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  1. Thanks for the reminder... that I LOVE HOUSTON!
  2. The statements about emissions here are really misleading. All you have to do is look up a variety of vehicles, and their tested emissions, to see that there are vast differences between a regular car and a truck or SUV. Just one example: http://www.epa.gov/greenvehicles/Index.do;jsessionid=b35223b85283bfcee6f056c3faea497b6de28355210ce20c7f10d8f6fa9777d7
  3. Darn, I hardly ever went there, but I liked knowing there was a DD around if I wanted to go. I lived off DD egg sandwiches and coffee during my grad student days in the northeast.
  4. I am glad to hear that you're a considerate driver. I know there are some out there, and you're right, one does tend to mostly notice those who aren't considerate.
  5. I'm going to take an unpopular position here and say that it IS my business. I have to breathe the dirty air those vehicles make, and so do my kids. I have to share the road with the drivers of those vehicles. Marksmu may think that small car drivers zip around inconsiderately, but it's my perception that often the drivers of big cars drive like bullies. My safety, and my kids' safety, is put at risk. Not to mention the backing-up issue, since I already have. So I will continue to view drivers of outsize vehicles as selfish bullies. And they can continue to see me as a tree-hugging communist.
  6. A friend of mine was recently in a fender-bender. She was driving a Mazda Protege, just your average, four-door car. She was backed into by a lady driving a Ford Expedition. The woman apologized, and took responsibility... sort of. She actually had the nerve to say, "It's just that your car is so small! I couldn't see it!" I think I might have gone postal on someone who had the nerve to say that after hitting my car with her big-ass, can't-see-out-of-the-back SUV. Other things that are small, that she presumable can't see while going backwards: bicycles, animals, CHILDREN....
  7. Marksmu, thanks for making me smile. I love when people do or say the exact thing you would expect them to! Did you ever, even for a moment, stop to think that someone might not like your posts not because the person is anti-America, but because there is so often a complete logical black hole in what you've written? Like in your last post, where you in one sentence equate liberal, socialist, communist, marxist, and anti-America. And suggest that anyone who doesn't agree with you is all of that. It's pretty funny. I might even plus-1 you for humor.
  8. We bought one from Kid Structures a few months ago. I highly recommend them. They are local, they build them right there in their warehouse off the Sam. They came and installed it, it looks great and is great quality. I don't see any reason to go with Rainbow when there's a great local company (where you can things repaired or replaced if needed, too). The kids love it. At the suggestion of the salesperson, we got one with a picnic table underneath, and it was a great idea. The kids love to go out there after school to have their snack, then they end up running around and climbing. It's a great way to get them playing outside.
  9. Postscript: a few weeks after dropping Comcast and getting Uverse, I received a bill from Comcast... for $800! Several hundred for equipment, plus a completely invented past due amount. I went and returned the equipment, they checked their records, and it turned out they owed me over $100. Gotta love that math.
  10. I didn't see the thread in question, but Niche's comments sound a little over the top to me. We are very lucky here to have a very even-handed moderator who is also willing to discuss policies. In contrast to, for example, another forum that shall remain nameless in Houston, where posts get deleted if they offend the moderator's personal politics. I will miss Redscare's contibutions, and will especially miss Memebag, but I think Niche is being way too hard on Editor. I say, keep up the good work.
  11. Well, I know the haters will be all over this. But it does show that, like it or not, Obama has certainly not lost the good opinion of many people outside the US. It will be argued whether or not he deserves this. In any case, I hope he is able to use this honor to back up his efforts in diplomacy. It would be nice if we weren't forever at the brink of a new war.
  12. Add me to the list of Montrose-missers. I loved walking to the Menil, and Cafe Artiste before it closed. And up to Cherryhurst park. However, I don't miss those crazy Montrose mosquitos!
  13. Why would you think that drinking and culture, education, and diversity are in any way mutually exclusive? I don't understand why this is paradoxical.
  14. a less toxic solution (if you care about that) is method shower cleaner, used after each shower, and a squeegee. Our shower doors have never gotten any build-up or marks on them.
  15. You are missing the point... it is not blind faith in science. It is an educated understanding of a scientific theory as well as the vast body of evidence that backs it up. You don't get a Ph.D. for throwing up your hands and crying "I believe! I believe!" I'm very sorry that so many people had such a crappy education that they don't understand the principles of science well enough to know why creationism doesn't belong in the science classroom. But I don't find that a compelling reason to continue to poorly educate students. It's time to listen the men and women with the Ph.D.s in science when we're trying to establish the science curriculum.
  16. I'll vote myth and wait to see if anyone can convince me with a single bit of credible evidence that I have something to worry about.
  17. I've been wondering that too... they gave us a pamphlet about it but I haven't read it yet. I'm guessing you use your internet password. Though mine is a random string of numbers. Have you figured out how to change that? We got u-verse a couple of weeks ago and I like it better than Comcast. Better picture, more HD channels, better guide, and DVR is included.
  18. Also of note: Best hidden neighborhood is Glenbrook Valley. Best place for outdoor sex is the Houston Arboretum... I hope this doesn't lead to a rash of illicit encounters there! I would hate to run into that on a nature walk with the kids.
  19. Haven't grown it myself, though I plan to this year. I've seen it here in many places. It seems to thrive. It grows quickly and has fragrant flowers, in the spring I think. I believe it's green all year, though someone should confirm that. I think it's a good choice for your fence. Morning glory grows well here too and flowers nicely, but it can get scraggly and is also rather aggressive.
  20. I find that a great place to get landscaping inspiration is at the zoo. They are obviously not after a modern aesthetic, but as far as I can see, they are using a lot of native, hardy plants, and have done some really beautiful stuff with them. You might see some plants, colors, etc. that you hadn't considered before. Even if you can't identify them by sight, you can snap photos and id them at home.
  21. I'm very glad to see this news. I drove up Kirby last week and was shocked at how denuded it looks.
  22. I wouldn't agree. I don't think he is blaming anyone, or trying to make something a race issue. He seems genuinely interested in preserving what he sees as cultural history; it happens to be black history. I understand his goal. But I'm surprised that he doesn't see how racist and exclusionary his own actions are.
  23. The part about the Third Ward was interesting, but it was upsetting, too. It pissed me off to hear Garnett Coleman talking about trying to keep white people out of the Third Ward. I lived there for 4 years, and intended to become part of the neighborhood, and to make it my home. I never felt at all welcome. But them Coleman says, in response to the interviewer asking what's wrong with a white person moving in, that they buy a house but don't try to be part of the neighborhood. That's bull. You can't devote the effort he does to keeping people out, then accuse them of not trying to make it a home. We tried. We were not welcome. No doubt because, in part, he was working so hard to tell the residents to keep people like me out. I recognize the interest in trying to preserve the neighborhood, and not driving people out of their homes. But it was one of my white neighbors, in one of our new abhorrent-to-Coleman townhomes, who would go out on the weekend with a trash bag and pick up trash from the street, and clean out the gutters so they didn't flood the street. It was the other residents who were throwing trash in the street. Tell me who cares more about the neighborhood.
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