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  1. I found Niche to be quite obnoxious and had ignored his posts long ago... I did wonder where he went though.
  2. Petitioner came by the in-laws house on Gross St (perpendicular to Alpha St in the diagram) trying to drum up support for blocking this development. He said Gross St and Alpha cannot handle the increased traffic/trucks from the delivery/service access at the back on Alpha. Those roads are quite narrow and have adjacent drainage ditches.
  3. What is the facility at 290 and the beltway near Jersey Village?
  4. One small teaser, 3 pages of arguing about the significance of Philip Johnson...
  5. It would be interesting to see pictures of Brays Bayou before it became a concrete water shoot and know how significant the impact on drainage fluid dynamics was...
  6. Pretty lame... and that giant grassy driveway (which can't be accurate) makes it seem like the building is out in the exurbs.
  7. TMC is pretty amazing. Enjoyed seeing an updated overview shot. Not pictured is the huge MD Anderson administrative building south of the bayou. This Zayed building somewhat marks the end of about a 10 year spurt of constant major construction in the TMC. That bayou needs to be fixed badly.
  8. Ross, since you're being a forum cop, please don't post the same message twice...
  9. Another boring building... Hopefully by the end the entrance isn't facing away from Discovery Green a la the POS city-subsidized Embassy Suites.
  10. Says August 2002 at the bottom.
  11. Thanks for the updates. I don't get down to Htown from Dallas very often so the pics are appreciated.
  12. At the bottom of that Chron.com article: "Still, Midtown has yet to see any significant new retail, retail broker Ed Page said, referring to big-box stores like Target, TJ Maxx and Best Buy." WTF... a TJ Maxx or Best Buy in Midtown? What an idiot.
  13. You may be referring to the nearby Stoneleigh Condo tower...
  14. Sorry, but your statement is not accurate. I went to medical school in the TMC and am currently a resident at UTSW/Parkland... there is no comparison between what you call "Parkland Medical District" and the TMC. TMC has something like 35-40 million square feet, which would be top ten for US cities CBD's (larger than Dallas CBD). There is nothing else like it on earth, let alone Dallas. There are about 5 institutions clustered along Harry Hines in Dallas (Parkland, Children's, TWU nursing, UTSW medical school/research buildings, and UTSW's University Hospitals)... which is nothing to sniff at. New Parkland will certainly be 10x nicer than Ben Taub.
  15. HA! Replies to the OP question about moving into the area are classic! "The police response times are awesome!" "The drug dealers don't really bother me, but the male prostitutes do..." Sure does make one want to move right in. Great thread.
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