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  1. I know you didn't ask me, but I'll answer... as much as I hate paying my Comcast bill, it is worth every penny for Bravo TV. I love every one of those stupid reality shows they run. Yes, my work has suffered as a result of my obsessive watching of the "Top chef", "Real Housewives," and "Make me a Supermodel" marathons. But I don't care. I am hooked.
  2. To be fair, the Romans broke all the "rules" of architecture that the Greeks had established. Greeks would have been (and probably were) horrified by how the Romans built. But we look at a building like the Pantheon in Rome and marvel at it... breaking the rules was how the Romans were able to innovate. It's all in the eye of the beholder.
  3. Please don't laugh about that. It's too easy to make fun of stupid people, and we shouldn't do it. Niche says so.
  4. Don't get your knickers in a knot. I'm making a jab at the stupid. Those who complain, unthinkingly, about taxes, but still expect services. I think I've explained that three times now.
  5. There didn't seem to be a single, unified viewpoint among the tax protesters. Your own view may be clear to you, but I don't think everyone out there at tea parties was as clear on it as you may be. Anyway, I never even mentioned tea parties in my original comment. I was talking, in general, about people who complain about taxes. People don't want to pay them, but expect services.
  6. Not sure where you get "sneering" from my post, but my point is that responding to a public health crisis, and distributing this kind of medication is one of the things our tax dollars pay for. So every time people whine about taxes, they conveniently forget all the services they expect from their government. Like this one. If anyone was sneering, it was Rick Perry, sneering at our own country & federal government. Not me.
  7. Yuck! That's bad during a normal rush hour. I can't believe that after the work on 59, it still backs up so badly heading north into downtown.
  8. LOL. Should we ask anyone who wants to receive the medication what their position on taxation is?
  9. We lost power for several hours in the Third Ward. Cool storm.
  10. Off topic, perhaps, but a word of realistic warning to people thinking that magnets can solve their school problems... I am one of several people I know who have kids that did not get accepted into ANY of the magnets to which they applied. It's a lottery, and for some it works out well, and for others, it doesn't. Make sure you have a long list of magnets and a back-up plan.
  11. This is always true of media coverage of protests. Protesters are always portrayed as crackpots. The media will focus on one strange or violent episode in an otherwise peaceful protest, while neglecting to discuss the issues at all. It doesn't really matter whether it's a so-called "liberal" or "conservative" protest; the American media (with the exception perhaps of "Democracy Now") never provides good coverage.
  12. Thanks Dan, it's good to know that works. I'd love to see a photo...
  13. Not a city sidewalk, actually; it's a path to the front door. Maybe I can redirect it as Crunchtastic is talking about... have the path come in from an angle so it goes around the tree. In which case pavers or concrete could be used.
  14. Does anyone have ideas for a front walk that is next to a beautiful old tree with huge roots? The concrete has lifted and cracked, of course. I don't want to replace it with more concrete. I've seen gravel, but I'm afraid it might be messy, and track into the house/scratch the floors.
  15. Oh yes, sorry I misread you. But nevertheless, people do think of this as a transitional neighborhood, in the sense that I was talking about. And I'm not sure it is.
  16. The problem is that this neighborhood is not a "transitional" neighborhood. It just is what it is. It would seem like it ought to be transitional... still priced low, close to everything. But many people living here really don't want it to change. Plus there are a lot of really trashy apartment complexes, and an awful lot of police activity. Maybe it will turn out to be a model of healthy development... some plots, here and there, developed into denser townhomes, mixed with large single family houses, and apartments. There are certainly enough buses to make it a no-car urban neighborhood. But it is in serious need of decent retail, and I just don't see that happening with the perception (and reality? I don't know) of crime here.
  17. Oh man, I missed it again. I have to stop automatically tuning to HGTV.
  18. Does anyone have experience with strand bamboo flooring? I understand that is extremely hard and durable, but I'm concerned because I've also heard that the surface scratches easily. It is very smooth and shiny, and scratches would really show, I think. I'm trying to decide among a number of flooring options. Bamboo is an attractive choice because it's sustainable, very hard, and relatively inexpensive. But I've got kids and I'm concerned about this scratching issue. THanks for any advice!
  19. English is not the official language of the United States. That's why.
  20. sarahiki

    Man Purse

    I admire you for your fashion bravery. I think, though, you can argue the practicality of this one all you want, but you have to be gay or Euro (or both) to wear a man purse.
  21. The tide is turning! This is a freedom I would rally for. Love, not guns, baby.
  22. Niche, I disagree with you 99% of the time, but I think you're right on here.
  23. Do you mean, like, at the Sarah Palin campaign events when people would shout "Kill him!" about Obama? Yeah, that's civil.
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