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  1. We've talked here and in others posts about flood control so I though that the following Quora post about Toyko flood control could provide some great ideas for improvement in Houston system: More details: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kanda_River and http://www.5election.com/2013/10/27/kanda-river-retention-basin-one-of-tokyos-protection-system/
  2. So you think that all those luxury buildings with resort style living and luxury furnishing has REALLY and CLEARLY added value to our education system. The analog that jumps out to me is what I've see is the school situation here in New Orleans. We have a kid in Pre-K3 that costs $5k in a great area while my of my co-works is looking at almost $15k for Pre-K3 in New Orleans Uptown. Yes, the location is slightly richer but the average salary from where I live and Uptown NOLA is very similar. So do you think that the extra luxury of the other school is work $10k at this level. Getting back to th
  3. Energy jobs going to China - this could cover a wide spectrum under "energy" but I would guess these are commodity type manufacturing focus or did I miss something? I doubt Exxon and Shell are moving upstream jobs to China.
  4. Funny you mention this because when I bought a nice sporty car that's where I was taken on the test drive and the second time. It definitely sold me on the drive and car!
  5. Currently live in Long Beach but formerly lived in Uptown.
  6. In this case it means mostly best for sellers although it does imply that buyers are still getting good value compared to other markets for the current economic conditions.
  7. This bold part explains mostly what I was trying to state in my previous post.
  8. This "fiscal cliff" talk and scare tactic is just is just another trick for politicians (on both sides) to fleece us. They make it sound so complicated and/or scary so that they have to "compromise" to save us (aka stuff their pockets with our money by buying each other out).
  9. Yes, being being a millionare in CA means you just can afford an average living. I am mostly kidding.
  10. Nice. I have never been to Frankfurt even though I have connected at it many times.
  11. The great news is that Wal-mart has already started to decline since their demographics and source of cheap products will soon be exhausted.
  12. This is pretty much what I do also. It really works well and it must piss'em off that I pay-off the card every month, if not twice. Going to original point - mortgage lenders pretty much make you prove you're not a world class criminal while till recently letting everyone that had a pulse or commiting fraud get a loan!
  13. You can say that again! I would trade a Trader Joe and all the Bevmos for a Spec's. Bevmo is the closet to Spec's in SoCal.
  14. It's funny you say this since we talked about this at our compnay lunch & learn yesterday (the speaker was a nutrionist) but to keep it simple her main point was that the less something is processed the better it's for you (buy more at the perimeters of the grocery store where the natural, raw food is found) and read the labels carefully. Labels can be sneaky since they are resorting to splitting up the salts and sugars so they hope you think it's healthy since "sugar" and "salt" are not listed. So going back to your point - moderation and education are the key and the potatoe itself is gr
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