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  1. I honestly couldn't be happier. Place has terrible management which treated customers terribly. Karma..
  2. Can anyone recommend a decently priced CPA to do tax prep? We have always done our taxes but we are getting a bit more complicated with itemizations. We looked at one place that wanted $85/hr for the initial consultation/ fact finding and then around $500 for the actual prep. Not sure if this was too high or spot on. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Never mind, it is a crossfit place. Blackstar Crossfit.
  4. Live on 24th and lately been seeing people working out at the building right on the corner of W. 24th & Durham. Anyone know what that is? Looks like a crossfit-type of setup.
  5. Thanks for the tips guys, I am looking for a place in the Heights. I think I'll try Harold's.
  6. Does anyone know where I can go to get my shoes shined in the area? Doesn't necessarily have to be a stand, could be a drop off place. Thanks.
  7. Can anyone recommend any decent and reasonable exterminators? Thanks
  8. joapepchi


    Anyone use the Bally's on Shepherd near 43rd? I've been going to the Y on 34th but I'm getting tired of the outdated and broken weight machines there. I've never had a membership to any of these chains before and was wondering if it was worth it. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for all the reponses so far guys. I remember hearing about Remmert's a while back. Kind of sucks about Import Auto and VW's since that is the car that I drive, I read some very good reviews about that place.
  10. Does anyone have any experience with and could recommend any good mechanics in the Heights and surrounding areas? I'm looking for someone who has experience with foreign autos (VW, Honda) and, of course, someone reasonable. Thanks in advance
  11. Just what the works needs, more Affliction t-shirts & t-shirt wearing guys.
  12. So i've never been to the Pearl bar, what's the deal with it? Is it one of those overly trendy bars, where people go to be seen?
  13. Hi all, my wife and I would like to do do a couple upgrades to our kitchen and we were wondering if anyone could recommend a resonable contractor. Our desire is to install granite countertops, a built-in wine fridge (undercounter) and a light inside our pantry. We are in a townhome with less than 50 feet of counterspace. Thanks for any help.
  14. Going to get my first tattoo soon and i'm trying to find a good & reputable artist. I've read about some of the local favorites such as Shaw's, Scorpions, and Texas Tattoo Emporium. If anyone has any recommendations I would appreciate it. Thanks
  15. Is La Hacienda actually open? I live on 24th and have only seen a rundown sign at the location you're referencing.
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