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  1. He has multiple hunting violations on his record, and clearly has a sick enjoyment of violence. So I'm wondering at what point his "habits" would be forcefully regulated. Is that pertinent enough?
  2. That is reassuring TJ. Niche, I am aware it was a stabbing. That wasn't my point.
  3. I haven't read the Press article yet, but I was told that some really involved parents helped make that school very good, and the reward is that HISD is closing it and sending the kids to a school that is not any good. Another stellar decision by HISD.
  4. What do you have to do to have someone decide that maybe you shouldn't have a gun license?
  5. I was in the neighborhood last night for the first time in months... I couldn't believe all the changes, particularly on the stretch of 518 between 288 and Southern Trails. It's exciting to see so many nice stores and restaurants there, great for all the residents. On the down side, headed back to 288 around 6:00 pm. (on a sunday!), it took 10-15 minutes to get through the lights. I sat through some of them probably 10 times. They REALLY need to address that situation; the traffic was completely crippled.
  6. Thanks everyone... Bobbit Glass is pretty close. I didn't think of a "glass store," though now it seems very obvious. My first thought was somewhere like the Home Despot, but they didn't seem to have that sort of thing.
  7. A photo in a very old frame fell and the glass broke. It's a weird size. Anyone know where I can get a piece of glass cut to a specific size? Somewhere in town/centrally located preferred. Thanks!
  8. Right near the moon you can see Jupiter and Venus very clearly. It's pretty cool. Through the binoculars, we could see one of Jupiter's moons, too.
  9. Instead of buying stuff, I purged. Got rid of lots of stuff on Craig's List and Freecycle. I love that people will come to my house and take away my unwanted stuff.
  10. The news reports suggest that you were wise to stay away. 2 people dead in Toys R Us in California, and one poor Walmart temp worker stampeded to death in Queens. Sick and wrong.
  11. Costco has beautiful pies at low prices. And don't forget to gas up for $1.59/gallon. I'm headed there tomorrow for gas and pies. In that order, thank you very much.
  12. Very cute. Very tempting. But Thomas Friedman keeps telling me not to spend money if I don't have to. I'm trying hard to listen to him.
  13. They do this sort of thing elsewhere in the country. I'm in CT now and the Big Y gives out these bonus "coins" when you shop. They also double and even triple coupons. Maybe they do that somewhere in Houston, but nowhere that I shop. It's not even worth cutting coupons in Houston, it seems.
  14. Geez, Red, would you stop already? that is SOOOO obnoxious. Those people should really behave better. Keep their petty, obnoxious little ideas to themselves. Don't they have any sense of decorum?
  15. I guess their motive is... making money from people watching their news shows. It doesn't surprise me that they're ready to push a candidate from their preferred party under the bus in order to do so. Especially one who just lost an election, and is generally viewed as a joke anyway.
  16. Nice. Anyone want to predict what her next move is?
  17. Very nice speech by McCain. Too bad his crowd lacked his class, and booed him when he suggested they all work together with Obama to help our country. They booed him! Unbelievable.
  18. Cry me a river, Niche. I see plenty of disproportionate allocation of resources happening in this country, but it's not in the direction you're talking about.
  19. Obama, for the same reasons Memebag cited, and more. Plus, I really respect Obama.
  20. This is the biggest load of bull that being shoveled out there. Nobody is giving money from the rich to the poor. What do you think is going to happen? Poor people are going to line up to get checks, made out to them, care of the rich? What's going to happen is that the middle class is going to get a tax break, just like the rich have gotten for the past 8 years. The rich will likely lose that tax break. Hey, they had their chance at it, and guess what, the economy fell apart, in case you haven't heard. So much for the rest of your economic theory. Nobody is giving money out to the poor. It's not spread the wealth, it's spread the opportunity to achieve wealth. But of course, I'm wasting my time here; you haven't listened yet, why would you listen now.
  21. Hear, hear... to all of that. I'm glad we agree on something, Mark!
  22. Fine Mark, insert your own language if you don't like my choice of words. The point is that these are negatives that he has been criticized for. So, so what if the same were true of McCain - Palin. You are STILL missing the point.
  23. Rice won't change their name. They will acquire a medical school.
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