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  1. Here's an interesting, recent YouTube video of Merlyn filmed near the Menil by Free Press Houston: http://youtu.be/ZLpGeHS83xk
  2. I remember going to the Jaycee tournaments around the Holidays to see Wheatley and other Houston area schools do battle in the "crunched-in building" that was Delmar Fieldhouse. I won't cry over it, but they better leave Lanier Middle School alone. That is a beautiful school.
  3. I remember it well, or pretty well. It was a great all night greasy spoon for menudo, caldo de res, etc. and as much atmosphere as I've ever experienced. BTW...there is still a Las Cazuelas on Little York in the Northside, but I have serious doubts it's affiliated in any way.
  4. It would appear the building that housed the Old Quarter still stands at 300 Austin St. as a law office.
  5. With these city directories I've been able to locate my paternal grandfather's home and business address from 1917. Very grateful for the post sevfiv!
  6. Here is a Link to a Historic Aerial view of the Park. If you follow the link you can clearly see Peppermint Park written upside down on the big building.
  7. Though I realized it was likely to happen, it was a shock to see this house had vanished when I drove by there tonight. That little section of Hyde Park is the worse off. Danger of losing it's character.
  8. This is a particularly painful exercise for me as Hakeem Olajuwon is involved and apparently on the wrong end of the issue. I always had a lot of respect for Hakeem both as an athlete and a person with high ideals and sound ethics. Meanwhile, I've signed the petition.
  9. Excellent write-up and photos! The historic aerials and the discovery of the homesteads are helping to explain this mystery. I think the author's interpretation could be spot on. Also, love the Monty Python references.
  10. You may be talking about the 'Domain Privee' which was a swanky club and casino for high-rollers back in the day. If you do a search on this site you'll find out lots of info. Could it have looked like this?
  11. That's good news as I had given up on the restoration. I'm sure they were delayed by Hurricane Ike.
  12. This is great news and something that i was hoping for. I hope they win a good brick award from the Preservation Society!!
  13. Well, there is scaffolding up in the front center of the home and the contractor signs are still in the yard as of yesterday. As I said upthread, one of the contractors is for interior restoration specializing in kitchens, so it appears that more than painting is going on. Is the neighbor that generous to tackle a paint job that's probably $100K, as well as a kitchen restoration? That home is 6600 sq ft on a 15,000+ sq ft lot. It has both historic and architectural significance. I'm guessing it would be worth around $2 million if it was restored properly, but I'm neither a realtor or an investor.
  14. OK, I got a new oldie that hasn't been mentioned: Huber's Seafood on Travis near Allen's Landing. I mentioned upthread an oyster bar/seafood restaurant that had live Jazz, but could not remember the effin' name. I just talked to my friend Joe a '73 Bellaire grad, living in Portland OR now, and he remembered it straight away. Thank God for friends cuz at 53 I'm finding my memory is already not what it used to be. As far as the restaurant, I remember it mostly for the cold, fresh oysters on the half shell and the sweet tunes of saxophonist Arnett Cobb. Maybe some other 'oldtimers' can chime in with their memories of this colorful downtown restaurant.
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