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  1. I don't understand this concern. Even if people are given a "public option" (like Medicare), if there's a market for private healthcare, someone will provide it. So where does rationing come in? If you've got the means to have healthcare now, and you want to continue paying for private insurance or private healthcare, I'm sure someone will provide it. That's the whole idea of a market economy. And don't tell me our entire market-based economy is going to disappear because of Obama's so-called Socialism; we all know that's ridiculous. Why is it that suppporting this president is "cult-like behavior over a messianic leader"? He is an intelligent, patriotic man and a strong leader. I'm happy to support our president. I think that's patriotic. But the terms of dialogue have conveniently shifted... if one didn't support Bush, one was an enemy of the state. Now, if you support Obama, you're a sheep following a false Messiah. Sorry, you just can't have it both ways (unless you are Glenn Beck...).
  2. Sorry I missed the joke. It was a little too close to what one actually hears these days. You are correct, there is exaggeration and ignorance enough to go around.
  3. You know nothing about Communists if you think Democrats look like Communists. Rampant ignorance is the real problem these days.
  4. Man, that is harsh. I'm willing to bet that Obama couldn't care less what people like you think of this whole business. I'll bet he's really hoping that a few of those kids who you've given up on, and who are being taught to be interested in what "society can offer them," might actually be inspired by his "fluff" and think about things differently. Is this really too much to hope for? Are you really THAT cynical? Sad. Sad. Sad. Sad. Sad.
  5. Lockmat, it's fine to say that morals are bad and parenting is bad now, but it doesn't offer any solution. Should we all just stand outside and tell people to start being better parents? I'm a good parent. Others are good parents. Some others are not. I don't know how to make people better parents, or to make them have morals. Do you want to force them to go to church, and do everything the preacher says? Or would you like the government to legislate good parenting? I'm guessing your answer to these questions would be no. So, without being able to make people better parents & moral people (whatever THAT means!), we need some solutions. Seems like sex ed and birth control is a good place to start.
  6. Dude, study up on your history. The architects of No Child Left Beyond were Bush administration officials, not "the left."
  7. I agree. (never thought I'd write that to you!). It's totally MY job to teach my kids properly. But guess what... plenty of folks out there aren't doing their jobs. And as a result, we're paying for a lifetime of expenses, in many cases, for the unfortunate offspring. I can't make other people be responsible parents (though I certainly wish I could), but maybe I can save myself some tax dollars by giving their irresponsible kids some condoms.
  8. Eight years of the federal government reducing access to birth control and sex education can't have helped. We ought to be handing out condoms in homeroom every day.
  9. Sounds to me that they don't want to fix things, and don't want to be bothered with the list of demands following an inspection. So they're saying, if you want to leave the house standing, it's your problem, not ours.
  10. "acquired taste" is my favorite so far. "easy living" is second. In my humble opinion as a yankee and former resident of New York, they're related concepts. It's easy to love NYC, but hard to live there. So people might quickly come up with superlatives to describe the city, and if you've got money, it would be a great place to live. But otherwise, it can slowly suck the life out of you. Houston, on the other hand, doesn't present its fair qualities so readily. But the living is easy, and over time, one comes to really appreciate that. Then, it's easier to also appreciate the architecture, the green space, the cultural diversity, the museums & restaurants, and so on.
  11. I think it's a good idea to have a 12-month option. Some students want to stay and do research/writing, especially graduate students. It's very disruptive to be told you have to leave during the semester break or the summer. And as the previous poster said, if you don't want a 12-month lease, choose a different place to live.
  12. I don't want a tree branch or anything else flying through a window.
  13. My experience with stained concrete was in an Urban Loft townhome. The floor was poorly done. It looked gorgeous, but it had a sealer on it that just never seemed to have set. It was almost tacky (in a tactile way). Rug pads, rubber balls, even sneakers left on the floor would adhere to it, and then pull off the sealer and some of the color when you removed them. I looked into having it redone or fixed, and was told it was better to have it polished but then have nothing put on it... no sealer. Then you have the durability of concrete, instead of a sticky floor that shows marks and flaws.
  14. We are going this week to get plywood cut for our windows. Hopefully, we won't need it, but I can't deal with the idea of fighting the crowds for scraps at the last minute.
  15. Thanks Musicman, I'll do that. Pumapayam--I like the idea, esp. the built-in blinds. But I don't have room for a slider. It's just a single door.
  16. We have a 1963 ranch with a single, windowless door to the patio. I would like to replace it with a full-glass door. I want it to be energy efficient, but also solid in terms of security... I don't want anyone kicking or breaking this door in. I really don't know where to start... what material door to get, where to get it, or who to have install it. Should I contact a professional door & window company? Thanks for any advice. And feel free to PM me if you know any good people. -Sarah
  17. Ha! No, I only torture my own children with goodies like baked kale. For school, it's crowd pleasers... pumpkin muffins disguised as cupcakes.
  18. Here's a really healthy one: baked kale. Same process, but cut up the kale and bake it til it's crispy (but not burnt). Quite yummy. I swear. I am impressed with all the posts. You HAIFers are healthier than me, by far.
  19. You are talking about different ideas using the same term. This distinction is in the first paragraph of "Creationism" on Wikipedia; it's a pretty basic idea. As you put it above, "creationism" is used very loosely, referring to some divine power being involved in the creation of life. In contrast, the "creationism" espoused by the politicians discussed in this thread is the second kind (quote from Wikipedia): So the creationists are rejecting evolution by natural selection. Many people who believe in evolution do not reject God or a divine role in the process. So no, I don't think anyone is insulting millions of Christians, Jews, and Muslims. Just the ignorant ones who refuse to accept science.
  20. People walk all over NYC, despite steady traffic at every intersection. You don't need a bridge or tunnel for people to cross the street. Just a culture where cars actually look for a pedestrian, and don't try to run them over.
  21. That Nissen Leaf is pretty cute. Electric, or hybrid?
  22. I happen to agree... I used to live in West Philly, and people there, for reasons I still don't understand, would abandon cars pretty often. Twice, cars were abandoned in front of our house, taking up our only parking spot. Other times, neighbors would park and leave their car there for days, as you describe. It was a little different because on-street parking was the only parking available, so we were really in a fix without our spot. But the annoyance of seeing someone's junked-out car in front of your house every day was very real. It's rude and inconsiderate of your neighbor. I don't know what the solution is, however, outside of convincing the neighbor not to park there.
  23. I think it looks nice as is. Wouldn't it lighten the place up to take those dark blinds off the door?
  24. I don't see how popping in and out of an event means he has no class. Popping in and out is typical of any politician. They have multiple events every evening, they make their appearance, say a few words and discretely leave. I'm not arguing for or against Brown; I don't know enough about him (except he supported our efforts to get trash cans at Calumet Lofts a few years ago, which of course I appreciated). Just saying it's not unusual or bad behavior.
  25. I like that: bougainvillea = barbed wire.
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