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  1. Hockey gets $300 million arena's already.....so lets divide the 90 million between the Dynamo. WNBA, badmitton, luge and a professional dart throwing arena. That would give each of these huge sports $18 million of capital. I almost want to see this arena happen for laughs. Once the ticket prices exceed $20 the attendance will be promptly cut in half. That would be the funny thing about this. I have been to a Dynamo game before.....and it was...well...interesting.
  2. I applaud Mayor White for not caving in. In the US football, basketball and baseball are the sports that 90% of the population cares about. The other 10% fights it out between hockey, luge, ping pong, badmitton and soccer.
  3. agreed...I just think when you say the term Major League, it should be a real term and not something that is actually not true. All of the Major sports in the US are actually the best in their profession. The MLS is not even in the top 5 soccer leagues in the world so calling themselves Major is a farce.
  4. Lets take away the money argument. Just to drive my point home lets discuss why good players leave to play overseas and the overseas clubs send us the older washed up players. I have actually watched enough soccer to know what would be major and what would be minor. I did live in Europe for a time and let me tell you the top team in MLS could not sniff the jock of a decent European club. That is a fact. It would be the same as the real NFL playing NFL Europe....just no comparison.
  5. Sure...I will bring it up next time I have one of the Dynamo reserves bring my car up from valet. Yes you are a Major League Player. Here is your tip. lol
  6. Take a look at minor league hockey and baseball and you will see salaries that exceed those of the MLS. WNBA, arena football and a few other minor leagues are in the salary vicinity of a lot of MLS. It is pretty factual. I think the three big sports have player's salaries that exceed an entire team in the MLS's salary cap of 2.4 million. So yes....minor league soccer
  7. Oh no...a minor league soccer team is threatening the city. Please come back and talk when your minimum player salary is over 12k. What a joke. See ya!
  8. I am glad to hear this is happening. Did they say the area and timetable they are looking at to build the HS?
  9. Now that the Bond has passed I wanted ask if the new HS is being built in Sienna? I keep hearing that it is.
  10. It seems both Vick brothers come from the same pile of trash. Good ridance to him.
  11. lol....the last team that was to be sold out of the NHL (Nashville Predators) was going close to $300,000,000 more than three times the value of the LA Galaxy...NHL is debating adding two franchises (one in Vegas) with close to $300,000,000 in fees. It is going to be a while before MLS approaches this. Besides I don't think the two sports are in competition. I have been to numerous hockey games and soccer games and the fans are not the same at all. They don't compete for the same customer. Like Red said...it is about small, steady gains at this point.
  12. I'm looking for help trying to find the Taub family mansion in Houston. Where did Ben Taub live? Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  13. Sienna has a golf course within it along with many homes in the $1,000,000 range near our golf course (yes Sienna has a fairly nice golf course). The developers also said at the last meeting that most homes from now forward will be focused on the $300,000 bracket. Sienna will be much bigger than Riverstone when completed (20,000 homes) so you had to have diversification to fill a neighborhood with this many homes. All in all though I think both communities will complement each other bringing major commercial business to this side of Missoui City in the near future. Missouri City is changing right now, getting more upscale in the western portion while still having some ghetto elements to the east and towards Houston. This is why Sienna will most likely have its own HS in a couple of years. The homeowners pay too much money for their kids to go to a HS such as Hightower. It will be interesting to see how these areas mix in the coming years, as their is a vast difference in income in such a relatively close area of town.
  14. The same developer Johnson Development is doing Riverstone and Sienna. Sienna has more amenities, while Riverstone is a little closer to Sugar Land. The will be connected once the bridge is up so both communities will be intertwined before long. I can not wait for the commercial businesses to come out here.
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