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  1. i read somewhere that they were going to develop the west side of Memorial Heights Drive into a park. Currently it appears to be an abandoned narrow strip of land that used to be the railroad spur that went from the main line to the old Ed Sacks plant. Does anyone know if this is true? I heard it was supposed to be part of the Archstone tear down and also part of the TIRZ project. Not sure if this is true or not but would appreciate if anyone could shed any light on this. I live on Memorial Heights in the Perry Townhomes and would love for something like that to happen. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  2. i live on Memorial Heights Drive in the Perry Townhomes.....I'm loving the parade of dump trucks every day.......along with all the crap they drop up and down the street....it's like a drag race of dump trucks....I'm already sick of the construction process.
  3. does anyone have any info on what is going to be developed next to AIG?
  4. does anyone know or have any information about the high rise they just broke ground on right at Studemont and Allen Parkway (Memorial Court, actually). I noticed a lot of work around there and now an "office trailer" has been delivered. i'm talking about where the old Sacks Paper Recycling place was.
  5. i live in the townhomes and it still smells like fresh baked bread all the time
  6. i live on Memorial Heights Drive and have been in contact with Adrian Garcia's office and Robert Eckel's office regarding this space on the west side of Memorial Heights Drive. We are trying to petition the city to take over this strip of land as a green space and to dress it up as they have the Washington/Westcott circle on Washington. Any ideas on how we can make this happen.
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