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  1. We moved to Southbelt in 1974 when I was 5. I graduated Dobie in 1987 so I saw many of the changes you speak of. 'The Breezeway' - My uncle got arrested there in the early 70s. As far as that first street there was a house that looked like a castle. That was a pretty big deal to a five year old. Remember the 4 gas stations that were tore down to build BW8? The Shell actually sold fishing tackle. I remember what a big deal it was when they finally connected Scarsdale to Beamer. And I also remember when Dixie Farm was Choate and was made of shale.
  2. Not a bad idea. Expensive to implement but could pay for itself.
  3. Nice review. Our sister office is there but I have never been. Did you at least pick up a Roots Canada tee?
  4. Agree. I just don't see the Govt. ever trying to work hard and employ continual service improvement for non-paying customers. And wait lists are not just for procedures. Even simple things like CAT scans can take months.
  5. Who says it'd be better? Canada and the UK systems are not. When I used to spend time in London every week on the telly they had a show about how bad their care is. If Hillary couldn't do it, nobody can. She's my man!
  6. Do you want my thoughts on non-profit healthcare of Governemnt run healthcare? Govt. waste is a fact of life, and I don't see how Govt. healthcare would be the exception to that rule.
  7. Pulling out is a bad, bad idea. Instead you should move your investment allocations, but don't pull out of the market. That leads to missed opportunities. When one segment is moving down there is always another at least making some gains.
  8. So who you gonna blame Red? Go ahead. I know you want to blame somebody. It's not just the US. Global stocks are taking a hit; the UK economy is coming to a stand still. This has to be somebody's fault, dang it!
  9. Agree. We can't find enough people right now in the gas trasnportation side of the business. Our building has ran out of space (Class A) and we have people sitting in windows and hallways. The governement will never be able to solve unemployment. The only thing they can do is lower business taxes to encourage more growth.
  10. How funny. I went to Thompson Intermediate (PISD) and our Smurfs were supposed to come from Deady!
  11. Same here. Now I had an MP3 player (Archos) before the iPod was ever "invented" (er, copied). Apple is a bit like In-and-Out.
  12. Next time you are in Dallas, Vertigo, go have a burger at Hunky's on Cedar Springs. You will LUV it. Trust me.
  13. The burger in the pic looks yummy, but "Five Guys" made me think of finding chest hair in my burger. Oh well, the changes of me getting to Rosenberg are zilch. But back in the day there used to be a yummy sandwich place down there. I can't remember the name though.
  14. Diggity is right. The story even make the Chron last Summer.
  15. I think you nailed it on the Cult following. Any burger with "spread" is too Yankeefied for Texans. That's why What-A-Burger uses mustard as their standard. That's how we do it in Texas.
  16. Anyone else notice they are starting to frame the top of Park Place? Now you acutally can get a feel how it will change the skyline.
  17. Wow. All these persona-labels. I wonder what label I am? Anyway, we have been before and it's really no big deal one way or the other. It's a decent place to have a cold beer.
  18. Here are some game pics at uhcougars.com http://uhcougars.cstv.com/view.gal?id=33579 Speaking of Baylor, they lost their first game under Briles.
  19. You know it's football season when the first Bong Horn gets arrested. Speaking of which, last season Texas barely got by Ark. State. 21 - 13 or something like that. But I am surprised Aggy lost to them. I bet their message board is in meltdown mode.
  20. I remember Ferrells. Who remembers the El Chico in Almeda Mall? They had an an awesome xylophone.
  21. $500K and two room mates paying rent? Is this going to be another forclosure when the room mates go beserk?
  22. You don't need HAIF, you need Dr. Phil. You seem obsessed with what others think, have and do. That's really creepy.
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