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    Hello, I have found this website repeatedly in my internet search for parental information. I was born in the haunted hospital Jefferson Davis but I think from what I've gathered on here the one that was torn down and possibly also haunted and from what I've read plaged by staph infection during the 1950's. I am the "love child" of a black woman and white male in the 1950's almost 60's =). I didn't grow up with either parent as she was married and was whisked away to other relatives where I ended up in SF. All that I know from my birth certificate besides the haunted hospital is that their address was 2808 Hadley street. I've heard several versions of my "biological parentage" that he owned a grocery store and that he was Italian. Another version is that he is Italian and owned a clothing store. If anyone can help me with ANYthing I would appreciate it. Thanks btw: my biological mother is deceased and so is my "mom." So I'm hoping that you history buffs might have any information on stores, people anything. Thanks
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