in posting #3l7. I don't know what coaster you are remembering but it was not the coaster at Houstons Playland. My go
  6. Hi Earlydays. Yes the park was still there in 1964, but not in 1965. The ground breaking for the Astrodome was Jan. 3, 1962. Murworth street was not there at that time, so Playland was. April 9, l965 was when the exhibition game between the Astros & New York Yankees was held. Murworth Street had been constructed and Playland was gone. Hope this clears up the demise of the park. Sparky
  7. Maybe I can help out a little. Only the first hump fell over. The rest of the coaster was not damaged. It was rebuilt and the things in the park were repaired. If any one knows when ground was broken for the Astrodome that will tell us when the coaster was dismantled. The land under the race track and under the back half of the coaster was sold to the Astrodome complex and converted into a parking lot. Once the back of the coaster was gone, the park itself only lasted a few years. Like I said in a previous post I left the park in l952 after I got married. I know that the coaster was
  8. It was the first hump that was blown over so it only damaged things in the front part of the park. I married and moved away in 1952 so I know it was well before that year. I believe it was in the early 40's. Maybe the Houston Library can help us. I will try to get some information from them. Sparky
  9. The coaster was the keystone of Playland. It was always there at the park. The track came later. You could walk thru my Dad's Beer Garden at the end of the park and walk into the front gates of the racetrack right up to the front stand where Sam was killed. I don't know if anybody remembers that the coaster was once blown over by a hurricane. It landed in the park causing a lot of damage. We watched the first hill going down from my bedroom window. It mashed the snow-cone, pop-corn stand that I worked in, and some of the rides. Took a while to clean it up and rebuild. When we moved to
  10. Like I said, we did have a glass house with a walk around dark tunnel in the back. But no rotating floor at all. I hope somebody out there can tell us where it was. Thanks for the videos. I played them over and over. This is a step back into my childhood. I can show these to my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Thank you all so much. Sparky
  11. Hi. I don't know where the "haunted" house that you are talking about was located but it was not at Playland on South Main. There was a "fun in the dark" there, right next to our house, but it was a ride in a dark building. The cars looked like scooter cars and ran on a rail. Spooky things would light up and scare you. I would be interested in knowing where the "haunted" house you are talking about was located. Sparky P.S: There was a "Glass" house on the other side of our house that had dark tunnels in the back of the glass part. You could walk around in the glass part and then you
  12. SAY WHAT? I didn't understand one word of what you said past email. Thanks for the thought but I don't speak tech talk. I will have my son teach me and show him your posting. Thanks again, Sparky.
  13. Mark, you have no idea what this site means to me. I lost my pictures of the park in a flood. I had nothing except the Chronicle picture to show my children where I grew up. My brother and sister gave me a few pictures that I will post when my son shows me how. I check this site every day. Thanks, Sparky
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